Top 10 Hot Board Games of the Month & WHY! -

Top 10 Hot Board Games of the Month & WHY!

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These are the top tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

*Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze*

Team up in Unmatched to take down the Mothman or Martian Invader!



Try to predict player’ ranking of crazy choices!

*Kutná Hora insert*

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  1. i also was in essen, already ordered sky team, test played it on tts, wonderful idea, very cool game~!! 😀 thank you for all the advices! ^_^

  2. I did not preorder Uprising as I have to move. Also was waiting to see reviews of how it plays differently from the original game. I think I will buy eventually but no rush. I’m still enjoying the two expansions with the base game, so no rush for me. (Although I am curious if Mr. Beast tournament will impact interest/sales/demand. 🤔)

  3. JUST before Uprising was announced was when I discovered Dune Imperium, and went all in…so I will not bother with this one. For now anyway. 😅

  4. Really excited to see what Molly House has to offer!

  5. Wow, thanks for the shoutout on the custom insert 🙂 happy you like it!

  6. "no kickstarter campaign, no miniatures and no extra luxury add-ons…": phenomenal insight into this trend in our hobby where we seem to forget what it is that we like about games

    Chaz and Rodney are the best!

  7. Water, boat come here now soon. That is the only thing i understood from the whole episode.

  8. I'm curious if you have ever shared the methodology to calculate the chart scores. Would love to check it out if you are able/willing to share. Thanks!

  9. " … which will completely avoid plastic components and packaging. […] But one place where you're not going to find anything green and leafy is …"
    I was for sure you were going to mention a Chip Theory Game next.

  10. I got Evenfall at Spiel. It’s pretty special, but the first play is complex. Going to be a big hit.

  11. No, but I per-ordered Uprising without even knowing it had promos. I liked the video, rang the bell, jumped down, turned around, and sheared a bag of wool for a Development Card.

  12. I initially loved FOREST SHUFFLE but have since soured on it after several plays; the people are right, it is very unbalanced and the "deers and wolves" complaint is very real.

  13. I am probably going to get Uprising eventually but I want to have the chance to enjoy the base board with Ix and Immortality for a while first, so no pre-order here.

    It might be confusing but considering how fully fleshed out the game feels with Immortality and Ix, a board and deck swap in an expandalone was probably the way to go, so this is by no means a knock against their choices for this expansion, just that it is one of my favorite games and I don’t want to rush it! Just like how I played plenty of Scythe before I dabbled in Rise of Fenris’s alternative modules.

  14. In Chaz, we blindly trust! How can we make his life even better next?

  15. I am not alone in my Pearl Jam singing every time I see Evenfall’s cover! 🤘😄👍

  16. Cute dog! I am looking forward to playing some of these games!

  17. Evenfall was already available for purchade at Essen Spiel not just "shown".

  18. I love playing skyteam! I don't even mind crashing on the last round. So much fun.

  19. Sky Team is by Scorpion Masque, who also recently released another game that featured in a recent video, the hilarious Turbo Kidz!

  20. Septima is delivering in the US. My copy arrived today.

  21. crosses fingers behind back "Yes Chaz your right, it should be named momenTEN and not climbers". Oh! A doggo, we need more doggo! 🙂

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