Top 10 Hottest Board Games: July 2024 - The Best of BGG -

Top 10 Hottest Board Games: July 2024 – The Best of BGG

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Check out our latest The Best of BoardGameGeek – Top 10 Hottest Board Games: June 2024, with our hosts the Brothers Murph. This month’s show covers the exciting stuff that has been happening on BGG in the last month plus some other fun stuff!

0:00 Intro

0:18 Overview

0:28 BoardGameGeek News:

Gen Con Preview:

1:39 BGG Store update:

1:39 BGG Hotness

2:55 #10 – A Gest of Robin Hood – 2024 – Fred Serval – GMT Games

4:28 #9 – Asian Tigers – 2024 – Nuno Bizarro Sentierio, Paulo Soledade – PYTHAGORAS

5:40 #8 – Tales from the Red Dragon Inn – 2023 – Geoff Bottone, Jennifer Kitzman, Jeff Morrow, Sam Waller – SlugFest Games

7:06 #7 – Harmonies – 2024 – Johan Benvenuto – Libellud

8:56 #6 – Beacon Control – 2023 – Torben Ratzlaff – Pandasaurus Games

10:38 #5 – Star Trek: Captain’s Chair – 2024 – Nigel Buckle, David Turczi – WizKids

12:38 #4 – Foundations of Metropolis – 2024 – Emerson Matsuuchi – Arcane Wonders

14:05 #3 – Nightshift – 2025 – Exotic Cancer – Self Published

15:14 #2 – Slay the Spire: The Board Game – 2024 – Gary Dworetsky, Anthony Giovannetti, Casey Yao – Convention Games

16:56 #1 – Arcs – 2024 – Cole Wehrle – Leder Games

18:39 Most Played Games for June

20:22 Murph Picks
Nick: Dice tower made out of pringles can

21:39 Mike: Fully Painted Terraforming Mars 3D Tiles

23:03 Murph’s Personal Faves
Nick: Wyrmspan

23:50 Mike: A Gest of Robin Hood

24:53 Wrap-up


  1. listening to two people discussing Star Trek card game that has never seen the show… that kind of just makes me face palm like Jean Luc Parcard…

  2. So glad to 5 Tribes on the list! It’s such a great game and reverse worker placement concept about removing meeples from the tiles. So many other good mechanics with the game too.

  3. It's nice to see you in this new set, you look so chill😁

  4. Great to see the new set-up 😀
    If I may, it was a bit disturbing to have a music in the background, not that easy to hear and focus on what you were saying.
    Cheers guys, thanks as always for your great content 😀 !!!

  5. That Players Handbook on the corkboard is slightly crooked and distracting me…

  6. Good to see you guys all settled in the new digs. Looks fab. Thanks for bringing Captains Chair to my attention.

  7. I just want to say that I love those bottle glasses containing unused game components and dice 🎲
    Thanks for the idea ❤

  8. Always enjoy these videos – is the month's video always out so early or am I tripping? 😅

  9. My pick of the month is Trio, I had never played it before this week. Great card game. Now the question for next month's Top Ten Hottest Games video. Will Dick Sits still be on the Hotness and will we have to talk about it lol

  10. Can I suggest a green screen on the shelf behind you then post the game box. Would be nice to see the boardgame right there

  11. Oh no its beacon patrol not beacon control! Great video though. Loving the new studio!

  12. Words is that the game Nightshift will feature Brothers Murph dancers characters. The game D*ck Sits will have similar but mention of details will make the comment section of NSFW.

    The Hotness List suddenly has become a minefield for those seeking to do family friendly comments. Adding Muphs bonus content to those games ALMOST helps though.


  13. I found ticket to ride legacy at a local board game store and that’s my pick this month

  14. Laidback casual stuffed chair setting 🍿🍿🍿

  15. Beacon Patrol is so great. I think it’s on the hotness due to the mini expansion with asymmetric boats that have different abilities,

    Love seeing the new digs.

  16. Thanks for talking about Nightshift. There are many other channels out there that are too afraid to cover it.

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