Top 10 Gateway Games | Best Board Games To Try First Or Introduce To Others -

Top 10 Gateway Games | Best Board Games To Try First Or Introduce To Others

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  1. Clone wars is so fun! But we have lost 4 times out of 5 so far!

  2. The simplest yet Highest strategy games are Parade & Stick Em!!

  3. I bought Harry Potter with expansions as well as Akropolis instead of 7 Wonders Architects for my 8yo Granddaughter, whom I'll be playing with once I move from Oz to Europe to be with my Mrs. Personally, for ppl new to board games or for families, I believe co-op is the way to go. Especially for a couple of only 2-players. Competition can be deadly in a r'ship, so co-op is definitely the way to go. For my granddaughter and Mrs as well as myself, and am now in my mid 50s getting into board games, I bought like 50-60 of them and will be learning how to get my head around many of them. Gllomhaven is as heavy as I have bought and am sure it is going to do my head in… My all-time favourite genre for families are the crime/fantasy/deduction games so Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective etc are my kind of game. Shooting enemies, and killing and sprawling etc might be okay for a younger generation yet as we get older, the simple, easy, fun, playful games are the ones we want. Don't need games that add extra unfriendly stress. Altho solving a crime can be stressful, it is still fun, as compared to trying to win over and/or destroy a planet or clan or kingdom, etc.

  4. ah really want to buy las vegas royale… but can't find in my country 🙁

  5. Great list of games, including quite a few I hadn't heard of before!

  6. Yes, Camel Up! Never had a bad game of Camel Up. Also, The Quest for El Dorado is a great intro to deck building. Another Civilization intro game is Age Of Civilization (yes, 30min play)

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