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Top 10 Heavy Weight Solo Board Games

Totally Tabled
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Dutch Resistance Overview:

These are my top 10 heavy weight solo board games. This is part five of a series of videos:
Top 10 Simple Solos:
Top 10 “Next Step” Solos:
Top 10 Medium Weight Solos:
Top 10 Medium-Heavy Weight Solos:

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00:00 Intro (11. Carnegie )
00:22 Dutch Resistance advertisement
01:20 10. Great Western Trail
03:13 9. Spirit Island
05:05 8. Anachrony
06:33 7. Inventions
09:03 6. Gloomhaven
10:32 5. A Feast For Odin
12:17 4. Frostpunk
14:00 3. Mage Knight
15:40 2. Voidfall
17:40 1. Robinson Crusoe
19:26 Outro (12. Darwin’s Journey )

Golden Cage by Jimena Contreras

Thumbnail image is from Robinson Crusoe — Mystery Tales by artists Vincent Dutrait, Mateusz Bielski, and Maciej Janik.

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  1. Another great watch. Thanks. Mage knight, Robinson Crusoe and spirit island are my (in no particular order) top 3. Voidfall I hope is coming 😊into my collection as a bday present in august! I guess what’s missing for me imperium classic/horizons/legends series – where do you rate and what weight would they appear?

  2. I have been wanting to try robinson Crusoe for a while! Have you played Nemo's War? I like it a lot

  3. Great video. Imperium legends, classics, horizons… no good?

  4. Good List and i will take a closer look at some games on your list. 😉
    I totally agree with every word said about Spirit Island. One Spirit is good, two are brain burning. And i also wouldn't rate it on the first place.
    If i had to decide which game in my collection would be on top …. I couldn't decide because i play my games depending on my mood. Dawn of the Zeds for tough stratecic decision. Robinson Crusoe if i want a survival game. Carnegie if i want to play a game if a lot of planning ahead.

  5. Great video, Great list! Thank you!
    I wonder if you have ever played any of the garphill games?

  6. I also find two handing spirit island is quite a tricky task. There is just too much for the upkeep especially if you have the scenarios and adversaries that changes the base rules. even one handed I am often overlooking some rules implemented by the blight card/ scenario adversaries etc.

    still hope one day I get to try two player. but given its complexity I wonder if I would get to try it.

  7. Robinson Crusoe is not only a masterpiece but is also amazing on table, looks fantastic and immersive. Definitely one on my top 5. Halls of hegra is another little musterpiece. Love it. Thanks for the video.

  8. Great list along with Shaggy's perfect narration. A+ video!

  9. Thanks for this! Great suggestions that I will look into. And frostpunk is my favorite solo game at this time, so I highly agree with this choice!

    Have you tried Alien Invasion, the expansion for On Mars which add a solo mode? Its very good and replace the bot with objectives, a fixed number of turns and a way to disrupt the board (''alien sabotage!'') that allow the game to loose a lot of complexity and downtime in between your turns. What is great is that its still challenging! Those objectives are very well done. Highly recommand for solo players that are fans of Lacerda.

  10. I wonder if euthia will be in one of these lists next year

  11. this channel is phenomenal the work put on these videos is like no other, definitely in my top 3 boardgame channels, and my taste seem to be aligned with yours thus far

  12. Yesss! I've been keenly anticipating this video. Great list! The more I hear about GWT the more intrigued I become; despite not having any real interest in the theme. Here's what my list would be:

    10. Anachrony
    9. Sankore: The Pride of Mansa Musa
    8. The Great Wall
    7. Scholars of the South Tigris
    6. Ark Nova
    5. Nucleum
    4. Weather Machine
    3. Sabika
    2. Voidfall
    1. Wayfarers of the South Tigris

    Honourable Mentions: Ezra and Nehemiah, Zhanguo: The First Empire

  13. I havent played all games you mentioned here but the ones I did are one of my favs. Great list!

  14. I just recently got into Robinson Crusoe when I backed the ultimate edition crowdfunding, it is such a great game.

  15. I'm curious about how many characters you run when playing Gloomhaven solo? I don't think you mentionned that😉

  16. Nice video! Really like both Mage Knight and Frostpunk!

  17. Based on your rave review, I ended up buying the Robinson Crusoe scenario book a la carte from Portal (to pair with my retail copy of the game). It just came yesterday.

  18. Shaggy, love it when you give voidfall its due!!!! It’s a genius level game. I think you have finally talked me into trying Robinson Crusoe

  19. Great list. I'll add for myself Imperium horizons

  20. I knew Voidfall would make an appearance but wow #2! I'm so glad I took your advice and bought this game, I'm not usually a heavy gamer but it was worth the effort…such an amazing game!

  21. Looking forward to you maybe doing a playthrough of Skytear Horde Monoliths 🗿

  22. On games that didn't make the list.. I have Nemos War which I've only played once. I quite enjoyed it but haven't had that urge to go back.

  23. ha! i have all these games Mr Shaggy! i knew you had good taste. However, Spirit Island should be your #1!! 😛 I even have the full Lacerda collection. I must admit, there are a few on this list i still have to master (Mage Knight, Voidfall and gloomhaven.) Also just need to point out Ian O'tool is quite prominent as artist in this list.

  24. I never thought about Great Western Trail as heavy game. I really like it, I love that it has goals to complete to get points in the end, it helps with getting an idea what to do in this game haha. Without it I think it would be bit dull for me to just go around and do whatever to collect points. And I'm not deck building enthusiast normally but here it's so simple.
    Mage Knight is the game I played few times and now I can't make myself bring it to the table. I tried but after setting up I didn't want to play anymore 😅 I used to like lighter modes like mines or druids, maybe I'll try to play it someday again…

    For me another really heavy game is Arkham horror lcg… So much thinking goes into deck building and planning upgrade path, and it's so hard I never completed even one campaign and I have quite a few of them.

  25. The the theme and art of Robinson looks so tempting but I've heard so many bitter complaints of randomness wrecking sessions. I can handle that in short games like Final Firl, but sounds like it would get really grating in a longer heavier game where I usually want my decisions to be a greater deciding factor than rng

  26. I really need to check out Voidfall. Mage Knight is one of my favorite solos, and I've heard that Voidfall is kinda of a spiritual successor to it. How accurate is that?

  27. Saw the thumbnail of this video and thought I'd find a bunch of new games to add to my collection. Turns out i already own half of the list😂

  28. It's so nice to have a youtuber who's tastes so much align with mine. Always a pleasure to listen to your thoughts and tastes.

    As for stuff that's missing, the big things are Chip Therory games: Cloudspire or Too Many Bones. I took a look at your BGG ratings, and seems that Imperium: Classics, Gaia Project and Maracaibo might be underplayed.

    From my tastes, Cooper Island and Circadians: First Light are not really "hidden" gems, but rarely talked about today. And then T-series is kinda step below Lacerda and Mindclash in terms of hype and production levels, but I still enjoy them sometimes, say Tekhenu or Trismegistus.

  29. Great list! Have you played Primal solo? If so, how does it compare?

  30. I did sponsor the Orange Dutch Resistance game

  31. Terrific round up. Really well presented and rationalised. Thanks. I very much have your 1 and 2 as a high priority. I LOVE Frostpunk. That game is hard but so much fun.

  32. Most of it im good. Not sure if frostpunk, gloomhaven are consaidered heavy ones. Still nice list. If 4 is the bgg cut, Nucleum, its also a nice game. If lower, ark nova, skymines and trickerion

  33. mage knight and affo <3 I will always come back to play these two until I'm dead!

  34. What a very excellent list, to nobody's surprise. 😁 Thank you for sharing it.

    I still haven't played Robinson Crusoe, and your video reminded me to get after it.

    Voidfall still sits solidly at the pole position for me. There are some very strong contenders going to fulfillment at the moment, or very soon. Exciting times.

    There is a 1-2 player game currently in funding and you might wanna check it out. It is so very unique in how it takes established concepts and puts them to a new shine.

    "The Thinning Veil – Cormac Mac Airt on the Other Side of Midnight"

    Yes, that's the name of the game. 🤣

  35. Great List! These games are way over my head right now…but you inspired me to look into Voidfall…btw my heaviest game is Paladins of the West Kingdom.

  36. Great list! I would add Gaia Project. The solo system is just great. You would like it Shaggy!

  37. Love Anachrony! fab worker placer game that works well both solo and multiplayer! <3

  38. I don't play Voidfall that often due to the setup time but it's a blast every time! When you reveal the first cycle card and start formulating a plan it's just the best crunchy feeling.

  39. What is meant when you say combat is “deterministic”? I don’t understand the meaning of the word in the context of board game combat/mechanics.
    Thank you for your answer 😊

  40. Thanks for this excellent top Ten Heavy Solo BG.
    Here are my other favorites heavy Solo BG:
    – This War of Mine
    – Trickerion
    – Gaia Project
    – Scythe
    – Nemo's War
    – Terraforming Mars
    – Too Many Boones
    – Teotihuacan
    – The Lord of the Rings The card Game
    – Tainted Grail
    – Ark Nova (with ARNO)
    – Dune Imperium
    – Pax Pamir
    – Barrage

  41. Some of my top favourite games (Spirit Island my top 1 game ever) are in this list. Mage Knight, Feast For Odin, Great Western Trail, Gloomhaven… Great list!

  42. Great video and great list. Half of the games you listed I have but never played solo. My favorite heavy solo is probably Carnegie or Lisboa. I’m terrible at it but I still like them.

  43. Great list. What are your thoughts on Nemo's War?

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