Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games - Essen Spiel 2022 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games – Essen Spiel 2022

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I talk about the ten board games due to be released at Essen 2022 that have me the most excited.




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  1. Your top picks gather mixed reviews already (which is a bummer). Getting Revive and Sabika instead. Swindler and Wolves look good. Lacrimosa will probably be a let down (good, not great), especially theme wise (shame, I’d adore stronger, vicious, Amadeus vibe). Can’t decide on Deal with the Devil and Ready, Set, Bet for a party game setting – will have to wait for more info.

  2. Exciting to see the Deal with the Devil game on your list! Thank you.

  3. Not going this year? That's a shame! I'll be there 🤗 first overseas holiday in years!!! So HYPED!!!

  4. Excellent list! I'll have to look into a couple of these I'd not heard of.

  5. I'm mostly excited for reworkings of existing games this year, specifically:
    Terra Nova (accessible Terra Mystica)
    Evergreen (friendly Photosynthesis)
    Marvel: Remix (Fantasy Realms with a theme)
    Horizons of Spirit Island (accessible Spirit Island)
    Splendor Duel (2p Gamer version of Splendor)

  6. I’m definitely interested in Galenus and Ready Set Bet. Rise intrigues me as well, but what on earth is going on with that box art with the people in the smoke? Are they supposed to be rising, I wonder? I agree with you regarding the recent ‘T’ games, and this one doesn’t look particularly great to me. Sabika does though.

  7. Mine are;
    Discordia (not sure if it comes out at Essen)

  8. Basically anything new from all-star designers. Luciani's stuff has all been awesome for me. I've already preordered Ready Set Bet.

  9. for me:
    princess of florence, amun re and pueblo redesigned reprints

    2nd mountain king
    crossing oceans
    war of the ring card game
    Joan of Arc: Orléans Draw & Write
    terra nova
    Unconscious Mind
    endless winter

  10. Thank you for your optimism and enthusiasment. The boxes of Galenus are in the port of Hamburg and making it to Essen is in the hands of Mercurius himself. We will demo the game and plan b:s are being worked on.

  11. I have
    – Tiletum
    – Revive
    – Puerto Rico 1897
    – Atiwa
    – Sabika
    – Meadow Downstream
    – Oranienburger kanal
    – Lacrimosa
    – Heat (Pedal to the metal)
    – Amsterdam
    – Galenus
    – GWT Argentina

  12. Great list. Your 1 and 2 are my 1 and 2 as well just flipped.

  13. I'm excited about Great Western Trail Argentina, Sky Mines, and Brazil Imperial(has not released in US yet). I'm also excited about Tiletum and I'll go out on a limb and say you'll like it 😉.

  14. i knew Tiletum would be your number 1 😆

  15. Ready set bet is so so so fun. It's crazy how someone who's a total chill person gets excited playing it.

  16. The three I'm looking forward to are:
    – Terra Nova (Terra Mystica lite style)
    – The Palaces of Carrara (2nd Edition)
    – Darwin's Journey
    Also, at the end of these videos, can a list of the games mentioned by listed on screen for ease of reference – thx?

  17. curious why you don't seem to have much love for games with high player interaction?

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