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Top 10 Games No One Will Play With Me

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Top 10 Games No One Will Play With Me

Some games are a hard sell. Whether by name, aesthetics, complexity, theme, etc, sometimes you struggle to get a game played with others and it’s a shame because you know it’s a great game!



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00:00 – Introduction and KIENDA Promo
01:05 – Background to the List
02:13 – Number 10
04:05 – Number 9
06:29 – Number 8
09:42 – Number 7
12:42 – Number 6
15:21 – Number 5
19:04 – Number 4
21:16 – Number 3
23:50 – Number 2
26:25 – Number 1
30:38 – Honorable Mentions

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  1. I love the action row mechanic in Civilization. I would definitely play that with you! ☺️ I haven't played with the expansion. Too bad Paul Grogan is off the market. He could of whipped that rule book into shape I'm sure.
    What is your #1 Mindclash game?

  2. You perfectly described my dilemma with Inis. This is not going to be long on my shelf, because I cannot get it to the tableZ

  3. For me, it would be Mysthea, with its difficult symbology, and weirdness. Icaion, because they won't even play Mysthea, and this is even weirder.

    Also, Shogun by Queen Games. People expect the wrong type of game, and are more easily seduced by Rising Sun.

    Eclipse, because people would rather play Twilight Imperium, but won't play Twilight Imperium.

    Keyforge, because they don't want to play someone else's deck, and don't have their own deck.

  4. Fog of love is a gimmick game, but the gimmick wears off very quickly.

  5. I would love to play New Angeles. I like to have some snacks, drink some drinks and play Talisman. Not b/c it's great. Just b/c it's casual fun from a bygone time in me life. A chill-out, have conversations, while playing a game. But…no one else is interested.

  6. Pulsar and dream home i like. New angeles i’m unsre

  7. I have wanted to play cerebria for a time now. I really like new angeles.

  8. No one will games with me period. I need to find a group

  9. Inis is definitely a game my group will barely play. I love it probably top five games of all time.

  10. Edge of Darkness!!!! It’s been sitting on my shelf for so long too!

  11. I get you on the New Angeles. my friend bought it some months now and with the teach plus getting the right group to grasp it, is a pain at the moment.

  12. Innovation is too ugly to be played, But a good game. What’s crazy is the first addiction which I have I thought was so ugly, and then I saw Ryan from nights around the table showing the new addition; I commented to him, I will stop complaining about the first edition… The new version is even uglier

  13. Clash of cultures, risk 2210, star wars rebellion

  14. Wow, surprised to see Founding Fathers on this list. That was a key game that got me back into the hobby about 15 years ago. A marvelous game, and it's just getting dust on my shelf, too. 😞

  15. I hear you. My family is closed minded about boardgames. At least I got them to transition from monopoly and clue to ticket to ride and azul. But otherwise they go to qwixx, and sequence. I play most of my board games alone. I tend back boardgames with a solo mode knowing I'll likely not get a 2 or 3 person game of it played for the forseeable future.

  16. I like the name Pulsar 2849, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that is meant to sound super sci-fi or astronomical, either a year or an ID number for the specific pulsar. Love ya buddy, but you are wrong about this one. REPENT!

  17. Yep. Must have owned New Angeles 4 or 5 years now. Read the manually and 3 times. Have yet to play it.

  18. Like the topic! For me it's definitely Feudum. Love the game. Doubt if I'll ever find people to play it with.

  19. Civilization A New Dawn with Terra Incognita is an underrated gem

  20. Interesting topic!
    The one game I can't find any people or situation to play, the one by far the hardest to take to the table, is Human Punishment: The Beginning. Decribing it is sometimes tempting, then the set-up already discourages most people.
    This semi-cooperative, hidden faction, pick up and deliver role-playing table hog needs minimum 4, preferably 5 or 6 players, and takes at least 4 hours with initial rule explanations (excluding the 30-40mins of setup time).
    It's a beauty I am not sure I'll ever manage to try even once with 5-6 players!

  21. I knew Innovation would be on this list haha

  22. My hard to table collection includes Ad Astra, Core Worlds, War of the Ring, Earth Reborn, and StarCraft

  23. I feel like diplomacy is #1. People will play and learn but it's so hard to table due to the playtime. Faster with a simple house rule but still. TI4 is another contender.

  24. Pulsar 2849 is a fantastic dice drafting game. Perfect amount of anxiety that someone is going to take your die.
    As for myself, currently toughest to get people to try is A feast for Odin. My group plays seems to be just too intimidated by the board & qty of components. stinks because I don't think it as complex as it looks. and I absolutely loved my one play of it.

  25. Oh wow. I had New Angeles. My group wanted to play this game, and I learned how to play it on 3 different occasions. Every time something came up and we never got it to the table. It has very solid mechanics and looks like a lot of fun. Come down to BGG this year and bring it. I'm sure we can get a group to play this.

  26. re: Founding Fathers – not the Declaration of Independence, but the U.S. Constitution.

  27. Luke, I'd play ALL of these with you! :). Most of these are games that I can't get anyone to play with me. I had to sell pulsar because I couldn't get anyone excited over wooden dice placement. New Angeles has been on my want to play list for a long time!

  28. While I am not familiar with many of those games I can sympathise with the reasons you list for each game, and can think of games I have trouble getting to the table for those reasons.

    I would add "Previous bad experience" as a common reason. I know this is a reason why I am reluctant to play certain games again. It is also a reason people won't play some games that I try to get to the table (sometimes I am to blame due to a botched first introduction, other times it is a bad experience elsewhere). First impressions can be overly influential.

    Games that come in small boxes (such as many card games) can be a hard sell. Perhaps a reason that some card games come in large air-filled boxes these days.

    Games that are more than 2 or 3 years old can be a hard sell to the cult-of-the-new crowd and don't even seen holding a game from before 2010 unless it is a new crowd-funded reprint.

  29. Inis is awesome! Sorry no one will play it with you.

  30. The Iello edition of Innovation is the only one I'd play. The other ones are horrible!

  31. dreamhome sucks dude , i threw it in the trash last year !!🗑️🗑️🗑️

  32. innovation
    founding fathers
    edge of darkness
    dream home
    new angeles
    in short, disappointing kickstarters, or look bad. I learned a long time ago that if it doesn't have a solo, do NOT buy.

  33. Founding fathers is for sure one of mine! Inis is another one…..

  34. Founding Fathers, Pulsar 2849, Innovation, and Civ New Dawn are four I'd play with you any time! You live next door, right?

  35. Inis is my favorite game and thankfully sees the table a ton! I'd really like an app version of it though

  36. Outside of Innovation, this is a pretty obscure list and I can see why you'd have a hard time finding players! Innovation is a game that you can measure gamers by. Most don't have the fortitude required with withstand it. Hang onto the ones that do!

    For my own list:
    – Brass (either one, but I prefer Lanc)
    – Pax Pamir 2e
    – Tigris and Euphrates
    – Any Splotter game
    – Actual train games (18xx, cube rails, etc)

  37. Mage Knight. I made the mistake of playing a six player game that took us an entire weekend. Now, no one will play it ever again. 😀

  38. For me that would be Deception: Murder in Hong Kong… requires too many people to play for me to gather. Also Charterstone… beautiful game, but requires a dedicated group. Yeah…

  39. Innovation is a great game. I have the latest version but haven't played it yet.

  40. I’ve heard people online that complain about Inis being difficult and off putting but I’ve never experienced this in person. Our group loves it, like top 2 and almost everyone I’ve taught has enjoyed playing it. They’ve all wanted to play again to do better but I feel that’s true of most games. Not sure why this one gets the bad rap for that online. There’s only 17 cards and if you teach it well you can show off every card so there’s no surprises. 17 cards is nothing compared to most games. This one confuses me. I think the problem only arises with people who are too into listening to board game content where others have given them an opinion without them finding their own. If people don’t have a preconceived notion of it they’ve all had a great time. Granted I’ve probably only taught maybe 16-20 people this which is a small sample but they’ve all been good experiences.

  41. I had to sold New Angeles because every single game would raise so much hostility and back stabbing on the table, that everyone end up with feeling awful even after winning. 😀

  42. Now you got me totaly confused. I am the person who said our tastes are totaly different, so i can watch you videos and have a closer look at games you don't like and most times skip games you like. Tast are different and so … And yes i like to play train(18xx) and historical games to. But on this list are games i would in an instant play with you: Edge of Darkness, Inis, Inevations and New Angeles.

  43. I agree with most, but dream home is actually not that hard a sell to my group, i suppose for people who are more hardcore gamers might think wtf, its a fun little game

  44. For me the #1 game for this list is Kanban, for one it sounds like that annoying board they have at work, then you get it out and its an overly complex giant board hog about car building which is a pretty dull theme.

  45. Another great list idea! I’d love to collaborate sometime as a fellow top 10 lover and small & newer content creator and long time fan! Maybe a list, challenge, or bracket!

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