Top 10 Games to Play Online on Board Game Arena -

Top 10 Games to Play Online on Board Game Arena

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I recommend the best board games to play online for FREE on Board Game Arena
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10. Penny Press –

9. Can’t Stop –

8. Perudo –

7. Tobago –

6. Celestia –

5. Luxor –

4. Concept –

3. 6 Nimmt –

2. Libertalia –

1. Colt Express –

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  1. If you're new to playing games online, your other two main options are Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator. And I've made videos about them too! If you're wondering what the differences are, the short answer is:Board Game Arena – Easiest, beginner friendly, limited game selectionTabletopia – 3D, works in browser, free, bit fiddly, okay selectionTabletop Simulator – 3D, pay once for software, bit fiddly, amazing selection but mostly unofficial modsMy Top 10 Tabletop Simulator Games –
    My Top 10 Tabletopia Games –

  2. That was a rollercoaster of emotions… You released a video on my birthday…but it's about BGA which I'm not super fond of…But Jon recommending games beats Jon not recommending games any day!…Oh but i already own 7 of them… but also screw Will and his terrible clue-giving!…but I don't actually know who Will is…

    Hey Jon, are there any games you PREFER the digital implementation of? I prefer physical games 95% of the time, but there are some experiences, like Onirim which have so much shuffling, that I think I prefer the digital implementation. What are your thoughts?

  3. y me y am always here the one who apperently does not care even though he actually does


  5. Not glove-snowball-wearer but glove-snowball-thrower (i.e. "a sissy wearing gloves for a snowball fight instead of throwing them bare handed like real men!"- see how great German is for abreviations?). Still great pronounciation on the German part!

  6. Im from Germany and I have never heard the word 'Handschuhschnellballwerfer' before 😀 Nice video and some good suggestions

  7. Totally got it, sorry, but that was an excellent clue, Will.
    Also, let's play a game on BGA! I'll hit you up in the patreon. 😁

  8. Nice vid. Nice dis on your mate Will's Concept clue too. 🙂

    Don't know about others, but after playing 6 Nimmt on BGA, I don't want to play the physical copy anymore. Who really wants to go back to doing the maths?

  9. I can only hear people saying cult instead of colt, and I am constantly disappointed that I don't get to play a cthulu train game

  10. Great video! I’d 100% recommend Terra Mystica as well – not really one for newbies, but if you’ve played the board game in real life before, it’s really nice to play on BGA.

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