Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games at Gencon 2022 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games at Gencon 2022

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My top 10 anticipated board games releasing at Gencon 2022!

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0:00 – Introduction
00:50 – 10
02:38 – 9
04:28 – 8
05:58 – 7
07:47 – 6
09:16 – 5
10:59 – 4
12:47 – 3
16:11 – 2
18:30 – 1

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  1. Will you be carrying at your store once it comes out?

  2. Gift of Tulips, Yosemite, Green Team Wins, Gartenbau, and Ready Set Bet are all on my list too.

    Other games I'm checking out I think you should check out too, Dan: Cat in the Box, Home Sweet Home (Or Not), and The Spill.

  3. So excited to see Turing Machine as your #1 of this list!!

  4. Fascinating list indeed! Looking forward to your reviews after the show!

  5. Not a big fan of the new number intro for each position in the list… But other than that, awesome games to come! Can't wait for your video on the Essen convention in the fall 😄

  6. Ready, Set, Bet looks good! On my buy list!

  7. 'The mind' is such a bad benchmark for me for games. Because the only way for it not to be won by 99% sheer luck is to break the rules.
    For a game to work on literally zero communication, there has to be something that allows deduction ('Cahoots' has it, 'Beyond Baker Street' has it…). In 'The mind' there's nothing to allow deduction, and a very minor ability to do risk assesment. The only way a group gets better is by learning/creating conciously or subconciously, communication signals. Which breaks the rules.
    So… fun activity? For many. Good *game*? for me, not at all.

  8. Really enjoyed this list. So many Top 10 lists out there right now are for big heavy games and/or with themes that I don't personally find super appealing as a woman. But your list brings a much needed variety and emphasis on other types of games and themes. I'll keep Evergreen on my radar, I play solo and Photosynthesis doesn't have a solo mode. Looks pretty and I love it's coming to retail with those already upgraded tokens. Also looking forward to see what Turing Machine can bring to the table since it has a solo. A rare find in deduction games! Might get hubby to check out Boop!

  9. My wife and I were hoping to attend our first Gencon this year, but… well, maybe next year. If I WAS there, I'd be running for Yosemite, Evergreen, Green Team Wins, Ready Set Bet, and Turing Machine. Very exciting lineup of games! I'm also excited about Clank! Catacombs, First Rat, and 3,000 Scoundrels.

  10. I think you will really like Turing Machine! Hope to see you at Hachette booth. 🙂

  11. Turning Machine is right up my alley. I adore a good deduction game, so I will almost certainly be picking that one up.

  12. Gartenbau. No R there. Means gardening Thanks for the list!

  13. Seems like turing machine would be solvable by just looking at the punch cards after getting familiar with the game.

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