Top 10 Medium Board Games -

Top 10 Medium Board Games

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⏵ We’ve created a list of our top medium board games. These are all games we have played over the years and have had loads of fun! Have you played any of the board games off our list?

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I’m Krissy, I’m a stay at home mom who spends her time playing board games after bedtime.
This channel is named after the board game that got me into board games: Catan. I have been playing board games for a few years now, and even built our game table summer of 2020. Why not put it to good use in a YouTube channel!

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Some of these games were provided by the publisher

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  1. I watched this so I could upbraid you for considering something medium that is clearly not medium weight, and lo and behold you choose Obsession. Even taking out of consideration the pretty bad rule book, there’s quite a bit going on in that one. It’s heavier than medium weight. Maybe you guys just need to play more games with dumber people?

  2. I'd love to get my hands on Hadrian's wall too.

  3. Going on an adventure was the highlight of this video! 👍

  4. Nice set of medium games. Thanks for that big adventure you took us on. Do to me watching all your top 10 list's i had to make my own top 10 played and asked my gamer group to take part in it lol. Fun video, can't wait to see your next list.

  5. There’s some holiday atmosphere if you miss is already.

  6. Nice video, but those gotta be the worst timestamps I've ever seen lol

  7. I’d really love to try Hadrian’s Wall!

  8. Love the quality of the video but I find it difficult to follow the theme and the mechanisms of some games such as Aquatica.

  9. Wingspan, everdell, and obsession. The wine aunt trifecta!

  10. I saw you have Glen More II on your BGG page. Any chance of a Playthrough or review for that one?

  11. Interesting list here ☺️ I love Wingspan and its expansions, but having seen how Everdell is played, I might like it even a little more, just like you.

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