Top 10 Horror Board Games... Solo Edition -

Top 10 Horror Board Games… Solo Edition

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It’s October, so there’s no better time to go through my picks for top 10 horror-themed board games that are great to play solo.

Intro 0:00
#10 Lucidity 1:24
#9 Mansions of Madness 4:16
#8 7th Continent 10:36
#7 Eldritch Horror 16:15
#6 Bloodborne 20:45
#5 Village Attacks 27:14
#4 Solomon Kane 32:59
#3 Arkham Horror The Card Game 36:39
#2 Elder Sign 43:47
#1 Cthulhu: Death May Die 48:59
Outro 58:48

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  1. yeah i loved CDMD so much i sold all my other lovecraft games.

  2. Little surprised not to see Nemesis on the list. Seems like it would be right up your alley. Don't Look Back is a great game as well. Solo or with your favorite group of victims, i mean friends…

  3. Woooooo pump the breaks, The Original Mummy Brandon Frasier not Tom Cruse Mummy?? The Original Mummy will always be Boris Karloff there buddy. 😂😂😂But great video and love these games you showed. Also I think Black Cat is a must have horror movie.

  4. You forgot Everdell…i saw it back there. Not horror, you say? Remember friends…Winter is Coming.

  5. Check out perdition's mouth. Very dark and scary. Pretty gruesome too. Machina Arcana is awesome too.And if you can find it for a decent price. Deep Madness is incredible.

  6. HP Lovecraft was not piece of garbage.

  7. Cthulhu DMD is one of my favourites as well. I painted the first season and then, after playing all the scenarios, sold it with season 2. Regretted this and 6 months later bought another season 1, which had been painted and season 2, which has now been painted as well. Awaiting season 3. Good call on Lovecraft as a person, as this is often glossed over.Bloodborne is another favourite of mine. I didn't get all the expansions, but I do have a lot. I am currently painting it all after completing the core box about 12 months ago.

  8. Glad to see Village Attacks on your list, I have the original KS version, LOVE IT. Check out Deep Madness, as well as Dark Rituals: Malleus Malificarum, these games are stupid good, and should be right up your alley. Dark rituals actually has some cross compatibility with Village Attacks

  9. This is the best and most in depth top ten run through I have come across. Nicely explained without spoilers. Thankue.

  10. God, HP Lovecraft was 1. A product of his time. 2. Mentally not all there. 3. Later in his life he regretted having those views and denounced racism. Everyone talks about him like racism wasn't an everyday normal thing back then, and never says how he completely reversed his thoughts on racism. A HUGE thing in that time.

  11. I have watched my son in law play Bloodborne. I was wondering if I would like it as a board game. I think I might get it.

  12. Great vid! Great job explaining how to play in simple terms!! Thank you!!

  13. New viewer, very nice, I appreciate you're going indepth and not just doing a cheap >10 minute listicle of all the usual games. Also never heard of a couple of these despite being a huge horror fan. Guess I'll stick around 👍

  14. My fav horror game (and fav game over all) is Nemesis / Lockdown. I’m also a fan of Night of the Living Dead – a Zombicide Game with the fan made house rules and campaigns available on BGG as well as The Awful Orphanage with my own house rules. All good soloable games. The most recent horror themed game I got a hold of is Psycho Killer. A fun little card game but that needs ideally 3+ players.

  15. For Arkham horror lcg, is it replayable at all without expansions? Also, how long does it take to configure your setup/decks between sessions?

  16. I am impressed with your list! It's a great one full of games that I am a fan of as well as a game or two that I hadn't played yet. Village Attacks looks like a lot of fun, so thanks for the review! Although it is quite costly, my favorite game is Kingdom Death: Monster. It's great solo as well as with a group and while it has a lot of challenges and punishing gameplay, you have access to various other characters if a current one dies. Well worth checking out if you haven't yet

  17. This is the sort of video I have been waiting for! Thank you for this!

  18. Serge -Le jeu, une passion en société says:

    Don't have any of these games, but I'm waiting soon Final Girl and Legends of Sleepy Hollow 🎃

  19. Nice top 10! I also love dice or any kind of randomness in the games. It's spicer 😬

  20. Great list. Video really well done. You got my thumbs up.

  21. Hey really great video! Super informative, keep it up. I’ve subscribed, going to look at others you have done. Cheers.

  22. Check out Lobotomy if you can find it, seems like the sort of thing you'd like

  23. Thanks for the video!
    There are not many pure horror games (except Cthulhu or zombies, which I like) and it's a shame because I love the theme as well. I even play "Betrayal at the House on Hill" or "Coma Ward" solo!
    Village attacks seems to be the kind of game I'd like to play!

  24. Nice video. Thanks. Take a look into Dawn of the Zeds if you haven’t yet. Great solo game/experience.

  25. I like your no nonsense to the point review style. Keep it up.

  26. I wish there were more non-cthulu horror games. My wife and I love horror but cant get into the lovecraft theme, the only exception is AuZtralia, which is kind of a hybrid game that I love. Village attacks sounds awesome but it's hard to find. My favorite horror game is fury of Dracula, I just wish there was an AI deck for Dracula so I could play solo.

  27. Arkham Horror 3ed scales better for solo (2 investigators) than Eldritch Horror.

  28. Great list there, I think for Horror sci fi you should have included Nemesis, but I can see why you wouldn't have it in the solo part, you can solo it, but its way better with more people.

  29. Calling H.P. Lovecraft trash is hypocritical of you considering how deeply you live in his world. Disparaging him doesn't absolve you of supporting him by reading/buying/playing his stuff. Supporting Lovecraft games simply helps to spread his posthumous popularity.

  30. Always great to hear about new titles I didn’t know much about. Thanks for the game summarizations.

  31. piece of garbage!?!?……………..WHAT?……Damn Snowflake

  32. I started out being very impressed with this presentation, i even liked the video. Then i hit the “Lovecraft was a piece of garbage” remark and i changed my like to dislike.
    On further contemplation i ended up removing the dislike and actually subscribing.
    You are absolutely entitled to your views, and my disagreeing with them, should not influence my appreciation of a well made and informative presentation.
    I saw the comment and the exchange about Lovecrafts background and was happy to see a mature and sensible tone.
    Hat is off and thumb is up(if only figuratively).

  33. Recently picked up a KS copy of village attacks glad to see it on your solo list i had purchased primarily to play solo.

  34. If u think fighting monsters is scary, u get way off track. Beside Lucidity and Arkham Horror series, the rest are more like RPG, not really horror board games.
    Check out Level 7 series, Betrayal of the house on hill series, Camp Grizzly, the Shining, Don’t turn your back,….. although they can’t be played solo, I still think they r more fit in this category.

    I don’t know why but The Crew is very creepy to me

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