Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month, & WHY! -

Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month, & WHY!

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These are the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Legendary: Marvel Studios’ The Infinity Saga

Thanos and his Black Order are assaulting Earth, and the Avengers must assemble everyone they can to resist him!

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  1. If you review bomb anything… you have absolutely no life. Samr things happen with people who watch Breaking bad too fanatically.

  2. If you review bomb you're a petty piece of shi t and should probably get off social media for your own mental health. Go do something that actually matters.

  3. I just love your style and humor. Keep it up. Btw you should totally try and get a guest appearance on "This game is broken"

  4. My vote is dorfromantik, it was mega hyped (and deserved) at airecon this weekend!

  5. Argh, I have an aversion towards games that revolve around accumulating resources and constructing one's territory, ships, or military forces. While I acknowledge that I could opt-out of playing them altogether, the video I watched failed to mention any alternative genres.-chatGPT

  6. I do find this list, as you said, invaluable! Thanks Chaz!

  7. Yeah, but the opposite of Microsoft Office is Macrohard Onfire

  8. Review bombing seems silly and potentially hurts the board gaming hobby while not helping it in any way.

  9. I pre-ordered Earth through a reselling US backer, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

  10. Great video, Chaz! I'm going to reverse review bomb this with 10/10!

  11. So happy i was able to buy feast for odin last month 🤗🤗

  12. Chaz, I actually had quite a pleasant experience with a crashed meteorite. It bestowed me with powers! Like the power to vomit a lot and feel woozy anytime I went near it.
    And what's with all the MS love? Is it a Premiere for things to come? Next thing you know you'll be getting head shots done at a Photoshop and, After Effects are added, Auditioning InDesign or as an Illustrator. I'm not really sure the extent of your work experience to assume your preferred department.

  13. Crucial, crucial work you're doing there at Momenten. Vital.

  14. I love both Momenten (I agree it's vital) and Cult of the News. I think though next time we have breaking news on Momenten we get Matthew in to help out.

    Kidding of course, keep being great Chaz!

  15. I’m still relatively new to the board game hobby and surprised by how much different games there are available. Thank you for the suggestions.

  16. I'm not actually intereseted in Frosthaven or in details about Envelope X… but I am interested in verifying when Content Creators actually follow through with putting links in the description… I"m not seeing it. Y'all might want to add it. The last thing we want is for people to think Chaz is a liar….again…..Ever since last time, there's still a sizable bounty on his head in Peru…

  17. Well my copy of Frosthaven arrived last month and I back Andromeda's Edge and pre-ordered Expeditions and I already own two of the other games mentioned.

  18. Can't wait to Climb in my car, travel, Climb out of my car, Climb up the steps to Airecon and see all of the WiP team 😉🙂

  19. Loving Earth on BGA! Can't wait to get my KS copy.

    Really enjoyed the Immortality expansion to Dune Imperium. The grafting and research mechanics really made the game for me.

    Thanks for another great video, Chaz!

  20. Has anything good come from a meteorite? Yes, yes there has. It freed humans from their dinosaur tyrant tyrannosaurus overlords 65 million years ago. And in some cases you can have a D-20 carved from a meteorite.

    Oh and also natural resources for minerals of high atomic number elements that earth wouldn't normally have, along with catastrophic atmospheric changes, it is not all bad. But at least meteorites are made with universal all natural ingredients, so that makes them good? ..right? And the frogurt comes with sprinkles.

  21. I have a friend who backed Earth. Glad I can play it with her!

  22. envelope x has nothing to do with frosthaven – it was included as an 'upgrade' for the original gloomhaven for players who thought the original envelope X didn't live up to its potential in the base game

  23. Thought I mentioned that at the 7:43 mark, you had the number 6 in the Momentum background cutscene when it should have been a 4 instead. Maybe you forgot to count your numbers for top 10 correctly the day your recorded the video.

    Otherwise, good video. I think that the game with the best artwork of that list was Earth at 4:06 (game at the 8th spot), since the box art should be sold as a wall print by itself for someone's house. Who wouldn't want to look at that sense every time they wake up in the morning thinking they'll seeing a waterfall?

  24. Nice one!!!…..??? but still… why?…. but I chuckle…. excel, word, outlook…. well put! 🙂

  25. Great video! Andromeda’s edge looks very neat, but I’d like to play Sail probably the most.

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