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Top 10 Games That “Killed” Other Games

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Top 10 Games That “Killed” Other Games

I’m usually the one to say that an older game is still just as good if not better than some of the ones that claim to replace it. But there are a few examples where actually a new game does kill another one. And here are my ten examples!

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17:17 – #4
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28:13 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. I don’t own it yet but from the looks of things Kingdomino Origins kills the original Kingdomino. It’s basically like the original but is modular so you add a bit more complexity if you like or just stick with the original style but with just 1 extra rule, being the volcanoes.

  2. Twilight imperium 4th ed killed any past or future 4X space games (so epic i cant avoid thinking about it when playing eclipse for example), Nemesis killed zombicide-like games (exploring, items, atmosphere is so much better), unfathomable killed BSG (theme is much more accesible for new players)

  3. Here's a good one, Nemesis kills Dead of Winter.

  4. I agree on Caverna, I have both, nobody asks to play Agricola. Agricola makes me tired at the end of the game… win or lose, Caverna is fun to sit back and look and what I created!

  5. Disagree about Near and Far killing Above and Below. Above and Below is a great game to introduce new gamers, as well as having lighter rules. To me Near and Far is more of a campaign game and A&B is a nice sit down for 2 hours and enjoy in some village building.

  6. LE: I took a better look at Small Island and the art is better than I thought. I also want to try it on BGA.

    First time I hear about Small Islands. It looks a bit ugly and doesn't seem that interesting. Carcassonne Amazonas killed regular Carc for me, but Land vs Sea is a meaner, faster option for 2p. Amazonas is still better at 3 and 4 players.

    Not based on experience, but some ppl say Horrified killed basic Pandemic and I can see why. I only own Pandemic Cthulhu and it kinda scratches the same itch, though if I would play more Horrified I might agree it's the evolution.

  7. Ooooh Eternal Palace looks nice…wait what it's not even out yet? So how can it kill a game if it's not even released? lol…

  8. Hmmm…. Don’t quite agree on number 10. Through the Ages is by far a better designed game (in addition to better produced, as you say).
    It doesn’t take that long to play when you are used to the bookkeeping; sure if you play it three times a year, you will forget something which will require you to spend quite some time moving cubes in and out. But if you play it consistently, it’s not so bad. I’ve surely played 3-player games in less than 2 hours. You just need people who are not AP prone and are quite familiar with how the player board works.
    Calculating your combat strength can be a bit fiddly when you upgrade/build a few units and/or change your tactics card, but you only do it once in a while and then have your marker that clearly shows your strength.

  9. I disagree about Calico and Agricola. I usually prefer game that make me feel that tension, the possibility of failing.
    I get bored after a few plays of games where you can do everything.
    Calico is all about making decisions that open up the maximum amount of 'positive' outcomes.

  10. Cascadia is not even close to Calico – Its much thinker

  11. I haven't player Near and Far yet, but I really like Above and Below. Especially because it's somewhat gatewayish und feels just nice and smooth to me, always have a good feeling while playing it.
    Small Islands didn't kill Carcassonne for me, but it's a nice alternative. Certainly looks lovely and the solo mode is really nice and challenging.

  12. Totally agree that Near & Far DESTROYS Above & Below.

    Now I’m gonna buy Eternal Palaces & Small Islands

  13. Someday I should try Caverna. While I like Agricola at one time, I had many of the same issues with it as you suggest. We got rid of it long ago, probably before Caverna came out. Anyway, great video, great list. Next one does sound pretty original. Can't wait.

  14. Great video. Have you played 51st state with all the expansions? Both that and empires have been sitting on my shelf of shame for too long

  15. Before I watch this video I hope Boon Lake isn't on there . . .

  16. Isnt Terraforming Mars quite a lighter than Ark Nova. Do you think they’re for the same audience? I was considering Ark Nova and after watching playthroughs it seems a weight class above. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  17. I would love to play cascadia….but you can’t get it…so have had to play Calico at Christmas with family

  18. For me Ark Nova killed Terraforming Mars, this one doesn't know it today, but soon, it will. I sell my TM.

  19. I have both calico and cascadia and to me they are very different, calico is a very thinky and tense game and cascadia is much more chilled . Both are staying in my collection

  20. I came here wanting to destroy you but I found myself nodding to all of it. Especially your number 10. Your number 1? At least I get that. I don't agree, but I understand that the 'replaced' game is not everyone's idea of fun because it is so punishing. I keep the 'replacement' as a first go and then if they like it…I show them the other with hopes their body is ready! 😀

  21. Love that you put caverna over Agricola as #1. I don't know what's with the general community adoring Agricola way more than caverrna. I suppose because Agricola came out first. Tom Vasel from dice tower also puts caverna over Agricola. I've never played with the caverna expansion, how would you rate it?

  22. I also think Cascadia is better than Calico but I would not say it has killed it. I prefer Calico over Cascadia as a solo game or when I want a puzzle challange. Cascadia is such a great game tho, plays so smooth!

  23. Let’s talk polyominoes….

    NY Zoo > barenpark
    Cosmic Colonies > Isle of Cats

  24. Agreed with 10, 6 (though I like New Frontiers even more than San Juan, but it doesn't "kill" SJ), 3, and might agree with 7 (haven't played the newer one, but… I'm starting to think you and others are right about the luck of the draw in Calico).

    For 9 I like both games (and actually like TMars more) and will still play both.

    And it's a hard pass for 4. I felt that the new one was way too easy to go through your deck and had too few restrictions. Got bored on my first play.

  25. Awesome list and can't wait for the follow-up one 😏😊😊

  26. Ark Nova I expected….. does it also kill solo? If so – I'm getting it. The godawful art of TM always kept me away (+the theme is meh)

  27. Haven't played Ark Nova yet but to me Ares Expedition killed Terraforming Mars.

  28. I don’t feel Ark Nova kills TM, but that’s just me perhaps?
    Otherwise I agree with your choices ✌🏻A & B I think is included in Near & Far. Glad you didn’t mention Splendor. It beats every ‘Splendor’ killer released so far 🙂

  29. What?! Century didn't kill Splendor for you?! 😝

    Curious if you think it's worth owning both Arle and Caverna? I have Arle and am thinking about adding Caverna.

  30. Honorable mention: Almost every numeric version of a game.

  31. Great Western Trail slaughtered Sentinels of the Multiverse

  32. My wife and I love Red Raven Games, but she likes Above and Below better, and I like Near and Far better. I think she likes the simpler (complexity-wise) play of A&B whereas i like the grander story aspect of Near and Far.

  33. Ark nova killed terraforming mars for me for the simple reason that the German publisher for tm is Schwerkraft which is heavily overpriced in addition to having bad production value (they preferably license good games with arguably cheap components and add 25 percent on top of the English pricing) , while ark nova is published by feuerland.

  34. Does eternal palace kill space base too?

    On that note. Does space base kill Machi Koro?

  35. For me, Legos totally killed Lincoln Logs.

  36. First thought: "Is this about the Sentinels Definitive Edition?" XD
    I jumped into the Kickstarter because of all the praise you gave the original over the years and I gotta say: I love it! Looking forward to a review by the expert, though.

  37. Awesome topic Luke! I'm glad you are always trying to get new and different content. Now the killer, Res Arcana for me replaced Seasons 😁!!

  38. Thanks for your video and your point of view.

    For Small Islands, I would like to be right with you ! It's really an interresting Tiles Game like his parent Caracassonne, but really deeper and his solo mode is amazing !!

  39. Luke looks like an authentic soccer hooligan with the current hairstyle.

  40. I like the mechanics in Terraforming Mars. Its obvious to me that a lot of thought and research had gone into the development of the game so that it would best mimic the process of actually terraforming a planet. So, when I heard that Ark Nova was a similar style of game I was initially intrigued. However, I'm just not interested in 
    creating a zoo!

  41. For me it’s actually Agricola that killed Caverna. What I don’t like in Caverna is that you could just do the same thing every time. That there isn’t any variable setup, and there is a ton of information to process upfront. Agricola fixes both of these issues with the starting card draft. I don’t mind getting minus one point for not having something if I can get one or two cards working in a synergy to crank out some good points!

  42. Space Invaders killed Flipships. Interested in trying the Carcassone killer you mentioned, Carcassone is one of my wife's favorites.

  43. Haven't played a lot of those so can't comment on them. I agree about Empires of the North as can't remember the last time I got Imperial Settlers to the table. I disagree about Cascadia and Calico as I think though they are similar they play differently, Cascadia is relaxing and Calico is tense and thinky.

  44. Really interesting, other than a single play of Carcasonne which left me cold, I have had no desire to ever try the original or the original slayer in this top 10 list

    A few thoughts, but they do show my age
    Pandemic wiped out Forbidden Island, same designer, much better mechanics.
    Doppelt So Clever completely outplaced Yahtzee.
    Codenames destroyed Taboo
    Dixit mullered Pictionary

    Yahtzee, Taboo and Pictionary hit the pearly gates in this house a long time ago. Their replacements get played regularly. Pandemic has taken a bit of a backseat, but would get it out in preference to Forbidden Island, but even Pandemic takes a backseat to Spirit Island with the Branch and Claw expansion added.

  45. Thanks for Your point of view. Wow, almost all games I have the same feelings but Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is much more interactive, especially when using Captain or Trader role and especially using new role Corsair from an expansion. It can be very nasty. For me San Juan is a quick, light and very good card game, but when I want something more intense and more interactive I would choose PR.

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