Top 10 Games of 2021 -

Top 10 Games of 2021

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It’s time for the most exciting video of the year (at least for us)!
It’s time for the Top 10 Boad Games of 2021!

We love board games, and we play a lot of fun ones every single year!
This year was no exception, with so many fun releases!
Only 10 of them can appear on our lists, so we have (logically) chosen the best of the best for this video!

If you want to see what games we thought where fantastic, but not quite top 10, then check out our top 20-11 here:

As always, please like, leave a comment telling us which of these games you have been enjoying, and which you are looking forward to play!

Thank you so much for being here and for watching the videos!

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And now, some timestamps:

Intro: 00:00
10: 01:27
9: 03:40
8: 05:44
7: 08:02
6: 10:30
5: 11:38
4: 13:37
3: 15:21
2: 17:01
1: 18:22
Conclusion: 19:36


  1. I don't know if you know the price called Le diamant d'or (the golden diamond), a price for heavy games. The price will be given in january, but the 8 finalists are:
    Coffee traders
    Messina 1347
    Ark Nova
    Imperial Steam

  2. Thanks you two get better and better each year. Thanks!

  3. I am surprised but glad to see Ark Nova on this list. I never got on the Terraforming Mars train so I will get this one. And I need to play my Mind Mgmt!

  4. It's so cool watching your lists. I'm assuming you're not in the US. You have so many cool looking games that I've never heard of, and I follow a ton of the US board game YouTubers.

  5. Heeeeeeeeeello, Mr. and Ms. Ramblings!

  6. Thanks for all your great content. Your channel is one of the best board game channels out there.

  7. Awesome to see Coffee Traders hit both of your lists. So far the only channel that I have seen with it in the top 10, which is just criminal😀. It was number 1 for our group. Looking forward to Ark Nova and Boon Lake hitting retail because I have a sneaking suspicion that they both will be huge hits.

  8. Thanks for your great list, really enjoyed watching it and also thanks for all the amazing content you provided this year! When Johannes revealed his nr. 1, I couldn't help but think back to Essen when I spoke to you about just having an awesome demo session of Messina and you saying that you were excited to check it out. So happy to hear that you loved it! Happy holidays both of you!

  9. Mind MGMT, Coffee Traders, Lost Ruins of Arnak, and Carnegie for me!

  10. Wow welcome to making it so high! Do you feel welcome to the moon kills the old one? Should I sell my old one while I can 😉 great list, so many games I need to check out!

  11. Yikes, we differed a ton! AN only made one list and barely?! What gives?! It's sooooo good and I've enjoyed me 3/4 player games of it (though it is long) and even solo is fun! 😢 IS? ….😖……well ok I've not played it but lets face it you know me and trains/shares right, you expecting a miracle? 😅 RPA has been good fun so far. 👍 TGW was a disappointment, only seemed to work at 3P and even then, for the price point, it didn't blow me away. Not played WTTM either but then I actively avoid flip/roll and writes now. I'd like to try CT, but I ain't paying £100 for it and learning it myself 😋 BL was fine, still got my copy but for how much longer I don't know, it was decent enough but I don't think it's going to come off the shelf much. Ha ha but yeah certainly you both gelled together for the most part and differed a great deal from mine!

  12. I just ordered Calico and your comment made me feel like sh##.

  13. Abstract games can be great just like thematic games can be trash. Cascadia is so simply good.

  14. Very impressive list and we're lucky that you were able to get and play all of the recent Essen games. Thanks!

  15. Just want to say this was the best YouTube channel I discovered in 2021. Keep up the great work 🙂

    p.s was Arkwright the card game not on your lists or did I miss it?

  16. Where's the Bitoku review 😛
    Coffee Traders is still my top game of the year, but can't wait to see if Imperial Steam, Boonlake or Ark Nova can dethrone it.

  17. Hello, I have enjoyed your top ten list of 2021! I identify more with the medium light abstract games from Sunniva. Also only Cascadia out of your list is available yet in Spanish market. Waiting for 2022 to enjoy the goodness of 2021. Thank you!

  18. 23 minutes for a top 10? I’m calling 4 crossovers. Now I’ll watch it.

  19. The only title I was missing was Bitoku indeed.
    Capstone had a bonkers good year: Coffee Traders, Ark Nova, Imperial Steam, Boonlake.

  20. Still waiting for my copy of Great Wall to arrive, but I do have the tracking. I love Cascadia. Not played any of the other games on your list. Thanks for the great content. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  21. I think this is my favourite 2021 games, but it still is changing and there are a lot I didn’t get to play (some of mine are kickstarters so maybe ppl didn’t get to play them):
    10. Roll Camera
    9. Furnace
    8. Sheepy Time
    7. Aqua Garden
    6. Dustbiters
    5. Surrealist Dinner Party
    4. Cryo
    3. Meadow
    2. The Initiative
    1. Groundhog Day 🙂

    thanks for your list, lots of games I need to try!!

  22. Thank you very much. I have enjoyed your videos so much this year.

  23. Always love your top lists, thanks for making this so fun for us!

  24. Lovely video, had a good time watching it. Have a happy Christmas.

  25. Exciting list for sure. I didn't play too many new games, but I would have expected Imperium Classics or Legends on it 🙂

  26. Great video! I was looking forward to your top 10 (20) list, and it didnt disappoint! My favourite games of 2021 are probably: Azul Queens Garden, Khora Rise of an Empire, Meadow, Codex Naturalis, Cascadia, Lamaland, Origins First Builders. Just typing this makes me realise these are mostly lighter games, just like Sunniva's list, normally I'm more about the euros as well…Your videos have made me curious about Boonlake and The Great Wall though; and another euro I cant wait to try is Cape May.

  27. Really enjoy what you guys do and wishes for a great festive season and keep doing what you're doing!!

  28. Y'all are making me want to play Welcome to the Moon, another game added to the wishlist. 😉

  29. Was not expecting Great Wall to be as high as it was given the tone you both had on your review!

    My final purchase of the year I was thinking about Bitoku but now I might save my pennies for next year when Messina comes out

  30. Messina was really good indeed! You surprised me both with the great wall, I thought the bad rule book would have had more impact. I was also surprised by Welcome to the moon, I have welcome to and barely ever play it, do you think I should still buy it?

  31. Loved the list my top ten which are definitely different from yours lol.
    1. Dinosaur World
    2. Meadow
    3. After the Empire
    4. Imperium Classics
    5. Uprising Curse of the Last Empire
    6. Brew
    7. Ankh
    8. Tsukumumi Full moon down
    9. Lawyer Up
    10. Tortuga 2199

  32. You guys! Such a video! Great video! I like it!!!

  33. Great lists. I haven't played enough 2021 games yet that I could make a top 10 list I felt good about, but the best 2021 game I've played so far was Stroganov, and number two probably Tabannusi. I know you both thought Tabannusi was a bit weird but I really liked that twist on the standard euro stuff. The game I'm most looking forward to trying is probably Nicaea which is pretty niche. I just got my copy in the mail a couple of days ago.

    From your lists I still haven't tried Imperial Steam, Coffee Traders, or Boonlake and could see enjoying those if I did. I liked but didn't love Ark Nova, Golem, and Messina.

  34. I love your keep and cull, I love your quick review of why you like games. Your best of lists are on another planet from me.

    You guys like all these heavy Euros and I'm playing all these thematic scifi card games.

    I feel like my favorite games of all time wouldn't even make your top 100.

  35. So many games that aren’t available yet in the States. This is my upcoming games in Q1 2022 list!

  36. Wow, we play every week, but I didn't play any of the games on your list. Our best game experience of the year was a 5player evening with BloodRage! The most played game was Assassins Creed Brotherhood of Venice (which is my No.1 of the year).

  37. Would you rate Coffee Traders so high for two player only?

  38. Another great video! I was not so sure I would want to play Boonlake but your rankings and comments got me to put it on my list. And Great Wall was not even on my radar list so I will take a closer look.

  39. thanks this was great but one complaint: so many missed opportunities to do your cute crossover dances!

  40. Thank you so much for including That Time You Killed Me so high on your list!! We agree, it is SUCH a game!

  41. just as a review, you need to put more images of the board games components when you talks it would be great

  42. looks like ill be selling my kickstarter ankh before I open it, its barely on anyone's top 10 lists.

  43. It's difficult to compare my top 10 to yours, because you guys are about a year ahead of me. Many of the games on your lists I have preordered and am still waiting on. If I think of the games I've enjoyed playing most this year, they are officially 2020 or 2019 releases, like Arnak, Dune:Imperium, Beyond the Sun, Praga, Merv, and Pipeline. I suspect a year from now, when you release your top 10 for 2022, I'll have enjoyed Messina, Golem, Boonlake, Imp Steam, etc. 🙂

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