Top 10 Kids Board Games that are ACTUALLY FUN for you too! Ages 5+ -

Top 10 Kids Board Games that are ACTUALLY FUN for you too! Ages 5+

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Playing games with your kids is awesome….unless you hate the game and are counting down the minutes until you’re done. What you need is a list of board games that your kids love….but that YOU’LL love too! These are my top 10 board games that your kids will enjoy and that you’re along for the ride. This list is recommended for ages 5 and up.

10) My Little Scythe –
9) Crazy Race
8) Potion Explosion –
7) Menara (Villa Palleti) –
6) Meeple Circus –
5) Leo –
4) Indigo –
3) Zombie Kidz Evolution –
2) Carcassonne –
1) Barenpark –

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  1. Solid collection of games for kids. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where do you find info on these games when they first come out? My little scythe is already out of stock in a lot of places. Just wondering for those that come late to the game like me.

  3. The only reason I'm here is because I wanna make horror story based on kids board games

  4. Just found your channel and this video is awesome. Thanks

  5. Great, thanks! I’ll look further into all of these, and I’m looking forward to part 2 🙂

  6. Im getting Potion Explosion, Meeple Circus and Indigo bases on this list.

  7. I think I might give potion explosion another try. It was ok when I played it. Feels like Candy Crush the board game. There’s a guy selling it for 20 bucks nearby so maybe I’ll pick it up.
    I liked Barenpark but this video certainly makes me want to add it to my collection.

  8. Fantastic list! Absolutely tired of playing Loopin Louie lol

  9. My 6 year old enjoys dragon wood/realm and ghost hunting treasure hunters. He likes roll for it and recently cave troll and megaland. Your list raise my interest. Gotta check some of these.

  10. A kid game that is also fun with adult is Monsters in the Elevator.

  11. Did you do the separate list of kids games that kids like and can play on their own? Sorry but in this video I am picking up a vibe of "this is a 'proper' game and as a gamer Ive got to force it on my kids" Lets rephrase that…another aspect is kids games which kids have chosen that adults can enjoy but wouldnt necessarily have picked

  12. "Don't let the cardbox fool you, this is crap… this is cram" LOL I loved that part! Pretty good game btw!

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