Top 10 Games We Played in 2023 -

Top 10 Games We Played in 2023

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Join us as we discuss our Top 10 board games that were new to us in 2023!

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  1. Love your number 1. What are your thoughts on Voidfall? It was my number 1 of 2023

  2. I bought Inheritors on a whim, completely based on your original recommendation of it on your channel and I really enjoy it. Thanks for the great reco!

  3. Nana is the japanese, "Trio" by Cocktail Games is the european version, available since one year ago in France, and elsewhere. Number one in games sold in France.

  4. I’m in the minority that thinks Fractures of Time made Anachrony feel too bloated and killed the smoothness and great flow of the base game (essential edition). I ended up selling the expansion and when playing again only the base game, I enjoyed the experience a lot more.

    As for the best “new to me games” from last year, a few standouts include Horseless Carriage, Arborea, Age of Innovation, Stomp the Plank!, Forest Shuffle, Ra, Escape Plan, and War of the Ring: The Card Game.

    Would have loved to play more games last year, but for some reason managed only 3/4 of plays compared to couple previous years :/

  5. Awesome list and something different with 'new to you'. Thought that was a great idea.

  6. YOU HAVE THE XMAS EDITION OF NANA??!?!? UGH! haha very jealous. This was a great list! Thanks guys, and happy gaming!

  7. Your suggestion of NaNa or Trios was a great game for my family. Hegemony was one of my favorites for 2023. Highly recommend. Happy New Year!

  8. My favorite new game in 2023 was Barcelona. It is such a beautiful game with a cool action selection mechanic that I very much enjoyed. I think you would love it!

  9. Great taste in games guys , anachrony is a gem!!! Happy new year to you all❤🎉

  10. Top ten new to us games for myself and my wife (respectively)

    10. Rococo/SCOUT

    9. Anachrony/Rococo

    8. For Sale/Village Rails

    7. Energy Empire/Beer & Bread

    6. Arkwright/Grand Austria Hotel

    5. John Company/Energy Empire

    4. Mombasa/Mombasa

    3. Weather Machine/Formosa Tea

    2. Formosa Tea/Nucleum

    1. Nucleum/Weather Machine

  11. The sky team tutorial was great. Can’t find a copy so I’ve been playing it on BGA and it works pretty well, just the odd bug.

    Such a great channel, thanks for all the content.

  12. So glad that Caesar! made it onto the list! I loved that video and that series. We ended up getting Dogfight! to join our Blitzkrieg! and we love it! My other favorite new to me in 2023 include the Get On Board: New York and London, Clank! Catacombs, and Fox in the Forest.

  13. Happy New Year thanks for your 2023 vids and looking forward to your 2024 vids. I totally want to play Anachrony and expansions!

  14. The oranienburger kanal has had my interest for the whole 2023 ! Unfortunately it is nowhere to become in the Netherlands 😢😢

  15. love the Peanuts shirt–and "to live is to dance" is absolutely correct. Happy 2024 to you both, to Dexter, and to everyone whom you love

  16. Looking forward to the next year of BYP! And I’m glad I could reintroduce you to Tiwanaku! Great game!

  17. The day of New Year for friends and family, and the first business day of the New Year for coworkers, is the only day it's appropriate to say "Happy New Year".

    It's like Happy Birthday. Friends and family can tell me Happy Birthday on the day of, coworkers on Monday (if it fell on a weekend). Two weeks later, saying Happy Birthday is no longer necessary nor appropriate. All "New Year" is, is a Birthday for the calendar.

    I'm willing to die on this hill…..there is no point in trying to change my mind.

  18. Fields of Arle is so good. I was inspired to play then buy it thanks to y’all’s playthrough. Easily the best 2p Euro game I’ve played and an easy recommendation when people ask which Uwe games to play at that count (along with All Creatures Big & Small of course!) and which Euro games are best at two player more generally.

  19. omg so many games to look for…great video. have you try the new dune imperium uprising ?

  20. I can't wait to try The White Castle! It's currently on my shelf of opportunity. My favorite games played last year:

    1. Barcelona

    2. Nucleum

    3. Marrakesh
    4. After the Empire

    5. 3 Ring Circus
    6. Merlin
    7. Everdell Farshore

    8. Sunrise Lane

    9. Earth

    10. Junk Drawer

    Honorable Mentions:

    Point City
    Shake That City
    Steam Up


    Sitting on my shelf of opportunity:

    The White Castle

    Kutna Hora


  21. Discovered Caesar! from you guys, and yeah, it's great.

  22. No doubt, Maple Valley. Brought by the same people who designed, illustrated, and published Creature Comforts, but the gameplay is way different than its predecessor.

  23. Do you guys have a play through for doomlings?

  24. The White Castle was one of our favorite games for sure! Such a tight game experience!

  25. I literally just ordered my Tea & Trade expansion for Fields of Arle after waiting (and creeping in the BGG forums) for what feels like an age for it come come back into print (along with the Folded Space insert for it all, lol!)
    I can’t wait to get it tabled!! 🐑

  26. I want that nana Christmas edition

  27. Have you guys played Art Society? If so, what are your thoughts?

  28. Happy new year btw you two lovely souls! I was really surprised Fields of Arle appeared in your list, although thinking about it you guys really loved A Feast for Odin, so I guess I'm not exactly surprised now 😅. I'm still looking for a copy of Nana, and now a Christmas version! This is an interesting list especially the Ceasar and White Castle ones.

    Edit: Going to be putting my full attention on the Tea and Trade expansion for Fields of Arle! Been waiting for that for a loooong time.

  29. YAY!!! Thanks for the shout out! I’m so glad you got some laughter and joy out of Nana! It’s truly a great game that keeps on giving!

  30. Just want to say that your micing always sounds great!

  31. What is you guys' opinion on spottlers games? Not see them much on this channel. Do some elements on those game not clicking your taste?

  32. Have you tried Voidfall and Hegemony? They seem to be the type of game that you guys would enjoy!

  33. You guys look like the characters on the Sky Team box, you should cosplay it!

  34. My favorite new to me games
    1. Ark nova with marine world expansion
    2. Lacrimosa
    3. bunny kingdom
    4. High society
    5 red cathedral
    6. Airlines Europe
    7. Foundations of Rome

  35. Happy New Year to the two of you as well! You guys are the best and I look forward to another year of great content from you. 🖤

  36. Take the “0” away from “10” for inheritors and you get it’s rightful place…#1

  37. They put Nana on number 7. Coincidence or…? 🧐

  38. Hadrians wall was new to me this year and I realy liked it. It is my most played game of the year.

  39. Fantastic list of games as always! SO pumped you've included Sky Team!

  40. Damn! I’m really surprised by your list. Clearly reads like a “the top 10 games we had an incentive to talk about” rather than your truly favourite games of 2023. In a year that gave us Septima, Witcher Old World, Apiary, Expeditions, Evenfall, A deluxe version of Castles of Burgundy, Voidfall, Kutna Hora, Unmatched Adventures: Tales To Amaze; just to name a few…. None of those made your list but Nana did? Seriously? More like no-no there is something fishy in here. 😂

  41. I just realize the game release in Brazil, called "TRIO" (which means a group of 3) is literally a copy of the "NaNa" game. :O LOL

  42. Some of my favorites last year were Expeditions, Sky Team, and A Feast for Odin (new to me)! Didn’t really get a lot of 2023 games but I really want to try Fox Experiment.

  43. I'm super interested in the expansion to anachrony, it always seemed like a difficult teach and I have the mech expansion and more than "cool" factor it intimidates, lol.

  44. Anyone else notice the sky team box art looks like Naveen and Monique?

  45. My best experience was with Revive & Wingspan Asia and lately Apiary!

  46. Interested to see what you think about Evacuation. Seems I've heard both good and not so good about it. (Also, yay for Anachrony!)

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