Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2023 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2023

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Join us as we discuss our top 10 most anticipated board game releases for 2023.

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  1. Very interesting list. I'm just checking the want to play/buy button in BGG as I listen to you 🙂

  2. Thanks for this video, I loved it! I didn't know about ark nova and I'm very excited about it 😀 What about Vital Lacerda's newest game? 🙂

  3. I’m most excited for Trailblazer: The John Muir Trail, Chronicles of Drunagor Apocalypse, Unconscious Mind, Nova Roma, Septima, and Pampero!

  4. Wow seeing a video in the first 30 seconds. Super excited to see this list!

  5. wow. I am the first! been a big fan of you guys for a long time!

  6. Looking forward to Search for Lost Species, Great Western Trail, Age of Innovation, and Scholars of the South Tigris.

  7. Expeditions was not even a question for you two! Excited to see your gameplay one day soon!

  8. You guys are posting late for me but it’s a good thing I’m awake

  9. Most excited about Vital Lacerda’s Inventions: Evolution of Ideas, even though for most of us we likely won’t get to play it until next year.

  10. Expeditions will be on the Geekway to the West Play and Win. we got 4 early copies and i expect them to be VERY popular. and 4 lucky winners are going to get to take them home. Thanks goes to Jamey for his generosity and support of Geewkay.

    Nice list. i too and looking forward to Aquarius

  11. Great list. My 3 big ones would be Scholars of the South Tigris, the Ark Nova expansion, and one you didn’t mention: Roll for Great Old Ones (a co-op roll and write).

    If I could include Heat: Pedal to the Metal that would also make the list but that’s come out already

  12. Wow! @7:08 If you both put on a pilot uniform, a red lanyard around your necks and a headset, you could totally cosplay for the cover of Sky Team!! Haha! If you end up doing a runthrough when it comes out, please dress up to match the cover!

  13. Age of Innovation was demo'ed at Gen Con last year. I played a full game. It was great.

  14. Rallyman Drift, whose publisher imploded but it did come out in 2023.

    Cthulhu Death May Die: Fear of the Unknown is due to drop at the end of the year.

  15. Been looking into Terra Mystica so good to know about the 2 player count. Might wait to see what Age of Innovation is like. As a Kiwi, great to see a couple of New Zealand related titles in your top 5 – GWT NZ and Tigris.

  16. My list is a bit different. So far i have only these 4 games on it…and one expansion: Point City (flatout games) Tuned (thundergryph games), Foodie Forest (iello) and Azul Mini (asmodee) + cascadia Landmarks (flatout games) hope Essen will bring even more titles 🥰

  17. Yes!! Fliptown! I backed that one and can’t wait to get it (haven’t done the Print and play)

    Edit: following along the updates on kickstarter he was having trouble getting production going but looks to be finally moving along

  18. Thanks for the heads up on some great sounding games!

  19. Scholars is the one on this list I'm most excited for. The dice manipulation in it sounds awesome. My other anticipated games are Voidfall, Sail, Septima, Unconscious Mind, Cthulu DMD Fear of the Unknown, and Pies.

  20. You guys hit a hot button for me when you talked about Terra Mystica and it's family of companion games. I belong to a gaming group that plays regularly. About 60 games/year since 2014. We favor heavy Euro's. From the beginning Terra Mystica has been one of our favorites. In fact we've played it 18 times. More than any other (we play a lot of different games). I love it! But, like you, I love Gaia project more. And when I bought it, I thought we'd play it often. We've only played it 4 times and that is because I have really pushed it. Everyone else in my group doesn't seem to like it. I cannot for the life of me understand why. Everyone just shrugs their shoulder. Similarly I bought Merchants of the Seas expansion. We've played it once in 2020. Never again. And no one seems to want to. Now comes this "Age of Innovation". I want it yesterday, but I'm really afraid that if/when I get it, no one will want to play it. It's like Terra Mystica Fire and Ice or nothing. I don't get it. Thanks for letting me vent!

  21. Awesome list ! I would say I'm never excited about games I don't know anything about, I get excited about hearing about expansions and remakes of games I already know and love because I know what to expect a little bit more! I get excited about new games after they've been out for awhile and I hear reviewers talk about it. I would highly recommend trying the solo mode for ark nova when it comes out on BGA, it's in the alpha stage right now but it'll soon be on beta, so you can try it if you have access to the beta games (and you'll probably need Premium as well!) Great video as always !

  22. I've got a total of 12 board games, and one of them is Oranienburger Kanal. I feel like I really lucked out on that one!

  23. I am really waiting for Aquarius and also have Expiditions high on my list. But most anticipated for me is „Through Ice & Snow“, kickstarter from last year that will be released late summer / fall. The comparison of „Lost Species“ with SfPX was not fair… now I need to extend my wishlist on bgg

  24. I would say my most anticipated game is Arcs. Surprised it isn't mentioned.

  25. If you try Arc Nova solo start at a reduced income, at 5. Doing it at the normal starting recommendation as is not that challenging.

  26. The expansions for Ark Nova and Scythe are exciting. But I am also looking forward to the others 🙂

  27. YUP added a bunch of these to my watch list, especially number 3 😂 love this 🎉

  28. Age of inovation – I wonder if they have the same graphic artist? Hope not as TM could compete in the ugliest game design ever contest :p perhaps you could do Top10 of those? 🙂

  29. What a disappointing list! It's almost exactly the same as mine!🤣 I love lists like this, but always hope to learn about a new game or expansion that I hadn't heard about yet, and maybe I spend too much time on BGG because I know all of your titles. 🥲 I would say that I'm most excited about the Ark Nova expansion, GWT:NZ, Bitoku Expansion, Search of Lost Species, Bamboo, Sky Team and then some KSs that should be fulfilling this year like Adventures in Neverland, Skyrise, and Unconscious Mind (which I know you already got to play)

  30. When Ark Nova arrived at my door, no one I game with had played it yet. I watched a playthrough by some of my favorite YouTube personalities (you two), and started off on the solo version. I ended up playing through it six times as a solo over the course of a week (vacation) and really enjoyed it, though the first play or two was a bit rough as there is simply a lot to keep track of and understand at first. It is actually my favorite way to play this game, simply because I am always involved. Bring on Aquarius!

  31. The Ark Nova expansion is an instant buy for me. It's my favourite game of all time, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the additions bring. I'm particularly excited for new scoring cards, and the variable action cards. 😀

  32. You guys need to play Mind MGMT head to head!

  33. For 2023, I'm excited for Expeditions, Forbidden Jungle (the newest Matt Leacock design in the "Forbidden" series), and (the ultimate throwback that doesnt even count) the Big Box of Century. Lol.

    However, I'm also hoping to finally try a Lacerda game this year. I'm thinking On Mars, Weather Machine, or Lisboa….. We'll see what happens!

  34. My most anticipated this year is Septima from Mindclash 🙂 That, and Abducktion, because I know we'll be able to bring in non-gamer friends with the promise of friggin adorable mini ducks.

  35. I'm eagerly anticipating Trailblazers: The John Muir Trail, Unconscious Mind, Mycology, Scholars of the South Tigris [that dice mechanism!], Age of Inventors, [not Innovations], Age of Comics, Mythwind….there's more, but…. I would be here all day! I was tempted by The Search for Lost Species because I like the theme much more than Planet X. I can't wait to see you play GWT: New Zealand, and Expedition. Thanks for the rundown!

  36. I’m most excited about Septima, Aquarius, and the new Castles of Burgundy edition. I’m also very excited about Unconscious Mind, but I’m sure that will actually arrive next year

  37. I don't know much about it but just seeing the board and knowing the designer (Vladimír Suchý) I am looking forward to Evacuation.

  38. Sky Team! That's going to be crazy! 🎉🎉🎉

  39. I adore Scythe, one of my first serious boardgames I bought. But Expeditions for some reason doesn't seem very interesting to me. Still keeping my eye on it, but I don't think I will get this.

  40. I wish there was a more friendly way of scoring points with ark nova….

  41. For me, expansions for Ark Nova (that you mentioned) and The Lost Ruins of Arnak. Out of other things announced so far for 2023, nothing else honestly. Currently playing High Frontier 4 All, Frostpunk, Zona: Secret of Chernobyl the most.

  42. We are so excited by Sky Team too!! Can't wait to take off and land (safely!)

  43. I've talked about Septima to my friends so much that they now sometimes ask, "Has that game about witches come out yet?" It, and Nightmare Cathedral, are my most anticipated games. I'm also looking forward to Trailblazers, Fliptown, Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game, and Point City. Add to this list two more titles scheduled for this year that I think may come out in 2024: Agueda and Unconscious Mind. Lastly, I saw that someone mentioned the Cascadia expansion that was announced recently as well as the pocket version of Azul. Nice list, you guys, and I'm especially enjoying the comment section on this one too! (P.S. I didn't realize that the designer of Fliptown also did Animal Kingdoms. Been wanting to try that latter title since watching your playthrough a while back…)

  44. Great list! I have a couple 2023 titles in my top ten which are on their way right now: Illiterati and Castles By The Sea. And 3 that have already arrived: Oros, Zombicide: Dead Or Alive, and the Western Legends Big Box (I went all in because I'm new to Western Legends… I know, it's technically not a 2023 release). And my remaining top 7 that I backed are (mostly sequels, upgrades, and reprints)…
    1. Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies (sequel)
    2. Cthulu: Death May Die (season 3 & 4) (sequels)
    3. Castles of Burgandy (upgrade)
    4. Foundations of Rome (reprint)
    5. Septima
    6. The Dark Quarter (this could be higher on the list, and I think it might have just gotten pushed to 2024)
    7. ICE
    Thanks for all your videos! I am a big fan of everything you both do! Keep up the great work! Wishing you a peaceful and inspiring week!

  45. When you got to the part where you describe number one before saying what it was I was quietly chanting “Scythe! Scythe! Scythe!” Because Scythe was my first love and I’m so super excited for more. ❤

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