Top 10 Hottest Board Games This Month, And Why! | momenTEN -

Top 10 Hottest Board Games This Month, And Why! | momenTEN

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Counting down the Top 10 tabletop, card, and board games that are gaining popularity this month, to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Minecraft – Portal Dash

Sprint through rugged landscapes, full of magma and lava and unreturned library books, and overcome dangerous monsters!


Fateforge – Chronicles of Kaan

A mythical co-op action adventure campaign full of surprising twists, a sprawling story and intense fights in sessions of under 60 minutes!

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  1. Quick question? Why don't you guys review games? I started to go by if you do a video on how it's played, I assume those are the only ones that are worth anything.

  2. Big LOL at kingdom come being cancelled before this video even dropped haha. I guess it was still on the hotlist so it counts. Shame the game actually cost a million bucks to make tho

  3. You somehow missed Meltscape. It was definitely in the hotness last month. LOL.

  4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Boardcubator are no more. Sad news.

  5. I love Merchant's Cove!!! Can't wait for that expansion!

  6. I don't dig space games, but that binder for ISS Vangard looks very cool!!!

  7. Ooof… Kingdom Come cancelled before this video went live. Got my shipping notification for ISS Vanguard though! Can't wait for it!

  8. Excellent stuff as always Chaz, always nice to watch a new episode of 'The Climber's' 😉

  9. Yikes! That's a pretty big disclaimer for Kingdom Come.

    I guess there will be no deliverance (I had to).

  10. I think we just solved the mystery of Chaz's frequent verbal faux pas…es?(I don't know what the plural for faux pas is. Never took French.) It's all been the evil machinations of…TRAVIS! 🕵‍♂

  11. Is it known if Dune war of arrakis will be on the Essen Spielemesse?

  12. @4:35 I'm watching this right now and Essen Spiel hasn't started. I'm at the front door and nobody's answering.. What do you I do now? I trusted you Chaz!

    … It's starting to rain now. I'm cold. So cold…

  13. Great writing and delivery as always. Consider splitting the list to Available vs. Non-Available. episodes. Disproportionate # is due greater than 6 months to a year away.

  14. Great Video! There are some very cool looking games on this week’s list.

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