Top 10 Halloween Board Game Recommendations of 2022 -

Top 10 Halloween Board Game Recommendations of 2022

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Today we are looking at my Top 10 Board Games for Halloween! I’m bringing you 5 spooky co-ops and 5 scary competitive games as recommendations of 2022. Enjoy!

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► 0:00 Intro
► 0:30 Similar
► 3:22 Newt
► 6:13 Murder
► 9:02 Mansion
► 11:29 Mystery
► 14:44 Universal
► 17:08 Sherlock
► 18:39 Villains
► 20:42 Mischievous
► 23:11 Manor



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  1. What are your favorite Spooky Board Games?

  2. you've finally sold me on Scooby! this one looks so nostalgic and now I wished I backed it! 🤣now the ultimate question is…. which one out of these ten 🔥 games to get next 😩

  3. What a polished and great video. I will definitely be checking out the games I don’t own! P.S. I love haunted mansion, we love trying to break the high score! (108 points)

  4. Fun video! Do you have any videos/recommendations on the best app board games? Been debating trying Wingspan or Terraforming Mars to just pass the time when my game group doesn’t meet. We do have Root on app and have a game constantly in the works 😂 But would love to try others

  5. Absolutely LOVE Horrified! So much fun during the spooky season. I played it a bunch with my mom during the pandemic and we loved it. So glad to see it here!

  6. I really enjoyed ur short explanations on how to play the game, for me that's the best thing in order for me to consider a purchase

  7. Is that Scooby game out? It's up for preorder but it's everywhere

  8. I played manor for my first Vast game, and its so much fun hahah

  9. Crazy i thought i didnt have that many spooky games, but i have all 10 of these games. I love horrifed over scooby doo though.

    I also think zombicide black plaugue is one of the best easy co op games to get into. It looks tough with that huge rule book but its not that bad to teach.

    Advanace games i would go with nemisis and cthuthu death must die.

  10. I bought betrayal third edition for this halloween.i am still waiting to arrive

  11. Oh, Mystic Mischief has been on my wishlist since it first came out! Also, Vast looks amazing!🤩

  12. I’ve been on the edge with Scooby Doo The Board Game. As a huge fan growing up I wanna spring for it and I think this video convinced me.

  13. Great video, man! I may have to try some of these out myself.

  14. This was perfect timing! I'm looking into getting vast. What's your opinion playing Vast solo? And what games do you enjoy solo?

    Thanks for the post, Sam! You always introduce games up my alley

  15. Great suggestions! It just so happens I've purchased Horrifed, Cobble & Fog, and Villainous all in the past few months and I love them!

  16. Now we need to see Horrified American Monsters!👏🏻

  17. Ah nice video mate! Vill definitely check some of these out!

  18. So glad Similo made the list, I love the game and its art!

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