Top 10 Games to Play Online on Board Game Arena -

Top 10 Games to Play Online on Board Game Arena

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I recommend the best board games to play online for FREE on Board Game Arena
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10. Penny Press –

9. Can’t Stop –

8. Perudo –

7. Tobago –

6. Celestia –

5. Luxor –

4. Concept –

3. 6 Nimmt –

2. Libertalia –

1. Colt Express –

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  1. ok, i can agree with this top 10, but still for me, SEASONS is the best game of all board games sites.

  2. I love Concept! Didn't realize it was on BGA!

    Thanks for another great video, Jon!

  3. Great video. For those who like heavy euros I think Tzolkin and Terra Mystica are wonderful on this website. The two Marco polos work nicely too 🙂

  4. BGA is great. There is much available for free but premium is well worth it.

  5. Another great video, Jon! The BGA premium membership is pretty cheap, and it supports the site (sort of like supporting people who make game review videos). Premium gets you other things too, such as ability to view game stats at the end, etc.

  6. There's much better games on BGA than this list demonstrates.

  7. I'm a premium BGA, I gotta try some of these! I play many others like Santorini, Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders, Targi, etc

  8. If nothing else, this video introduced me to Board Game Arena, which is sure to be a hit for my still-quarantined gaming group. Thanks mate!

  9. Gamefreakgeekgirl “Gamefreakgeekgirl” says:

    Great work Jon! Thank you for always making me laugh and for the joy.

  10. I'd love a top 10 BGA games (including premium games), since bga is not expensive + can be cancelled from any month u want

  11. Great video. Which of these games will work well with turn based / asynchronous play?

  12. Great video 😁🤩👍 the recommendations are awesome. Thank you.

  13. +1 for 6 Nimmt, which is our BGA go-to game when it's getting later. It's just hilarious, and the fact that The Computer will mercilessly and precisely distribute the chosen, sorted cards in 1 second steps make it even better. Nothing like playing with 9 players and watching on in horror as you card is at 8th place and how the rows stack up and you'll surely'll have to take that -15pt row! 😀

  14. you have opened up a world of amazing games to me!! I love this site dearly

  15. And now Under Asmodee wing

  16. My post on Things Get Dicey
    First of all, I grew up an hour outside of Philly (Delaware) and was raised on Rocky and raw meat bags. So when I say, "Rocky would have tossed metal Scythe Mech chucks" I know what I'm talking about. Still…"So how do we play?"…Mmmmm…golden.

    I want to see you and the Actualol fella do a clash or something. I mean, with your dad jokes and his costumes…feels like Elf meets The Princess Bride…or something.

    It's not instigating…it's just talking out loud in the comments section ambiguously

  17. とても聞き取りやすいハッキリした発音でノンネイティブでも理解しやすかったです!

  18. Can confirm they're amazing! BTW, the premium includes Splendor, 7Wonders, and other masterpieces, so I suggest you consider it TBH. We're talking about 25€/20£/30$ PER YEAR, which is practically less than buying one single board game, and you can play with friends (even in the same room, not possible with the free account). It's really the best purchase I made when it comes to entertainment. Just to give you an example, concept is 30$ (one of the game mentioned)… the entire platform with 300 games is 30$ per year with rule binding, chats, voice calls, tournaments etc. I played more than 200 games on it, give it a try 🙂

  19. I'd be curious if this list has changed at all, or how a list of favourite premium titles would look – they're doing an event where they are releasing a game a day for the whole of July and August. Most of them have been simpler, family weight games so far, but it's still an impressive attempt to broaden the selection

  20. I mean, you can only binge watch the same Streaming episodes
    so many times … Yeah, it was time to find an alternate source
    for entertainment.

  21. For the record — "Can't Stop" — is the initiation game on Board Game Arena.
    Once you join, the site will attempt to have you play through the Demo.
    2 games You may also want to check out, now: "Forbidden Island" & "Harbour".

  22. "Uptown" and "Harbour" are both currently in BETA on BGA.
    "Alhambra" has recently come out of it's BETA stage.

  23. Board game arena is a big scam!! Dont give 1 dollar of euro on it! You can get bans or warnings without a reason! When you email them, you get no answer!!!

  24. New to BGA – great vid. Liking and subbing for that silly Ace Ventura reference lmao

  25. You don't need premium to play premium games, most of the games I play are premium you can just join a game with at least one premium member

  26. Tobago, penny press, celestia,6nimmt,libertalia look the coolest

  27. Really impressed with this list! I’ve been in BGA for some time and I haven’t come across some of these yet! Thanks for posting, will be hitting the subscribe button (mostly for the jokes, lol)

  28. If you're new to playing games online, your other two main options are Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. And I've made videos about them too! If you're wondering what the differences are, the short answer is:

    Board Game Arena – Easiest, beginner friendly, limited game selection
    Tabletopia – 3D, works in browser, free, bit fiddly, okay selection
    Tabletop Simulator – 3D, pay once for software, bit fiddly, amazing selection but mostly unofficial mods

    My Top 10 Tabletop Simulator Games –

    My Top 10 Tabletopia Games –

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