Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month, & WHY! -

Top 10 Hottest Board Games of the Month, & WHY!

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These are the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games gaining popularity this month! Find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

The Op’s Road to Gen Con – Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Tournaments

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Furnace: Interbellum Expansion

Get ready for the first expansion for Furnace! Early release on March 8th on the Arcane Wonders website, and April 5th at stores!

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00:00 What is “momenTEN”?
00:20 This game won’t leave you cold
02:14 Powerfully pensive puzzler
03:27 Mold massive menageries to manage
04:39 It’s game number seven
05:40 Big battles, and even bigger monsters
06:54 The premiere of Pamir
08:51 A driven game that’s right on track
09:49 Eat me. Drink me. Play me.
10:48 This game refuses to stand still
11:47 The game that made the most noise this month


  1. If by "Game of the Year" you mean the 'Spiel des Jahres' Award for Ark Nova, you are out of luck for 2 reasons:1st: Ark Nova is to heavy to qualify for the 'Spiel des Jahres', which is traditionally given out to family games. Ark Nova falls into the category of 'Kennerspiel des Jahres'… which brings me to…2nd: It was on the "Long List" for last Years 'Kennerspiel des Jahres' since it was released last year in Germany (And us pesky Germans only care about our own market :P), thus does not qualify for this year's award.

  2. If I'm limited to games released in 2022 it's going to be hard to convince me it's not Dead Reckoning. Not played Ark Nova yet but somebody in our group got it for Christmas. If I'm not limited to games released in 2022 I'll go with Crokinole as 2022's game of the year.

  3. Greatly enjoyed Wonderlands War since the first kickstarter release! Beautiful artwork and components along with engaging gameplay.

  4. I backed the new WW reprint not really for the expansion but because we wanted the upgraded poker chips and meeples. We really enjoy the game a lot! It's very different for a "war" game. I think a lot of players who aren't into that theme, like me, would enjoy it.

  5. I'm loving Clank! Catacombs due to the map not only being different each time due to how you lay the tiles, but there are some dungeon cards that cause the tile you're standing on to rotate. This gets interesting when your previous route ends up turning into a one way tunnel and you're starting to run low on hit points.

  6. Yes! 1st comment in the first comment wins game! Great show as usual !

  7. Oh great! A new episode of Rodney's The Climbers staring Chaz 😉🙂

  8. I read something humorous at the end there indeed.

  9. I've been anxiously awaiting updates for Furnace Interbellum! I can't wait!

  10. If Ark Nova counts, easily my game of 2022. If it didn't, I would want to say Marvel Dice Masters…but that's not really a new game. My next favorite would be Cat in the Box but that's just a reprint with deluxe components. So, I guess…Caper Europe. Oh, wait, that's just an expanded remake. Crud. Flamecraft! That's a clear 2022 new game! Flamecraft is definitely my favorite game of 2022*.

  11. My #1 game of 2022 is one of these…….Aeon's End Legacy of Gravehold, ISS Vanguard, Heat or Mosaic. Not sure which yet

  12. Argh, so many games to try once I get back to regular boardgaming after the summer is done

  13. I got hte ark Nova map pack 1. It's interesting, but what were they thinking on using a font where the u an n look identical as well as the w and m. It took several tries before i finally figured out what they were trying to say.

  14. I came/come from the “MMORPG” PC gaming viewer angle and this is a nice change! In PC gaming there is a lot of protest around “Pay to Win” (monetization of games) but this is a level higher – I feel this urge to buy ALL these games now and spend a ridiculous amount of money on lovely board games 😅

  15. So hyped for my copy of Wonderland's War. Although according to a Kickstarter update, they're just setting up the localisation process. So this German guy will most likely have to wait until July

  16. Great video! Love Ark Nova. It’s my game of the year pick as well.

  17. Recently played Heat: Pedal to the Metal. Had a blast! My gaming group couldn't decide which was a better theme song for the game: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins or Heat of the Moment by Asia.

  18. I groan at all your puns, but I admire your punning skills! I would ask that you don't make flat earth jokes though; too many people have been affected by the scourge of believing things they saw on YouTube, and even hearing a joke like that gives the Flat Earthers some unwarranted validation. Check out Off The Edge by Kelly Weill. Scary stuff!

  19. Ha! Sleeving Catacombs as I watch this. 😁

  20. Well I’m going to go ahead and say HEAT is a great contender for game of the year. Amazing video as always😊

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