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Top 10 Games That Defended From Other Games

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Top 10 Games That Defended From Other Games

The FIRST EVER CREATOR to post this list………..I think. I’m pretty confident in that. Correct me if I’m wrong! But in contrast to my last list where I talked about games that killed other games, here are 10 examples where I believe games tried to overrule them, but failed.

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One single batchelor from the UK talking about his passion for board games and the people who play them! I support small content creators, board game cafes and go against the status quo when it comes to the board game industry. I give my honest opinions without bias towards any publishers or designers and will not hold back if I don’t like a game.

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00:00 – Introduction and Caveats
02:02 – #10
04:25 – #9
06:38 – #8
09:07 – #7
11:08 – #6
13:43 – #5
15:50 – #4
17:58 – #3
20:52 – #2
24:43 – #1
30:15 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. Next: Card games that killed original game e.g. San Juan 😊

  2. pillars of the earth needs a reprinting of the base and the expansion

  3. Have you played 7 Wonders with Armada yet? For me, Aramada is the best expansion and adds interesting stuff without increasing complexity. Leaders and Cities are fine, just another deck of cards with some new things they do, but Armada adds a whole new thing and it’s great.

  4. Great idea for a video. I can't comment on some of the games as I've not played them. The ones in my collection are 7 Wonders, Res Arcana, Citadels, New York Zoo and Dominion. I did have Splendor but it was never a big family hit so traded iI away.

  5. Interesting. The winners in this list for me. (Of the pars I have played)
    Dominion is staying alive in a packed group of games
    New York zoo
    Red Rising
    Mission Red Planet
    Aeons End
    Century Golem

  6. Great video, very interesting choice of games. I have not played Seasons, but I do own Res Arcana, which we really enjoy. Must buy a copy of seasons.
    Just a thought, but I think Twilight Struggle has defended itself from a few pretenders.

  7. A pure deckbuilder like Dominion doesn't interest me. I just don't think there's not enough substance in there. But I enjoy it when it's just a little bit in there.

  8. Isn't Seasons out of print? Also…. Res Arcana is more than just those 8 cards you get in the beginning.

  9. Re: Marco Polo II, there are certainly some differences that make it less tight / encourage travel. It appeals more to me. If you didn't like the original, then I'd not be super confident you'd love the 2nd one, but if offered a seat at the table to play it, I reckon it would be worth a try.

  10. Great idea. Going by the early reviews it sounds like Nemesis is going to 'survive' Nemesis:Lockdown

  11. Ooof! I never thought of Parks as a Splendor game…I think Splendor is OK but don't own it. Parks I do like more and I agree with you that max 3p is the way to go!

  12. Great video once again. I saw your top 1 coming MILES away hahaha. Fair points about Century – though PARKS has nothing to do with Splendor, to that extend your arguments could be applied to ANY resource conversion/management game.
    I think no one did such list before because it’s super super subjective.
    Q: would you say Bärenpark is better than Isle of Cats? It has cats. 😉

  13. Suggestion: I was almost shocked to see Bärenpark as your fav poliomino game. What about a “top 10 gateway games per mechanic to start a collection”? That could generate some views! Like best polyomino, best push-your-luck, best worker placement, etc.

  14. I couldn't care less about the game, but the audio versions of Red Rising (the books) are really good. Highly recommended.

  15. Good video, though heavily disagree on Res Arcana and Aeons End. Aeons end is one of the best at what it does and I would choose it over Sentinels or even dominion any day. I'd also say Dominion died to Ascension though

  16. Century Spice Road is far more fun that Speldor. (I own and still play both.)

  17. I agree with your#1, wholeheartedly. Although I wouldn't have compared Parks to Century or Splendor. Splendor is still solid

  18. Ones I can comment on. I own Dominion and still enjoy it, but do prefer other deck builders
    Haven't played New York Zoo, but love Barenpark. Polyomino game that I prefer is Isle of Cats, but it is probably slightly heavier and with a draft (havent tried the family version though). Both in my collection.
    Played both Seasons and Res Arcana. Both are good but I prefer and own Res Arcana. Happily play both though.
    Own both Splendor and Century and enjoy them about the same.

    For me Blood Rage survived Rising Sun (havent played Ankh yet)
    Lords of Waterdeep survived Champions of Midgard (I dislike roll to resolve)

    Another one that I hear a lot is Orleans survived Altiplano (although I can't comment on this)

  19. Unfortunately for me and my pal OCD, the colors of air and fire are wrong in Seasons. Makes me crazy. Pretty game though.

  20. A special category should be "original version defended against the cthulhu implementation". I like the lovecraftian theme, but quite often I feel it complicates the rules by adding insanity (chaos realms vs star/hero realms; love letter cthulhu vs batman/princess version) or it just puts off non gamers and casual gamers (tides of madness vs tides of time; pandemic cthulhu vs vanilla pandemic). I actually like more the latter, i find it more streamlined, but most people don't.

    Pillars of the Earth, since you mentioned it, defended against Lords of Waterdeep (just like you said about red rising, the d&d theme is irrelevant for people who never played it, and just as in the case of res arcana?? you need to get white cubes, purple cubes etc to check off some cards. It doesnt mean anything, while in Pillars all newbies understand that you need to send workers to chop wood and then give it to a carpentner to make it into smth for the cathedral).

  21. Agree on #1 and I don't know why people seem sooo excited to kill the game. It's such a great game and to be fair the competition is different enough to warrant having any or all of them.

    Dominion haters gonna hate…

    Also glad to hear your thoughts on Mysterium. It's such a good game and I just don't hear about it anymore.

  22. I've not played Barenpark, but New York Zoo is a delight to play. Fiddly? Sure. But the animeeples are adorable, and filling up enclosures with animals provides a really tactical choice for how to chain your park upgrades.

    Great content all the same, though! I guess I need to try Barenpark. 🙂

  23. I solidly agree on the first two. Barenpark fills a nice niche in the hobby that I think will be tough to replace. Bitoku I think will be more likely to replace Alien Frontiers but I'm not sold on that.

  24. I think Red Rising is simply more well known in America. I've hung onto Splendor over the years but wouldn't really compare it to Parks (at all) or Century Spice Road.

  25. I would say Red Rising is a pretty popular sci-fi book series. Have heard they're great novels, but then I'm also into sci-fi/fantasy books so maybe more likely to hear that.

  26. Nice list but I can't agree with you on everything. Res Arcana is a lot better than Seasons for me but then again I'm not a fan of dice.

  27. I hard disagree with dominion. I feel ascension is far superior.

  28. For #5, I always felt MRP was more similar to Libertalia. Maybe a bit of bias since I played both games the most during the same period of time.

  29. As soon as I saw this title, and my first thoughts went to Fantasy Realms and Splendor. So glad you added them both. Totally agree.

  30. Aeons end portals are not any trouble with upkeep… and the fact you charge your spells to actually use them next round is actually a really good feature and propels your thought to next round or can influence your current hand if your team mate has certain spells you know will hit this round… and focussing the portals is just a small way to introduce progression into each battle, starting with two and working your way to four (depending on your character).. long story short I like the portal system of aeons end

  31. I certainly agreed with you on Fantasy Realms, Barenpark, Alien Frontiers, 7 Wonders and Splendor. Great video…and passion!

  32. Coldn't be righter about most of these, epecially wonderful world. Wonderful world has no theme. One of the few games that no one liked when they played twice.

  33. I got your back with Splendor… has not be replaced for me, either. I don't see it ever leaving my collection.

  34. I remember when King of New York came out, it was declared to be a King of Tokyo killer. Nah, didn't end up being the case. I do like King of NY, but Tokyo is the game that hits the table more.

  35. I think you missed the big one, the one that had seen multiple games come for the crown and it still stands tall. I am of course talking of Scrabble.
    Sure the rest of the big “traditional classic” games have their killer, but Scrabble… it’s always has its place.

  36. Just for the record, Splendor is trash. I'm surprise how you can be so averse to generic&boring games but consider splendor a good game. I get it that it's easy to understand the flow of the game and that makes it great to get less gamie persons to play a game, but oh boy how uninteresting and limited field of decisions the game offers to a player. I'm glad it was never a very popular game amongst my gaming group 😀

  37. I don't think that Red Rising was intended to kill Fantasy Realms. It's more of a homage to it and adds some stuff to it. I like both of it. 🙂

  38. Hey Luke. Congrats on another great video! Did you change anything with your camera setup? The video looks super good and sharp

  39. Hah Dominion is dead.
    I sold my copy and i will never go back to this Old slog of the game counting my actions…

  40. I feel that way about Ascension vs Star Realms. For me, Ascension is more compelling (especially the expansions). Whole I love Caverna, it didn’t “kill” Agricola for me. I kept both and enjoy them,

  41. The only thing that killed 7 Wonders for me was 7 Wonders Duel 😉

  42. 2 Great lists. Loved the Terry O Quinn "WRONG!!!".

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