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Top 10 Games Scarier Than A Ouija Board

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Top 10 Games Scarier Than A Ouija Board
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You’ve heard of bloody mary and charlie charlie, games that can literally summon demons and ghosts. Well on today’s list I’m going to be talking about those and more creepy games. These games can be extremely dangerous, so please whatever you do, dont play them. From a game that will bring you in direct communication with a demon, to another that will make you see the devil. Let’s talk about these and more with the top 10 games scarier than a ouija board.

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  1. My favourite house ever compared to the others

  2. Ever wonder if the demon in the Charlie Charlie, the spirit of the serial killer Charlie Manson

  3. When I was younger my friends were doing something I didn't know what tho but I was bored and went to see what they were doing, I looked and saw them playing Charlie Charlie anyway we asked questions and the pencil moved we assumed it was by itself but the next day we found out the door was open and it was the wind.

  4. The first one , I did that lol I asked something then it moved alone, I got scared then my mom comes in, I told her what I did and she said "How many times I have to tell u do not do things u see on internet! Bc then u get scared! " I mean, she wasn't wrong, I was like 5-6 lol

  5. I played mostly almost all the games that you had said it was very fun

  6. Me : playing Charlie Charlie
    Charlie Charlie you ugly

  7. My cousin says that a kid got descuagrified face while playing charlie Charlie

  8. My guy you cameras are literal mirrors and your saying bloody hell

  9. One time my whole class was playing Charli Charli after they said Charli Charli are u here and I blow the pencil and just said yes the whole class running some people's start crying and after I explained that I blow the pencil they laugh and some People fell and I keep remembering it

  10. I think you summoned the doll one for me😕🙁☹️

  11. them: omg guys whatever you do dont play these games

    also them: oh by the way heres how to play the games

  12. Sara. Jean is cool and loves her mom and dad says:

    Wait my name is Sara I'm 4!

  13. Sara. Jean is cool and loves her mom and dad says:

    But not the age 4

  14. Me that has more then 10 floor : Hell Nah Bro !! Imma use the stair’s

  15. I am just kidding hehehehheehhehehehehee sorry

  16. We don’t have that many times but it work

  17. But it’s very happy the doll moves and they throw it to the

  18. I became freinds with Charlie Charlie and now we’re bffs

  19. For the devils face
    Imagine if you went to the bathroom at 11:55 and then at 12 you where washing your hands and looked up and saw him

  20. I played with a yes or no spirit box. And
    At knight I saw a ghost of my friends mom I think she's watching over me.

  21. when i was about 8, i tried charlie charlie a couple of times bcs my friends told me to. it never works so my friend always blows it. childhood memories…

  22. if I lose my organs I will become. MICHAEL AFTON

  23. I wish I put in roblox at the end of my sentence when searching

  24. I guess you don't want to go to the casino get it cuphead

  25. Charly charly he is somone who made a deal with the devil and is cursed

  26. Wanna know how to go to another dimension. Okay todays you lucky day first. Go to a door right diagonal to the other and go into the door you opened than you’ll go to button world button world is a world with copies of you but with eyes as buttons and your clones try and attack you so stay alive if you get teleported there hehe

  27. i was playing charle charle once and it said they were a “Princess from Jacksonville that died from a car crash” or something like that

  28. the only thing that u can summon is fears, and demons inside ur own head.

  29. Why the hell would u make a video like this

  30. Low key though when you were expaining Bloody Mary I literally felt something touch my head

  31. Every time I tried to do Charlie Charlie my mom always stopped me and said oh you're going to bring a ghost into the house and we're all going to die and she took away the pencil and the paper

  32. My friend played Charlie Charlie a few times, so at first they said Charlie Charlie but this is how they played:
    When someone said Charlie Charlie am I bla bla bla
    The other person's would turn the pencils
    One day….

    They got caught playing it and got scolded


  33. Mamamia mamamia are you here mario: hide i will protect you hurry

  34. Lyndsey: "don't play it it summons demons!"
    People of YouTube: I'm 'bout to end this woman's whole career!

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