Top 10 Heavy Board Games -

Top 10 Heavy Board Games

The Brothers Murph
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Today we’re talkin about our Top 10 Heavy Board Games! Or at least games that we think are heavy. Let us know what games we missed and what games you liked!

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  1. DOGS!

    I have only tried a few heavier games, and mostly on BGA. I don't think it's the best way to experience some of these for the first time, I should see if I can get some heavier games played at my Sunday games meetup.

  2. Are Merry and Pippen Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, or others? I had a Border Collie and yours look a little smaller, but so cute.
    War of the Ring is still my favorite heavy game…. My brother and I played it last week as he was finishing the LOTR walking trail over the past year (almost 2,000 miles). It is the only game that I spray-painted the miniatures for but that makes it cooler. Still getting used to the double-purpose cards after a few plays but that allows it to be replayable many times.

  3. Awesome top ten, fellows. Yeah, the theme can send a 5 up to a 10. Ark Nova is high on my list. It's been compared to Terraforming Mars and now that we have Ares I think I'd be more inclined to get it.

  4. Can you make a video of best games with variable player powers?

  5. Awww, they love their daddies so much! Great video!!!

  6. Is the intro ALSO a subtle nod to the channel Board of It?

  7. i bought war of the ring. I'm afraid to open it.

  8. Thank you for including Ark Nova! A few YouTubers have claimed it’s not heavy which is so demoralising because it was the first heavy game I played. A huge learning curve at first which took awhile to master. It gave me the know how to play a few Lacerdas! Now I want to try those T games!

  9. Regarding #10, don't you have four players in the intro? I don't see the problem.

  10. My problem with war of the ring is that in our experience the factions are not balanced.. It feels so much harder to win with the fellowship. What is your experience?

  11. Really want a Puppers Murph tshirt if you're ever thinking of bringing em back

  12. Awww why you got to kill my hopes so quickly! No anachrony!

  13. I’m a simple person, I see dogs and I hit click 😂

  14. I have 2 australian shepard too! Great dogs

  15. Gaia Project should have been in top 3 minimum ;P

  16. Is Pippen named after the dog that was unfortunately eaten in Jaws?🦈

  17. Me llego en la caja maldita y despues de ver su partida ha quedado claro que tiene mucha chicha 😊, se queda en la colección.

  18. 😂 That hater comment featured on your main page. I find you guys hill Larry us (but I can attest, you only need to crack yourself up to make it worthwhile)

  19. I have a pair of aussie litter mates also, they couldn’t be more different 🫣

  20. It's sad to say, but many people would have given up Pippin when he got so much bigger. It happens all the time if you can believe it. He's lucky he has you.

  21. Brass Birmingham and Hegemony would make mine but aside from that awesome list

  22. I’m surprised you guys put War of the Ring so high. You guys hate dice! What is it about this game that makes all that lucky dice rolling OK?

    By the way, that’s a great video idea… Games where dice are OK vs games where dice are NOT ok.

    The role of dice. Or the Roll of dice haha

  23. Firstly, thanks for covering this! I have not played Tawantinsuyu but I do play Teotihuacan with all the expansions (talk about melting the brain). Have you played Teotihuacan with all the expansions? If so, does this increase the decision space over Tawantinsuyu? Also, thanks to your explanation of "A Feast for Odin" I know have put it on my wishlist. It reminds me a lot of Caverna.

  24. Great list guys, although I would put Boonlake over GWT personally, flow of that game just feels better to me. I would love to play all of the "T" games, only ones I have experienced are Tzolkin and Teotihuacan, my top 5 would be somewhere along these lines.
    1: War of the Ring (I enjoy this as much as I do the extended movies.)
    2: Dune Imperium
    3: Feast for Odin
    4: Ark Nova
    5: Underwater Cities (should probably try Prodigals Club)

  25. Mike's joke at the reveal of #1 got me good! 😆👏

  26. Fantastic list and cute dogs. A Feast for Odin is great. Ark Nova is amazing (and now on BGA). I’d have put Wayfarers of the South Tigris over Paladins, but Paladins is fantastic so it’s not a huge difference.

    I’ll need to try a Lacerda game someday. I’ve never seen one at game night but a local game cafe had On Mars and that’s supposed to be one of the best.

  27. Loved the dogs! Look kind of part-border collie / part-Australian Shepherd. (??)

  28. The hobby has annoyed me and gotten stale the past 2 years, but I've not unsubbed to you guys the way I have others. Thanks for the content and perspectives.

  29. Great list! I guess I like heavy games as these are mostly games on my list (if I don’t own them already). Surprised at the lack of Vlaada Chvátil games… Through the Ages (one of my favourites) is VERY heavy (possibly heavier than anything here), and I believe Mage Knight is even heavier.

  30. Love your number 1 boys, what a great choice. Was not expecting something thematic like that.

  31. Well the heaviest I own to pick up and carry up and down a flight of stairs to then place on the very top of the kallax, is Everdell the complete collection. It must weigh at least 30 lbs. 🙂

  32. Good choices! Lots of titles that I like, or that I haven’t tried but are by designers I like (Lacerda and Suchý, for example)! GAIA PROJECT, PALADINS, ARK NOVA, GREAT WESTERN TRAIL, A FEAST FOR ODIN … all great games! Thanks for the video!

  33. My favorite heavy game is probably Alchemists.

  34. Great games. Sad to see that Trajan wasn’t on the list.

  35. That designer "flip list" sounds pretty cool ngl

  36. I'll take one Pippin game and one Mary game please. 💕

  37. This list is SO amazing, my god…our tastes align perfectly. I LOVE Gaia Project, I LOVE Ark Nova, I LOVE Paladins, I LOVE Prodigals Club, I LOVE Tawantinsuyu, I LOVE Odin…man. Guess I'll finally have to check out War of the Ring now, huh? Although I seldomly play 2p only and if so, we like shorter games more, not these 4 hour+ monsters like Star Wars: Rebellion for instance.

    Other titles I would have personally considered to put on here are Agricola, Terra Mystica, Trickerion, Burano, The Gallerist, Bora Bora, AquaSphere, Bonfire, Railroad Revolution, ZhanGuo, Lewis & Clark, Agra, Spirit Island, Tungaru, Coimbra, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Newton, Altiplano, Brass: Birmingham, Madeira, Mombasa, Clans of Caledonia, Marrakesh, and Solarius Mission.

  38. I only saw one heavy game on the list, Kanban EV. The rest are more in the medium-heavy range, and some just medium.

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