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Top 10 Games That Defended From Other Games

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Top 10 Games That Defended From Other Games

The FIRST EVER CREATOR to post this list………..I think. I’m pretty confident in that. Correct me if I’m wrong! But in contrast to my last list where I talked about games that killed other games, here are 10 examples where I believe games tried to overrule them, but failed.

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  1. Agreed on Splendor… omg! There is no killer for Splendor

  2. I don't know if it was said but… King Of Tokyo vs King of New York… or vs that one copycat that starts with a "G" with painted miniatures…

  3. I prefer it's a wonderfull world by far

  4. I agree on most of your choices. Though in my opinion Best Treehouse Ever is a 7 Wonders killer. It's just has such a feeling of childlike joy that makes me love it!

  5. Dice placement, I see Daimyo (la boite de jeu) and Euphoria (SM or morning players)

  6. I thought you were to mention Marco Polo I survived Marco Polo II…as the first part is the better game for me. Yes I like the tightness and difficulty of the first one. The characters are NOT imbalanced…some are more difficult to play than others. That's it.Never tried Alien frontiers so far.

  7. I love Splendor (just learned about 6 months ago on Board Game Arena). I have not lost since I started doing two things: (1) by focusing on cards with victory points (and (2) ignoring the nobles as useless distractions. My group is on to my tricks, so I think my streak will soon end. I have suggested to the group that making the nobles worth just a little bit more would make them worth aiming at if ever we can play in person.

  8. It's a wonderful world killed both splendor and 7 wonders. How about that?

  9. I love Black Angel but I would say Troyes successfully defended itself, mostly for ease of play.

  10. It really is interesting how different people have different taste in games. For example, to me, the only game that killed Splendor is Splendor…Everything you do in Splendor is basically rote and the game is often decided by some small luck factor of when specific cards come out. Spice Road is also very mathematical, but with enough decisions that choices made can make an actual difference. I get that this is just me, but I've never felt that Splendor has any interesting decisions points. Cannot autopilot or you'll lose? I guess it depends on how well you understand the mathematics of the game…I played it…it just never drew me in.

  11. IMHO New York Zoo is superior Barenpark – the more you play the more ways you find to maximize the bonuses, yet anyone can sit down and play. The drafting and cute animals also make it far more interesting. I haven't tried the Barenpark expansion yet, but I always wondered why they didn't provide 3D statues – not very satisfying to "erect a statue" and it's just another flat tile lost on your board.

  12. Mysterium killed Mysterium for me by being too long and complicated for what it should be. Mysterium Park is better, but if I hadn’t already disliked Mysterium, the game which would have killed it for me is Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Largely the same game (though without Dixit cards), but it adds in a hidden role element and players in a quarter of the time.

  13. For me, It’s a Wonderful World sits nicely between Splendor and Terraforming Mars. It needs more than drafting to compare it with 7 Wonders. If anything killed 7 Wonders for me (and if drafting alone was enough) then it would be Sushi Go Party.

  14. Oh and Terraforming Mars preemptively killed Ark Nova for me. Ark Nova is good, but considerably harder work – and it didn’t give me any extra fun for that extra work.

  15. Thank you! I always hear people bashing Splendor. Haven't played Parks but played Century and was underwhelmed. Splendor is one of my favorite games to take as a light game.

  16. Wow, I was with you up until Res Arcana…now I'll just say Season is another thing entirely and one doesn't replace the other. Res Arcana I feel has more strategic control than Seasons. It's deterministic aspect is fantastic when played in its best format – 2 player with draft.

  17. I agree with you that New York Zoo did definitely not kill Bärenpark. But, I think that Lamaland (also Phil Walker Harding) killed Bärenpark, although I happily play both.

  18. Havent played red rising, but the books are amazing

  19. Cool list. I recall the dice tower doing a top games that haven’t been topped or too games that have yet to be beat or something along those lines maybe 5years back I think…. But the update is much appreciated and you do specific challengers on your list.

  20. I never considered Parks to be Splendor-like. There sure are similarities and generally both are simple, yet not really all that easy games. Actually, I consider it to be closer to the other game you've mentioned – Tokaido and fun thing, I just preordered Parks, because Tokaido is out of print where I live and I wanted this kind of game 😉 But switching to your point of view – sure, nothing, for now, kills The Splendor.
    Since I live in Poland, your first segment for me could be switched a bit to Tajemnicze Domostwo (Mysterium 1.0) vs Mysterium Park. TD won that easily. It's still being printed by Portal, while after single print of Mysterium Park by "Asmodee Poland", it's not gonna get another print and is already on sales. As for Obscurio, it still didn't appear on our market, unless someone privately imported it, so this "Mysterium" vs Mysterium Park, by two different publishers here, under completely different titles, is a very valid match, with "Mysterium" winning this one.

  21. Totally agree with your #1 and I own the game most people claim 'killed it'.

  22. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Surprise Slides didn't quite defend against Frozen Surprise Slides, but Frozen Surprise Slides DEFINITELY defended against Frozen II Surprise Slides.

    1. Both Frozen and Frozen II utilize the upgraded 'slide' tile components (the angled corners make for a cleaner look than the versions in Mickey Mouse), but the decision to go with a full Autumn theme on the Frozen II board felt like such a miss. I know this fits with the movie, but the movie still had enough snow/ice elements that it felt like a mixed opportunity to add some variety. The snow/ice theme on the og Frozen board is just pure classic frozen.

    2. I know this isn't in the actual rules, but we always play movie soundtracks in the background when playing these type of license games…. Into the Unknown from Frozen II is fun, but there is something about the classic soundtrack and Let it Go that still feels so right when playing in the background, moving your character pieces across that Frozen landscape.

    3. That brings me to the final point, characters…. Frozen II ditched Kristoff as a playable character for Mattias…. REALLY!! Kristoff is regulated to a small print on the gameboard (not even directly on one of the flipping portions of the board) for Frozen II.

    I know many will disagree with me and I hope you don't take my opinions personally if you prefer the Frozen II version.

  23. 100% agree with Splendor. But I’d still ply Century and still own that also. Agree with most of the list although with 7 Wonders/Wonderful World and Seasons/Res Arcana, I’d still play any of them and still own all of them.

  24. I’m think I’m with you on all these. But you should totally read Red Rising sometime. The books are way better than the game 🙂

  25. Was with ya on almost everything. I don't think Parks is anything like Splendor, and regardless I prefer Century (Golem) and Parks over Splendor. Splendor is one of the few games I feel I "outgrew". And, I love Res Arcana, but Seasons is also great.

  26. You guys should just try out newer Nemesis vom Outcast. Sentinels is a fine game, but the boss design of Aeon's End is on another different level when it comes to the "personality" of the bosses. I don't care that I can compare the Bosses in Sentinels with comic book villains when their mechanics are dull. And Aeon's End is defitely not generic fantasy. Generic would be elves, dwarfs and trolls trying to kill the bad boy orcs.

  27. i will say with aeons end i didnt really get sucked into the universe until i played through legcy with the wife. it really does a lot to make the base game way more thematic as it functions as a sort of prologue and u kinda have seen a backstory for all the breach mages u use plus u can bring the ones u create in legacy over… i have yet to get hold of a copy of sentinels apart from digital and that app is messy… besides i wouldnt even say the games are comperable lol great video luke Stay Hexy!

  28. Great idea for a list. I like preferring Century Golem over Splendor (I have both). Currently I am enjoying Century more as it is just newer. I have too many games so I don't play any one game enough. Century got the nod, last week as it was 5 new people over for playing a lighter game while 5 others played Spector Ops (first time for all players except the hosts). I like your point about game length though.

  29. Another aspect is that even if a newer game is better, it is not necessarily worth buying to replace my existing game. So, there is a degree of defense just from being the one I own. For example, I own Splendor, and I would never spend the money on Century Spice Road to replace it (disclaimer: I have not played the latter). I have not played Dominion, but I chose Valley of the Kings as my deck builder to buy, and I don't need another one. So whether a game got "killed" or "defended" it's position, I'm not going to spend limited money and use up limited space on what I would find to be marginal differences.

  30. Splendor is better than Parks and Century, but all 3 are in my top 50

  31. 1. Shards of Infinity is more advanced than Dominion, both of which were developed by the same person.

    2. Splendor and Century Golem played very differently. In Splendor the engine goes slow and then quick. One may not fully develop or confirm their strategy until cards coming up in a later turn. In Century Golem the engine is built at the beginning (market card draw), and then you adjust the order of cards you use based on actual situational variety. I personally do not see how Splendor can kill Century Golem. Century Golem plays 5 players, and it is an important gateway to get people try a worker placement game (Century Golem: Endless World, aka Century 3).

    3. No matter how many times you say Sentinels killed Aeon's End, it has not happened. 🤣

  32. Couldn't agree with you more about 7 Wonders. Thanks Luke!

  33. Great picks! Completely agree with Alien Frontiers and Splendor

  34. Concordia successfully defended itself from Great Western Trail.

  35. You dont need to have read the books to play the game of Red Rising. That whole rant is a bit useless. And Tapestry is a very cool game. So wrong about Tapestry there.

    Citadels and Mission red planet are not even alike so Mission Red Planet is not killing anything or being a 2.0 of Citadels.

    Also never heard companies claim they beat 7 wonders….more like people claim that.

    It's a wonderfull world is great. It can co exist with 7 wonders. Rather play the base game of It's a wonderfull world then base game of 7 Wonders tho. 7 wonders without the expansions is just meh.

    SPLENDOR….OMG NO. Century is way better. Splendor is dry and milked to death at this point. Not even a Marvel licence can save it. Thanos ahould snap his fibgers and remove it from existance.

    Parks is not splendor with a track. So it has cards. Big whoop, most games have cards. Parks is amazing. Way beter game, specialy with the expansion.

    Also, what is up with the constant…the other games take twice as long…argument. I hear it a lot from content creators. As if its the most important factor in a game. I would rather play a game that is more fun and longer then anything else. When has length become such a dominant factor in reviews.

  36. I realize these are your opinions but at least for me Res Arcana is 100% superior to seasons. Additionally, century buried splendor, I find splendor if anything is over rated.

  37. Not sure about some of the comparisons. Parks is more comparable to Tokaido than Splendor and Seasons and Res Arcana don't seem that similar.

    Biggest defenders for me would be Blood Rage (most peoples favorite of the Trilogy that I know)
    Gloohaven….I know not your favorite but so many massive coop Kickstarter dungeon crawl campaign games have challenged and I has yet to be unseated even getting the smaller Target version jaws of the lion making it have even more mass appeal

    Very much agree on 7 wonders, BarenPark, Mysterium, fantasy realms, alien frontiers

  38. I somehow expected Marvel Champions to contest Sentinels. It's almost the same game 😀

  39. I don’t quite get why play time is such a big issue for you. If I like a game I definitely don’t mind spending time with it. I guess it might stem from playing D&D where play sessions can be 8 hours of great fun.

  40. I thought that you were going to compare "Sentinels…" to "Marvel Champions", which did indeed kill it for me (no more generic heroes and pre-built decks – yay!)

  41. What does the expression in the title mean? I never heard of it before.

  42. Wow! You trashed almost every game I like from the last 5-6 years 😂😂😂 Aeon’s End, Res Arcana, Red Rising, It’s a Wonderful World. On the other end, I cannot come to like 7 Wonders. I think it’s too dry and abstract 😂 Personally I wouldn’t count some of there games being more complex and longer than the game that they “tried to kill”: it goes without saying that if you want to add some more depth and additional mechanisms to a quick and more basic game, you’ll always get a more complex and longer game. If you just measure how immediate and quicker is the “original” game, it will always win hands down. But where i find a game too much simple or uninspiring, the “more elaborate” version might be more interesting. The comparison between Sentinels and Aeon’s End… I just don’t get it. One is a deck building game with a variable market, the other uses preconstructed decks where you only can change the hero card. They just work on completely different mechanisms. Yes, you are playing a team of “heroes” trying to defeat an automated enemy using a deck of cards. I just described most co-op card games in the last decade. I’d rather compare Aeon’s End to Ascension or Star/Hero Realms instead; Sentinels is its own thing.

  43. That`s right! "Splendor" is still great! Also, just ordered "Marco Polo 2" and I hope it will be good because the first one was a huge disappointment.

  44. I'm struggling to see how you play Res Arcana in such a long session. The game takes 20 – 30 minutes. I think the game is fine, but if it took much longer I'd want to bang my head on the wall.

    Edit after watching more.
    How do you play spice road in 50 minutes? Again, 20-30 minutes and about 45 with 5 players. Might as well play something else at 5 tho. Recording my games allows me to double check this information fortunately!

  45. Now that your’ e blazed the trail with this new 10 ten list, I expect others to follow. It’s brilliant and helps both new and experienced game buyers to make more considered selections in a way other lists have not done. I never thought to put Parks and Splendor in the same basket. Now I’m thinking differently. If I were to ask my gaming circle to pick between Parks or Splendor, they maybe would ask why that specific choice, but would definitely go with the latter to play. But I like the art and hiking track of Parks so much. Also, you helped clarify the issue of Century Spice Road or Century Golem is a Splendor killer. I’ll stick with Splendor.

  46. As soon as you announced you would do this list, I thought of Res Arcana being a “worse” (or at least “not better”) Seasons.

    Was waiting for El Grande, which has survived countless (great) area-control games.

  47. The Title is confusing to be honest. You probably want the word "THEMSELVES" in there

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