Top 10 Games People Love RIGHT NOW - "People's Choice" Board Game Picks! -

Top 10 Games People Love RIGHT NOW – “People’s Choice” Board Game Picks!

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that our viewers couldn’t let us overlook this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about – based on the Viewers’ Votes!

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Mountains out of Molehills

Become the Top Tunneler in this brilliant, 3D game of skillful, underground digging!

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Final Girl – Table For One:

Final Girl – Tutorial:

Libertalia – Winds Of Galecrest:

Rolling Realms:

Undaunted – Normandy

Exit Game Series:
Final Girl:
Nemesis – Carnomorphs:
Origins – First Builders:
Rolling Realms:
Undaunted – North Africa:
Undaunted – Reinforcements:

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Yeah, there’s something hidden in this episode, too. 😉


  1. The INCOMPARABLE Chaz??? I vehemently disagree, sir – I submit that I could compare Chaz to a great many things indeed… in fact, I believe I could effectively compare him to both apples AND oranges, a situation thought to be colloquially impossible! That said, I suspect the list of similarities and differences will skew heavily towards differences, for while both delicious and nutritious, Chaz is distinctly NOT a tree fruit, nor is he harvested primarily for juicing… at least, not until the Zorgon invasion…. DUN dun DUNnnnnn!

  2. I wasn't sold on the whole Zorgon bit at first, but the "insert funny comment" sitcom montage absolutely slayed me. That and I don't want to get assimilated. All hail Zargax The Boneater.

  3. Great writing and performance. Oh and thanks for the game info 🙂

  4. I "Absolutely!" will not surrender to the zorgons.

  5. I "absolutely" love this content! Keep it up

  6. Did I convert all my money into Zorgon space credits after watching this? "absolutely", I did.

  7. I absolutely welcome our new overlords, the Zorgons

  8. Seeing Rodney scared/sad as opposed to always smiling is so funny but just feels so wrong 🤣🤣😭😭

  9. Welp the full Gloomhaven version is a go, but I must say I'm hyped about Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion (jotl) as of now. Ive never played Gloomhaven in any shape or form but my 12 year old brother received Jotl on his birthday and we were having a good blast ever since.

  10. Yeah totally made a laugh loud with the Rainbow Glasses, love the new co host

  11. Mountains Out Of Molehills! 😍 – Great list of games! 💙

  12. I "Absolutely!" love the adding Timy to WiP status check xD

  13. I’m not sure who’s writing this stuff.. But keep it up! I was laughing so hard my dog starting barking at me. 😂

  14. I don't have anything to say about this video. Except maybe…….


  15. Be prepared for the "Insert Funny Comment Here" wave

  16. 1. Hoping to check out Final Girl sometime in the near future, love solo gaming!
    2. This is NOT a funny comment.

  17. This installment channeled some strong "Chris and Jack – If Scrooge Slept In" vibes, and I assure you, that is some of the highest praise I can offer. The writing lately has been stellar. Two tentacles up!

  18. Great video! 👍 Always love hearing these lists and love the jokes. Very funny stuff. Oh, those Zorgons.

  19. Off to make a Maple syrup Mimosa… Great video! Exit LOTR Shadows over Middle-earth due out in the UK around June!

  20. I work at a local hobby shop and these videos are always are always super helpful for considering new games to bring into our stock. Thanks, guys!

  21. The way Matthew said "You go to jail" sounded a lot like James Acaster to me. Oh, and also, <Insert comment about board games.>

  22. I was irrationally overjoyed to spot the Comfort Eagle reference. Thank you, as always, for all the layers of humor you are able to put into these short videos!!!

  23. “Absolutely” fun to watch! 😉

    (In all seriousness, is that what you are looking for? Not sure if I’m missing something.)

  24. Ooft! That spelling of 'souvenirs' in Final Girl is painful to look at. Gaming needs more sub-editors (like me!).

  25. The watch it played videos always cheer me up 🙂 I'm now waiting for the Zorgon Invasion board game.

  26. I am definitely picking up Santa's Workshop. The game play of the previous version looked good, but I couldn't get past the unappealing artwork. This version looks like it has it all. It's great to have a couple of holiday themed game available that are actually good.

  27. I knew Santa was a Zorgon. Last Christmas i got a pile of dirt from the Zorgon home planet and a note that i was on Santa's naughty list. I guess dirt is a zorgon's equivalent of a lump of coal.

    Did i hear Maple Syrup Mimosa's? I wil be right there.

  28. How are people playing exit lord of the rings it hasn't come out yet

  29. "'Insert Funny comment Here' You quote me on this" – Anonymous

  30. I was thinking that the power ranges were involved some how, until I realized the big giant head's name is spelled with a "d" instead of a "g"

  31. Seems a bit underrated, but the intro is awesome! Thanks for bringing more great content, buddies!!

  32. I, for one, “absolutely” welcome our zorgon overlords haha

  33. Since the Vogons will be installing a hyperspace bypass next week, the Zorgons wont be a problem…

  34. I completed the main story in gloomhaven with two other friends. We decided to call it quits after that there are tons of side quest you can unlock that you can go back to but once you level up a lot and make enemies harder it can make one quest take hours, setting up takes about an hour and putting it away takes quite a bit as well. Now time to move on to jaws of the lion and then frost haven. Gloomhaven was my first board game and it's massive, hands down one of the best table top games I have ever played! I encourage anyone that has regular game nights with at least a group of three people definitely try it out! Don't be intimidated by the size of it. Just have your group watch two or three videos explaining how to play and it will flow like butter.

  35. Loved this episode, so funny thanks for making me laugh

  36. Wow, what an episode, but it did leave me with one burning question. How do you make a maple syrup mimosa?

  37. “Insert mildly amusing but still wittily biting and socially relevant comment here!”

  38. I originally wasn’t that interested in Nemesis because of all the hype surrounding it. But after watching a few videos, I think I “absolutely” have to add it to my wishlist now. Very immersive. Much like the Zorgon reeducation program…

  39. Does your patreon accept Zorgon Space Credits? I have crates of those things in my garage.

  40. Hello everyone. I am the Steve F who wrote "Insert Funny Comment Here". My family wants my autograph after watching the video.

  41. Hope those rainbows start smiling again soon!

  42. I am waiting for Santa's Workshop! Can't wait for the end of the year 😁😁

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