Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games at GenCon 2022 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games at GenCon 2022

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Join us as we discuss some of our most anticipated board games coming to GenCon 2022.

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  1. I love all that is plant or nature theme games. So I'm really interested in Planted.

  2. I'd wish I could go to GenCon. I would have to discover games in advance before they get released here.

  3. Discordia, Marrkesh, Woodcrafters, Tiletum

  4. Greetings from an Indy local! Hope you have a great time at Gen Con, and I definitely hope I get a chance to run into you and say hello! 🙂

  5. Planted is great. It was a Target exclusive and I picked it up. My group really enjoys it. Knizia also released Witchstone last year which was a fantastic game. It also has an expansion expected this year probably at Essen.

  6. 'Gartenbau' reminds me of a very old game that I liked called 'The Garden Game' (I think) – it was about growing seeds into a garden. Four players going around a board that was a little like Monopoly but in the middle were rows of 'tilled earth' (polystyrene) that you planted your seeds. Looks interesting.

  7. if you want to get only one of the EXIT advent calendars I advice you to get the Mystery of the Ice Cave. The story and setting is much nicer. At least in my opinion. And then enjoy.

  8. Here are 10 games I am super interested in trying / demo / buy. My first GENCON and I am super excited. I may or may not be bringing and extra empty bag with me on this trip 🙂

    Planet Unknown
    Terracotta Army
    Last Light
    The Guild of Merchant Explorers
    My Father's Work
    Twilight Inscription

  9. You have the saddest outro-music I have heard on any YouTube channel. Anyway, thank you for your lists.

  10. Not me adding all these games to my notes 😂😂😂 I think Naveen's number 4 is one my tops as well! AH i can't WAIT! see you soon friends!!!

  11. Lofoten is the main one I want to see more info on at the moment. I keep checking Pearl's site, but still nothing

  12. Marrakesh is soooo good! Got to play it at Origins Game Fair. Definitely heavier than the other games in the series. You won’t want to miss it! Also Gartenbau is great (sold out at Origins). It’s a pretty tile laying game.

  13. I had Mystery of the Ice shipped over to the states from Zatu last year. It was a lot of fun overall and a fun thing to do every day in December.

  14. Still surprised at the fact that this channel didn't cover Oros in any way, shape or form.

  15. I did back Ra on Gamefound. I've never played it, but I love to back deluxe versions of established games, especially if I don't have it already. I can bet my game group will love it

  16. Dude Bora Bora is sooooo good. Bummer Monique isn’t a fan.

  17. Nice video. Just a quick suggestion for content like this… you might want to leave the game you're talking about up on the screen until the next chapter. Just some text of a small thumbnail of the box would help.

  18. Having never played The War of the ring, I'm looking forward to more details on the war of the ring card game. Hopefully we will know more this weekend!

    First time commenting and just wanna say I love your videos. Wish you a good all the best, professionally and personally 🙂

  19. Thanks for this coverage. Also, for doing some explanation in your videos for those who are not as in the know. It is such a kindness and makes everyone feel welcome.
    I'm curious to learn more about Lofoten. I'm a fan of Weberson Santiago ever since I saw The Bloody Inn. 😀

  20. This is a cool list! I’m looking forward to seeing the results coming back in the future. If you can’t get the advent calendar, it’s quite available in the UK (and I imagine will be for Essen) 🙂

  21. Portal is doing Brazil… go early and get this game. It is great! Along with Guttenberg.

  22. This goes without saying nowadays but wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer. Con crud is real and consistent hand washing is great to fight it. And I just second the thing about pretending it’s a hike. Also, all the best food is away from the con.

  23. I want your shirt bro and I'll see y'all there!!!

  24. I'm from Argentina and I love GWT so I'm very excited for this sequel. And so thrilled that you have put this game number one! Hopefully this game can help Argentina get even more visibility 🙂 Cheers!

  25. I'm super excited for Terracotta Army and Skymines.

  26. Important things for first timers.
    Long Island at Kilroys.
    Burgers at Kuma corner.
    Surf or turf at St elmos.
    Pizza from hot box… It's not fancy, but it's tradition. Get yourself a Cup cup.
    In spite of the smell, don't do island noodles… You will always be disappointed.

  27. ooh I hope to run into you guys at GenCon. I enjoy your videos. Welcome to Indianapolis!

  28. we will be there. look for us! Hope to find you!! we always watch your reviews on new games. We have gone to Gen CON 2021…biggest advice-bring bottle of water!! and take pictures

  29. Marrakesh is awesome! I'm hoping to buy a copy if they have any for sale. I think you both will really enjoy it. Happy first GenCon! I'll be on the lookout for you both 👀

  30. Terrific list and cool video. I will keep my eyes open for them and for y'all!

  31. "If you've been to GenCon and have any words of advice…".
    Oh, my lawd, y'all gonna lose every bit of your minds there. Advice 1: get real biz done by noon Saturday (ish). Advice 2: Be kids again after that last meeting. Leave 'agenda' in the hotel room.
    I genuinely wish that I could experience GC for the first time, again.

  32. I'm not big on auctions, but I played the original Ra and immediately backed the reprint. I'm excited for Terracotta Army. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to Gencon. Have fun, you two!

  33. Oh, we just bought Planted! It's such a cute game! And it has mad components to only be $20! 😂

  34. If you have ever played Nusfjord by Uwe Rosenberg, then you’ll seen the Lofoten Archipelago 😊

  35. I’m jealous: It’s been 40 years since my last GenCon. Maybe next year ill save some vacation days to go there and Essen.
    Enjoy the trip and check out Amun-Re if they have it. Another great Knizia auction classic begin reissued

  36. Will you make a vlog like you did for other conventions before? I like watching those

  37. Have a wonderful time at Gen Con! My friend Sarah is running many of the championships and asked her to look out for you two and get a picture with you. 😊

  38. I KS Gartenbau and got to play with original designer at Tantrumcon and I loved the game and so pretty!

  39. Gartenbau has that classic artwork that reminds me of old seed catalogs that my mom had. I preordered it after watching another stream. Hope you enjoy GenCon.

  40. I’ll definitely be asking for a button and a photo with you guys! Hope it’s okay 👍

  41. Gencon use to be great. Then Gencon started reserving all the hotel space surrounding the Covention Center for themselves & the companies. Attendees are banished to hotels miles away with no conveniently available transportation. Attendees are treated like shit.

  42. Gartenbau is very visually-appealing. I've already got a lot of games about plantlife and even have Verdant on the way atm but I'll keep an eye out for it.

  43. I will look for you at GenCon. (I recommend comfy shoes, no flip flops, the convention center is very large and lots and lots of walking). Did you see that Matus Kotry (Alchemists) is introducing Deal with the Devil? It's also by CGE. That's one I'm looking forward to…

  44. I did the Exit Ice cave last December, and it was so fun! Of course it was a bit up and down, some days it was very easy and short, and other days were longer, but I haven't been that exited over an advent calendar since I was a kiddo.

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