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Top 10 Games To Start A Board Game Collection

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Every year more and more games come out, and getting into the hobby can absolutely be overwhelming for someone new…so to help you out, here are my current picks for the best games to start a collection with!

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:02:20 – Canvas
0:04:30 – Codenames Duet
0:06:50 – Welcome To Your Perfect Home
0:08:38 – Cascadia
0:10:55 – Trailblazers
0:13:35 – Art Society
0:16:20 – The Quest for El Dorado
0:18:25 – Quacks of Quedlinburg
0:20:35 – The Loop
0:22:58 – Dune Imperium
0:26:20 – Wrapping Up

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  1. Great list. Best pick is Dune, top 5 for me with expansions. Uprising makes it top 3. My copy of trailblazers travel is coming this week. For auction, I would choose Ra over Art Society. Quest for El Dorado was a great game until we "tried hard" it; whomever got to the base camp first and trimmed their deck down to 8 or so 4-cost cards, wins easily. Prefer Wonderland Wars over Quacks for the player interaction and we shorten the game by removing one extra location and never play at 5. I got to try out the Loop.

  2. Sad to think that with 336 Brazilian Reais I can only get some small box games or maybe 2 medium size box games.

  3. Any board game list that includes Dune Imperium is a winner in my book 😀

  4. I've just recently started to get into the hobby and I have a very small board game collection so this is the perfect video for me. You've convinced me to buy Cascadia ☺

  5. My choice of 10 games to start the collection (Total ~300$):

    7 Wonders Duel (2-player), Carcassonne (Tile laying), Champions of Midgard (WP, dice chucking), Destinies (Campaign), Dixit (Party), Pandemic (Co-op), Parade/Bang the Dice Game (Filler, smallbox travel), Quest for El Dorado (Deck builder), Quacks of Quedlinberg (Bag builder), RA (Auction, Euro)

  6. If you want everything Welcome To, The Game Steward has a bundle that is currently going for $38. I think I paid $25 for it.

  7. Thx for this list! Nice breakdown of these games – I’m a huge fan of El Dorado: the race part helped me understand the mechanism and strategy behind deck building!

  8. For me good 10 games to start a collection are: Pandemic, Star Realms, Kingdomino, Ticket To Ride Europe, Marvel United X-Men, Terraforming Mars, Port Royal, Caverna, Abyss, Hive

  9. Regarding Dune Imperium – I'd suggest getting only a used copy without shipping (at a local trade), but if it really seems to be your type of game Dune Uprising needs no expansion to be amazing.

  10. why does every top 10 beginner board game list act like new players are idiots or incapable of complexity? All these games are boring and bad tbh. Someones first game beyond monopoly should be Catan no question.

  11. Quest for el dorado is extremely overrated in my opinion. While it is true that is easy and accessible, I feel that you will always gravitate towards trying to build the same kind of deck.

  12. I just calculated that I end up paying 490 dollars for 6 Siege, which is crazy. I could have gotten all these 10 games instead. It better be worth it

  13. Horrified is fantastic, too. You can grab Universal Classic Monsters, American Monsters, or Greek Monsters, and its easy to get new gamers into.

  14. Netrunner, Imperius, Cosmic Encounter, Crystallo, Inis, Stockpile, Grifters, Treasure Hunter, Neom, Dice Throne.

  15. Trailblazers seems fun, but the price ($50 retail, ~$40 online) isn't great for such a light game.

  16. $36 per game in today’s hobby is really not bad at all. I wish all my games were that cheap.

  17. Have you played the new expansions for Quest for El Dorado and if so what’s your thoughts on them?

  18. Marvel United over The Loop & Everdell over Dune: Imperium. Dunno if you need Cascadia AND Trailblazers, I'd swap Trailblazers out for Sushi: Go Party, Draftosaurus or Between Two Castles. Solid picks though 👍

  19. The caveat to The Loop is that it's very difficult – more so than most cooperative games. It's one of our favorite games, but we house rule it to make it easier. If you strictly follow the rules, I'd venture to say most gamers would find it too punishing. I've seen many reviewers rate it poorly because of this. It's a shame they didn't include difficulty modifiers out of the box, but it's very easy to fix to make it a VERY enjoyable game for any level of gamers.

  20. Is Trailblazers a little too “samey” to Cascadia in that it’s a nature themed “private puzzle” game?

  21. Great list! I feel like Coup should be on here as a social option

  22. Only have cascadia and dune imperium from this list, but I got them both for 15/20 dollars respectively. Just wait for deals and buying used games is usually not a problem.

  23. I’d say Hanamikoji, Cascadia, Point Salad, My City, War Chest, Kingdomino, Yinsh, Camel Up, Skull King, and Raiders of the North Sea. All inexpensive, lots of depth and replayability, and a variety of mechanics and optimal player counts. Next game to expand the collection: Brass Birmingham.

  24. I recently received and played Canvas and I completely agree with you. Great gateway game and a lot of fun for any type of player.

  25. Coming from decades of video games, I began board games in January and started with some different games : Dune Imperium (good choice to put it in your list, it's easy but rich and competitive), terraforming Mars, Arkham Horror and Expeditions. Having a blast, bought Friday, Final Girl, Cartaventura and a few smaller solo games, waiting now for Gloomhaven JOTL, Earthborne Rangers and Heredity.

  26. Oh come on… we all know you start a boardgame collection by going “All-in” on a Zombicide campaign! 😂

  27. I really disagree with dune. Yes it's a great game but it's not just too complicated for starting a collection. It's a mashup of mechanisms which are best learned in their own, the conflict portion you mentioned, and it's an IP game and not a very good looking one at that. I'm not saying someone who isn't interested in dune couldn't enjoy the game, they can. But it's a much tougher sell to get a fledgling game group into especially if there are women in the group.

    I would pick meadow or ticket to ride if you wanted something with more conflict.

  28. Great list. For 50% more money, you can also get 10 small box / card games – 20 games for $500. Small games are often faster, and fill up the last hour of a gaming session (filler games). A good start is High Society, Scout, Love Letter, Archduke, That's Not A Hat, Naturopolis, Santo Domingo, Werewords, Zero Down, and Arboretum.

  29. I really got into board games as a nerdy hobby via Timestories, which kept me hooked through the whole series. That was much better than Bloodborne as my first Playstation game many years ago 😀

  30. Great list, own half the list and have alternatives to most of the others that do similar things.
    Only one I don't have and don't think I have anything like is Welcome To.

  31. While I enjoy hearing different opinions on a list of games, and it can be useful to have lists of more approachable games for (relatively) new gamers, I can't help but wonder who would actually consciously choose to start a board game collection and have use for such a video. I would think most people just buy/look for what they would like and would thus be best for them (e.g. 'a two player game with a nature theme') and not what would be considered best for a general collection. After all, it's not the general public playing; it's you (and possibly your friends/family/gaming group).

    If someone were to be purposefully planning to buy more games for their collection, the better advise would not be 'get a game of this list', but 'learn what type of games you like to play most, and what number of players and playtime is most common for you (or what you are missing a suitable game for), so you can get a game you'll actually like and play'.

    Videos such as this one might be more useful for someone looking to start a collection for a shop or event, in order to have something for various people to play and discover the hobby, but I rarely see such a title/description instead somehow. Hopefully those people will find them regardless 😉

  32. Excellent list! I love Canvas and Cascadia. I also think I need to finally add Trailblazers to my wishlist. I would also recommend Clank! and Space Base.

  33. A few games I would maybe add/substitute into that list would be:
    Between Two Cities
    Gift of Tulips

    You already have a City Builder type game, but I feel like BTC and Akropolis are unique and easy games to get into. Lacuna is an abstract area-control game which I feel like can get your Chess-player friend open to more games, and Gift of Tulips is not only drafting but a unique market manipulation type game which is easy to pick up for mainly anyone I've shown it to.

  34. i don't know Alex. bit of an ambitious list. I'd start with maybe two games…. spirit island and any Lacerda….. Jokes! jokes… I think Cascadia. Canvas and maybe Art Society. however all these titles will be a massive learning curve coming from UNO and butchered games of Monopoly.

  35. I love Immortality for Dune, I think if you want to bring out the deck building aspect it’s a great expansion!

  36. Random unrelated question but I'd appreciate your input: do you use a VPN? If so, which one, why & are you pleased with it? Thanks.

  37. I started with Root. I got me way too involved in the board gaming space lol 10/10 would recommend as a starter

  38. You could add:
    – Monsters in the Elevator: an easy game to play, fun from young kids up to grandmas.
    – Pandemic, a great game.
    – Okey Dokey/Level 10: sorting a deck of cards, it is what The Game should have been.
    – Castle Panic with the full cooperative mode: a great game for 6 years old and group of adults.
    – Aeon's End: a deck building game easy to learn.
    – The Crew: an interesting game.

  39. I haven’t play every game on the list (I like your choices though). I am playing with ppl for the first time Friday and canvas is my go to game for ppl that I don’t know about.

    No dungeon crawlers though? Jaws of the lion seems like a less expensive way to test the waters of the genre for someone new to board gaming.

  40. If Cascadia sounds interesting, but you are more into fantasy than nature, Overboss is very similar. Squares instead of hexes, dungeons and monsters instead on nature and animals. But still drafting two overlapping tableaus and trying to make them work together.

    Also, 360 some dollars is still less than a PS5/XBox (whatever), just the system with no games.

  41. Wild list – I have over 1200+ games and i don't own a single one of these.

  42. Excellent list. I think $360 is quite reasonable for ten quality games… It pales in comparison to what most CMON Kickstarters fall around. Given enough time and that will simply be the shipping for an All-In CMON game.

  43. If we're only doing bigger box games, I would also recommend 7 Wonders: Architects, Caesar's Empire, Carcassonne, Century: Golem Edition, Creature Comforts, Istanbul: The Dice Game, Las Vegas Royale, Machi Koro 2, Qwirkle, Reef & Shadow Kingdoms of Valeria

  44. is trailblazers similar at all top carcassone?

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