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Top 10 Games Scarier Than A Ouija Board

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Top 10 Games Scarier Than A Ouija Board
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You’ve heard of bloody mary and charlie charlie, games that can literally summon demons and ghosts. Well on today’s list I’m going to be talking about those and more creepy games. These games can be extremely dangerous, so please whatever you do, dont play them. From a game that will bring you in direct communication with a demon, to another that will make you see the devil. Let’s talk about these and more with the top 10 games scarier than a ouija board.

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  1. Its midnight man😰😱😳😳😳😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  2. I did the closet game!

    and I forgot that I don't have closet doors.

  3. 0 the scariest one. Sit In bed and watch YouTube with Doritos and Mountain View. The rules are simple, go to your fridge grab a Mountain View, then go the pantry and get a bag of Doritos. Then go to a living room/bedroom and put on YouTube. Eat some Doritos and drink some Mountain View. Congrats you just survived something terrifying, your reward. Chill vibes, so sit back turn on the chil vibe lights and watch the vids

  4. I Played Charlie Charlie With My Cousin Kaitlyn And When We Asked If Charlie was Here with Us It Answered With No But He Moved The Pencil Soo I was Not Haunted Nothing Paranormal Happening here

  5. Me And My Cousin Played Charlie Charlie In A House Where Several Murders Happened Near Us And Nothing Bloody Happened We Also Played Cat Scratch Whitch Actually Worked Lol

  6. The guys in the first video at the beginning, his reaction I can’t!! 😭🤣🤣😂

  7. i played all those game they dont worck 🙂

  8. me and my cuzin play a game that you have to spin the thing then i say some thing i sed are you diead and is land on yes so we ran

  9. POV: you played Charlie Charlie in grade 1 and the teacher cut it in half before we erase it

  10. Me: watching this video in 9pm
    Video: im bouta ruin this kid's dream

  11. watching this in my oculus browser in space high on shrooms exploring youtube rn

  12. I love to sit down eat kasudon a watch YouTube

  13. These might work because since these are rituals they are basically black magic so i HIGHLY recommend that NO ONE "play" these "games" ESPECIALLY "dry bones" and "midnight man" anyways. Have a good day.

  14. Her: "do not play them, they are extremely dangerous."
    Also her: "to play it you need…"

  15. ive heard you can play one man hide and seek with a cup of salt water and it dosen't have to be in your mouth,then again i could be wrong

  16. its inpossible to make a large room with no windows

  17. Me and my friends were planning to play Charle Charle and bloody Mary but we don't expect anything about bloody Mary so we said we should not played it but we did play Charle Charle

  18. i tried summoning Sally the creepy pasta, We became friends :3

  19. 3:14 looks like when chirs from 5 nights at freddys 4 did that but instead of a demon He had nightgmare foxy in it

  20. im noah but Bloody Mary is just a statue compared to be Mary and the blood started crying blood in April 2017

  21. There's a creepy game that's called no players on lion
    And it's a very scary game in roblox
    I heard you go in a game in a hacker joint then you get disconnection

  22. me and my classmates: every school break between classes, we'd all sit in the back of the class, we'd hold our hands & we all chanted together "Charlie, Charlie, are you here!?" My classmates don't believe anymore, but my bestie & I decided to play it. He didn't respond so I started telling the story of his death (how I know it) to her, and like about half way in the story, it turned to "no". Me & bestie kinda giggled & I asked "is he not here?" And my bestie said "well you wouldn't like it if a random school girl started telling her friend how you died" and I answered "true" and we always gave him time to respond.

    the version of the story I know it as (I'm a litear 12-13 y/o) :

    Charlie used to be a 14 years old boy from Mexico. One day he was playing on a playground by the swing. A random old man came up to him, Charlie starded feeling kinda uncomfortable. The old man asked Charlie "hey boy, would you like some candy?" Charlie responded with a no, the old man kept forcing him & Charlie kept refusing. (the story will get kinda brutal here, if you're uncomortable with mentions of blood, death & pain/suffering, please stop reading the story) the old man got angry because Charlie kept refusing, he asked one more time, Charlie said no again, so the old man looked around and found a sharp, broken fence, he went to the fence and grabbed a sharp piece of it from the ground. (You've been warned in the upper part, this part has mentions of: blood, death & pain/suffering) Charlie tried to run as the old man got closer with the sharp peice of fence but the man cought him. The man stabbed Charlie with the sharp peice of fence twice, Chalie started bleeding & he tried to scream for help, but it was too far away from where anyone could hear him. The old man stabbed him once more and after Charlie lost his voice and couldn't scream anymore the old man ther away the bloody peice of fence and dragged Charlie to the fence leaving a bloody trail behind him. Then the old man stabbed Charlie onto the broken fence and ran away. Charlie bleeded out on the fence. His mother go worried and called the cops. They found him a bit rotten on the fence about two days later. This is the version I know, please leave a like 'cuz this took like forever to write, hope you have a good day ♡︎

  23. It was Charlie Charlie cuz while we was playing it we both saw an ghost looking at to us

  24. This reminded me of the early internet “If you don’t forward this message to 10 people the sewer lady will get you in your sleep tomorrow night” stuff from like 20 years ago lol. I really hope no one takes this stuff seriously and are taking it lightly, for entertainment. We all know that demons aren’t real and no one could ever be attacked by a skdbtvwhsidk. jd avt mama. Dnxjxjjsbs ancho d skins a. A dnjxjxh Jana. Ctmxocibsnacib

  25. my daughter played the charlie charlie game, well, she asked charlie if he wanted to be her friend, the pencil pointed yes, so when she hears whisper word saying things, she talks to charlie.

  26. At my school the rumour was that Charlie Charlie died in the park near the school by falling off the swings.

  27. I think you might get noclip into the backrooms if you did it and you did it wrong in the other world

  28. "Charlie, Charlie, are you here?"
    Pencil moves to 'NO'

  29. Lol these made me laugh they sounded like someone just writing up dumb rules and that’s basically what rhey are

  30. Would you guys try any of these games?

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