Top 10 Games That Interest Me at GenCon 2023 -

Top 10 Games That Interest Me at GenCon 2023

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Hey, folks! Come check out ten games that I’d be interested in purchasing at GenCon 2023…IF I were going. But since I won’t be there, maybe this list will help you find something else to add to your list of games you want to purchase! I also included a couple of honorable mentions, so we talk about 12 games altogether. If you enjoy this video, please. consider hitting those Like and. Subscribe buttons, and we’ll hope to see you again here on the Flipside!

Gen Con 2023 Preview on BGG:

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  1. No Last Light? I thought for sure I'd see it here.

  2. Sam thank you for the list. There were a few games on the list I will want to see more of but like you I am not attending GenCon. It’s really good to see you making videos again.

  3. Are #8 and #7 both open drafting, tile placement?

  4. Thanks for the list. Some different ones from other lists.

  5. I love Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert! Forbidden Sky didnt scratch the same itch but I am looking forward to trying out Forbidden Jungle!

  6. I had no idea you had your own channel. Glad I found it!

  7. So much fun watching you try not to say crap ton 😂😂😂

  8. Oh wow I didn’t know about this Texas Chainsaw game. There’s another TCM game coming from Trick or Treat Studios but I love Prospero Hall games, so definitely grabbing this one!

    Halloween is actually a hidden movement game by Emerson Matsuuchi so I expect good things!

  9. Thanks for the shout out buddy!! Wish you were coming to Gen Con. Let’s link up soon!

  10. So that's why he always said see you on the flip side?

  11. Very glad i found your channel Sam! Think a lot of us guys have missed you over the past few years. Happy to subscribe and follow you on the 'flip side'.

    P.S. I don't think you included enough tile placing games…😅

  12. Has anyone noticed that Sam is turning into a Dwarf Wizard?

  13. Just found the channel and digging the enthusiasm and energy!

  14. FOBG Roadtrip where one plays Sam and visits Gencon sounds like an awesome game! Playing it sends Sam to Gencon.

  15. Some of theses sound really interesting. Hmmm I wonder what will end up on our collection:).

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