Top 10 Hidden Traitor Board Games -

Top 10 Hidden Traitor Board Games

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Join us as we count down our Top 10 board games with a hidden traitor element.


  1. The video is well produced, but poorly researched! It's clear that the author has vague knowledge of modern hidden role games!

  2. Excellent summary, thanks! We have enjoyed a few of those, as well as the Thing game, which is good up to around 8 players. Thanks for the recommendations on ones I didn't know about!

  3. I've played and enjoyed several of these. "Homeland" is also a nice hidden traitor game which doesn't run too long.

  4. Just found your channel, and come to find out that your favorite Hidden Traitor game is my all time favorite game! Yeah, I know playing poker hands to achieve quests isn't exactly thematic, but man the cards and figurines are gorgeous. And it's such an easy one to teach. I also got the Merlin expansion years back as a Christmas gift. Since getting it, I've only one the game once, and it was only because there ended up being no traitor, haha.

  5. Secret Hitler not being on this list is an absolute crime. Such an elegant game from the design to the theme to the mechanics. The only issue with it is that you really need 8+ players (ideally 10) for the game to shine as there are some pretty awful balance issues with the lower player counts. I've put in so many hours into this game and just can't get enough of it. And it should exclusively be played in person in my opinion.

  6. Does Nemesis count as hidden traitor if its just a quest card that can make you do harm to the team or one particular player?

  7. Room 25 I just bough a used version because the shops have only the expansions for it at this point – the core box was made that insert holds all expansions – it can be played up to 8 players so despite the player elimination I wanted to have something for larger number of players just bellow the mafia limit.

  8. I came here to fight if Dead of Winter wasn't on the list. #2 is a respectable spot. It's basically my favorite game and has been since it came outIt's so hackable, you can be a nutcase like me and turn the Dead of Winter crossroads deck into a phone app, that way the person "drawing" can only see the trigger until the trigger is pulled, this was something that bothered me about the base game. Also I wanted to fix a few crossroads cards that have too easy… or should I say not hard enough decisions. Also I wanted to incorporate some of the promo crossroads cards but couldn't find them and didn't want to hunt them down. Also I wanted to write my own crossroads cards and hated the tools on the Plaid Hat Games site..I've also got all the promo characters for it, and expansions (even the character promos they hid in a whole different game that shall not be mentioned), and built my own Frankenstein version of DoW that includes nearly all the characters (not bubbles) nearly all the locations (not raxxon) and the Raxxon super-zombies (but they are basically boss battles spawned by crossroads cards and Raxxon itself isn't mentioned). I've heard many sing praises of Shadows over Camelot but it's never been one to draw me in. Could be the theme, could be what I saw of the gameplay.What do you think of Diplomacy, the "Whoops all traitors" game?

  9. You missed saboteur 🙂 jk great list. I regret trading my shadows over Camelot so long ago.

  10. Fantasy Flight Games has recently re-skinned and re-released BSG, now known as Unfathomable. They streamlined a few things, re-working it into a bit more manageable game. It's still long (~3 hours) but perhaps not as long as its predecessor, and in my opinion the new theme, which sits firmly in the HPL-based Arkham Horror universe really vibes well with the tension of the game. If you like BSG, you should definitely check it out!

  11. Where's Nemesis?I say again, Where is Nemesis?

  12. Great list, I'm going to have a little gander at Dark Moon to see if it tickles my fancy. Thanks Matey.

  13. Unfathomable is a lot of fun.
    Your pal,

  14. Can’t wait for that shadows over Camelot reprint….. might still be a few years before release though. Great list!

  15. I fucking adore your accent and speech patterns! Also love the video 🙂 Right!

  16. Had to skip back to 10:34 as I thought you said ‘Billy Connolly’s expansion’.

  17. Excellent vid just got and played the thing the board game, the new one I was surprised how fun and good it was, a real good laugh and a bit thinky. Have a gander.

  18. Argh! Still can't get my hands on a copy of Room 25!

  19. Xpectorate innit.
    Some fairly loose parameters you’re using here.
    Generally these are all acceptable although not my favourite genre. Probably because if I draw the traitor I start sweating my leg is twitching like a randy dog and I start slurring and stuttering. Strangely I never seem to win…

  20. Secret Hitler worth checking out if you haven't played it

  21. Played Deception: Murder in Hong Kong last weekend and had a blast. Will be checking out Police Precinct and some day I hope to get Unfathomable to the table.

  22. I have a couple of these games. Maybe I should look into Archipelago.

  23. Are you reading my mind? Because I was searching for hidden traitor games just yesterday, so… perfect timing!

    BTW, since your group is six players, have you tried New Angeles? I think you'll enjoy it, but it's a long and heavy game. I haven't tried it myself, but heard good things about it, and I think it has a traitor role.

    I'd love to see a live play-through of this one!

    Greetings from Jordan 👋🏼

  24. Enjoyed this thanks. The Thing – Infection at Outpost 31 didn't get a mention. Is this one no good or didn't cross the table for some reason?

  25. You forgot the Number Two graphic, that’s what you forgot! ✌🏻

    Great list as always. I still need to play Shadows Over Camelot, though I keep hoping it’ll get reprinted someday.

  26. I own shadows over Camelot. Bought it at a garage sale for 10 bucks. Still haven’t played it. I might give it a go

  27. Nice video. I was banking on Shadows being #1. I also miraculously have the Merlin expansion. Woo hoo! I've gotta say your review of it was what made me buy it a few months back. I think your comment that all you are doing is playing cards but it feel so much more than that is bang on true!
    I'm gonna share your channel in a Facebook group and hope you get some love on the channel. Keep on churning the videos out! 😁👍🏻

  28. Awesome list. You’ve got some I wanna check out. Still haven’t gotten enough people to try warring colonies but Dead of Winter was my first hidden traitor game and still one of the best.

  29. The price point of BSG has gotten out of hand, will keep an eye out for a cpoy shadows over Camelot

  30. Thanks again; great video.
    I would have Nemesis as my no.1 for the fun, tension and story generating experiences I have had playing it.
    I do love Deception M in HK and Shadows over Camelot as 2nd&3rd favourites.

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