Top 10 Marvel Board Games -

Top 10 Marvel Board Games

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the Top 10 Board Games from the Marvel Universe!

00:00 – Introduction
00:54 – Number 10
01:38 – Number 9
02:15 – Number 8
02:39 – Number 7
03:13 – Number 6
03:53 – Number 5
04:29 – Number 4
04:57 – Number 3
05:32 – Number 2
06:13 – Number 1

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  1. Great list! I didn't realize there were so many different Marvel games. Great #1!

  2. I have played many of these. #1 is the only bad game on the list as far as I know 😈.

  3. Agree with number #1! Since last month, I'm playining a diferent scheme (at least) every day!!

  4. Hey everybody. Don't keep sleeping on Dice Masters! Amazing sets are still being released to this day, and it's easily the best bag builder on the market. Incredibly underrated game that can provide a casual play experience and scratch a strategic competitive itch. The fact that I barely care about the theme yet still love the game, should speak to how strong the underlying mechanics are.

    Here's my recommendation:
    Pick up the reasonably priced X-Men Forever LCG format campaign box. It comes with 76 character cards, a bunch of dice, and everything two players need to play against each other.

  5. I have Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm but never played it! My two favorite would definitely be Legendary Marvel and Marvel Champions! Looking forward to Marvel Uniited!

  6. Looking forward to Marvel United, Marvel Smash Up, Marvel Splendor, and Marvel Villainous. And if you’re reading this in the future, the inevitable Marvel Pandemic, Marvel Azul, Marvel Descent, Marvel Carcassonne, Marvel Catan…

  7. I’m sad that the announced Marvel Heroscape expansions never happened.

    My favorite Marvel game that isn’t on the list is Codenames Marvel, which I combine with Duet and play with my nephew who can’t read yet.

  8. I predict that in a year or two Tom will rank Marvel Champions higher than Marvel Legendary. Right now it’s just not as diverse as Legendary with the huge head start on content.

  9. Marvel Heroes is amazing, but most people will never know. The rules are great. The rulebook however, is probably the worst in my whole collection. Learning the game was a chore. We played it many times before figuring out how to play it correctly. The helps I downloaded from Boardgamegeek were a Godsend. Most people will dislike the game never knowing they were playing it incorrectly. Such a shame since the game is wonderful for many reasons. We have never tired of this game after playing it for many years. It contains massive fun and replayability. I personally love it more than most others on Tom's list, though I'm impressed that he sees through the game's poor rulebook and discovered that this game is good. Great pick Tom!

  10. #10. Marvel Heroes
    #9. Heroclix
    #8. 5 minute marvel
    #7. Thanks Rising
    #6. Heroscape
    #5. Overpower
    #4. Hail Hydra
    #3. Dice Masters
    #2. Marvel Champions
    #1. Marvel Legendary

  11. What about Marvel VS System? I feel they had more to choose from than Overpower. Oh, and the short lived Marvel Attacktix, so much fun! Sadly they only got about a dozen figures and stopped while Star Wars and Transformers got more. Really would have loved to see them do G.I. Joe Attacktix too.

  12. I love Marvel but this was a disappointing list.

  13. Since AEG acknowledged its existence, keep an eye out for Smash Up: Marvel.

  14. You got Legendary and Champions reversed.

  15. Crisis protocol is amazing, its #1 even considering champions and heroclix.

  16. Heroclix is totally awesome with the rules and insane amount of characters.

    However, most characters need to remodify (which I did) as they arent comic accurate and are imbalance.
    E.g normal Captain America with impervious (really?!)

    #1 for me after modification (playing with my own private group). Definitely #7-9 for me (during the times I played in public competive group)

  17. Good list, id switch around numbers 1 and 2 though

  18. I'm really loving Marvel: Crisis Protocol

  19. Tom, did you want my Overpower Cards? Trying to figure out what to do with them and I can't bring myslef to throw them out. :/

  20. My list

    1. Marvel Crisis Protocol
    2. Marvel Champions
    3. Thanos Rising
    4. Marvel Legendary
    5. 5 Minute Marvel
    6. Hail Hydra

  21. Awesome list! We really like THANOS RISING. 5 Minute Marvel is quick and light.

  22. Glad to see 5 Minute Marvel on your list. I've been hoping for expansions but some on bgg think support has ended for it

  23. There was an Image Comics Overpower? Woah!

    There were some Image HeroClix too.

  24. Superior? They’re mostly card games and one of DC’s best wasn’t even included!

  25. Love Marvel Champions but Marvel Legendary is still king.

  26. I'm an X-Men guy primarily, and there has been nothing in the gaming space that really appeals to me enough. Definitely hoping that changes once they enter the MCU. And I don't want to have to wade through Captain America and Iron Man to get there either. An X-men game with base entry that are all X-men characters. And I'd be into stuff that is NOT just a card game too. I am REALLY enjoying the new Krakoa relaunch of the XMen comic line by writer Jonathan Hickman, very exciting time to be an XFan. Start with House of X/Powers of X….

  27. Never realised there were so many! Agree with your #1 pick.

  28. LegendarylLegendaryLegendaryLegendaryLegendary…

  29. I come from the future and Marvel villainous is great.

  30. My favorite is Infinity Gauntlet: Love Letter. Though, when Marvel Splendor comes in, that will probably be it.

  31. I didn’t like Legendary, because it’s not fully cooperative. Kind of sucks that you have to compete and win against other players in a coop game. Dumb idea. Destroyed it for me.

  32. Soooooo where does Marvel United now ranked in ? 1 or 2 😀

  33. Dude, can I just say you are the man.
    So clear and concise.

  34. Yea, Marvel United knocked everything on this list down a peg.

  35. I remember Marvel superheroes Gabe from 1981 or 1982

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