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Top 10 Medium Complexity Solo Board Games

Totally Tabled
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These are my top 10 medium weight solo board games. This is part three of a series of video:
Top 10 Simple Solo Games:
Top 10 “Next Step” Solo Games:

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00:00 Intro (11.Clank! Catacombs)
00:22 Worldspanner Factions advertisement
01:16 10. Viticulture
02:22 9. Star Wars: Outer Rim
03:35 8. Warp’s Edge
04:48 7. The Bloody Inn
05:50 6. Concordia: Solitaria
07:14 5. 51st State Ultimate Edition
08:39 4. Pandemic Iberia
09:48 3. The Loop
10:57 2. Final Girl
12:18 1. The Castles of Burgundy: Special Edition
13:56 Outro (12. Legacy of Yu

Chariots of War by Aakash Gandhi

Thumbnail image is from a photo I took of a card from the board game The Bloody Inn: The Carnies by artists Luis Francisco and Weberson Santiago.

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  1. Great list! Blood Inn is one of my favorite underrated games of all time, and is also one of a handful of games I readily gift to people when they're getting into board games. Tracking down the expansion is also worth your time.

  2. Enjoyed this list. Have you played Pandemic Fall of Rome?

  3. Glad bloody inn was included. That was how I got into solo gaming

  4. thanks so much…. your still the best at doing these videos on the internet…. I hope you plan on doing a heavy weight top 10 lists as well… thanks and have a happy new year….

  5. I own Warp's Edge, Final Girl, and Pandemic: Iberia. All three are solid games. As for the others on your list, I've been interested in learning Concordia for sometime now and the Bloody Inn looks really good too. So many people recommend The Loop as well… Anyway, nice list!

  6. Great video! The Loop's art is so off-putting to me that I never looked deeply but maybe I should check it out.

  7. Wow! I guess you really are enjoying Castles of Burgundy. 😉

  8. I read the thumbnail as "medium weight loss" 😂 It's 4 am 🙃

  9. Well then. Warp's Edge and The Bloody In are going on the wishlist right now. Thank you for the recommendations!

  10. Thanks for this. May have to check out 51st state. Funny true story: I listened to this to fall asleep last night—you have such a chill voice, and I’m that kind of geek right now. Then I had a dream that I won Warp’s Edge in a contest. Then this morning someone is offering Warp’s Edge in a contest on 1PG solo top 200. And now I watched the list and realized that’s probably what led to the dream. 😂

  11. Today was my first victory against Borgo. A goooood feeling 😉! Maybe I really have to check out Concordia solo 🤔

  12. Arkham Horror LCG. I recon this fits into medium, given the box one is playing. La Granja also, which is similar to the Viticulture style of game.

  13. Excellent list! And fantastic quality video as always. Some of my favorite medium weight solos are: Legacy of Yu, Welcome to the Moon, and It's a Wonderful World.

  14. I love these lists. Can't wait for the "Heavy" list!

  15. Another brilliant video. I was intrigued by The Bloody Inn and had a look at your playthroughs. Looks like my sort of game: a card game with great art that tells interesting stories. Unfortunately it’s not available here in the UK at the moment so I’ll have to keep my eye out for a second hand copy.

  16. Castles of Burgundy is one of my favourite solos too.
    Lots of others that I would put on my list though.
    Lost Ruins of Arnak, Earth, Encyclopedia, Fantastic Factories, Red Cathedral, Suburbia, It's a Wonderful World, Roll Player, Isle of Cats, Terraforming Mars, and my favourite Pandemic game is Fall of Rome.
    Maybe that list isn't all medium weight, but there are so many good solo games these days.

  17. I love Viticulture solo! Only played it on BGA though, without Tuscany expansion.

  18. Sweet list! As a Star Wars fan, Outer Rim definitely has me intrigued now. I definitely prefer my solo games in the heavy/medium heavy category but some I would say that are my favourites in the medium weight category are: Lost Ruins of Arnak, Tapestry, Expeditions, Marvel Champions, and The Reckoners.

  19. What an amazing list. I dread that I miss buying the Bloody Inn what I had the chance, I was new to the hobby and it didn't look that interesting. Then I found your playthrough and OMG. At this point I am hoping for it to either be reprinted by another publisher or that it might find a place in BGA eventually 🥲

  20. Great choices. I'd discount Final Girl, only because it's so expensive for what you get.

  21. the only reviewer who loves loop, and now also showed iberia – similar tastes than mine!

  22. Excellent choices. Excited about the next one!

  23. Medium weight is tough for solo. My tastes tend to fall into two camps: 1) easy-to-table card games and 2) behemoth co-ops and campaign games. Most of my favorite medium weight games I prefer to play multiplayer.

    That being said, The LOOP is my favorite game of any weight or player count. I also like Under Falling Skies, Warp’s Edge, Hadrian’s Wall, and I’m really digging the solo campaign for Arnak.

  24. Too Many Bones
    The Reckoners
    Nemo’s War
    Dawn of Zeds
    Carnival Zombie

  25. A bit of overlap with me. I still haven’t tabled my CoB collectors edition. Need to do that sometime soon! Here is my current top 10 medium-ish games. Medium is tough because it is such a large group of games and medium heavy to me might go either way for others.

    1) Marvel Champions
    2) Xia: Legends of a Drift System
    3) Dune: Imperium
    4) The Lord of the Rings LCG
    5) The 7th Continent
    6) Star Wars: Outer Rim
    7) Tiny Epic Dungeons
    8) Runebound 3e
    9) Leaving Earth
    10) Nemo’s War

  26. Great list ! I haven’t played CoB yet, although I have the deluxe version! I started playing board games a few years now and it took me time and money to find what I like in a game and what I hate. Currently I’m playing pirates of Maracaibo. It’s so satisfying playing this game solo! I would put it in top 3 choice of my list. Earth is the other one, and there is a plan for an expansion! And last but not least, Agricola.

  27. Thank you for this material. Cool types. I missed Robinson Crusoe and Carnegie – both excellent solo modes, but maybe a bit more difficult 😉

  28. Some very nice choices. In my list, Keep the Heroes out and Ruins of Arnak would be in 100%.

  29. Dune Imperium didn't make the list? Not Medium or not good enough for top 10?

  30. Amazing list and video as usual. Great recommendations and your short explanations coupled with videos of the games give a great feel of what they are like in just a minute or two. Can't wait for the inevitable Top 10 Heavyweight solos list

  31. Nice List! Thank you for the inspiration. I think Legacy of yu is yet to come… 🙂 My favorite at this time.

  32. The bloody Inn is still the best solo game I’ve played. So great

  33. My boys, 8 & 6, are going through a huge Star Wars phase right now. I wonder if Star Wars: Outer Rim is decipherable enough for me to play solo with their input? They really enjoy cooperative games, mostly for the story (I can manage the complexity for them if need be, but I've found I shouldn't underestimate them).

  34. Sadly the Bloody Inn is super hard to find….

  35. 51st State is definitely in my list for top solo games. I’m excited to play Outer Rim. I’m intrigued by Loop and will look into that one. Thanks for the video!

  36. Is there any way to purchase the CoB solitaire deck to use with previous (more affordable) editions of the game?

  37. Great list with interesting titles. I am not hands-on familiar with all the games.

    Personally from the list specifically, Star Wars Outer Rim (now with the Unfinished Business expansion) holds the pole position for medium games.

    But honestly, I find it really hard to define what a medium game truely is for me.

  38. I haven't pulled the trigger on Final Girl yet. I think I need to watch some game play to see if I'll enjoy it.

  39. Everytime I here you talk about The Loop I want to try it more! Excellent video as always, you do an amazing job at summing up games in such a short time. Also congratulations on the sponsor man, it seems to me it is the first time you have one unrelated to the video theme (in opposition to sponsored playthroughs for example). I'm really glad for you, I've heard this is the real deal for making a living out of a YouTube channel! And you 100%+ deserve it!

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