Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2024 -

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2024

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Join us as we discuss our top 10 most anticipated board game releases for 2024.

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  1. Have you heard of a new card game called “Thrive” by Sasha Markovic? Still not published, but those who have played it love it. Keep an ear/eye out.

  2. Won’t receive it this year, but Speakeasy by Vital Lacerda is my most anticipated.

  3. surprised the new lacerda didn't make the list

  4. Ooh, you should totally do a playthrough of Sleeping Gods. It's one of the most ambitious and unique games of this era, kind of storybook-y, but still very much filled with gameplay. Don't be scared, Naveen!
    Also, ask Van Ryder Games to send you some Final Girl for Monique to play solo on the channel! I so look forward to that day. 🙂

  5. Definitely excited for Civolution and, more recently, Rock Hard! Even though I'm not sure if it is my type of game, I have to say that picture of the board and components for Vijayanagara looks truly gorgeous. 😍 Have you guys played Barcelona? Another of my absolute most anticipated games is the next from that designer, Windmill Valley!

  6. Does Earthborne Rangers count as a 2024 game? The campaign ended in Autumn 2023, but I don't know how many copies have been distributed yet. Everybody seems to consider it a truly revolutionary game (Shut Up & Sit Down made the most celebratory review ever for it), I'd be curious to know what you guys think of it.

  7. OMG They all look amazing XD I usually buy games after they are out but there's some Kickstarters that I pledged, Skyrise being the one that will be arrive soon!

  8. I'd love to hear your thoughts on all the South Tigres series but particularly Inventors. I watched a play through of it and it almost seems like it was made complex for complex sake. I love all the Garfill games so far and I'd hate not not complete the series (yeah, I'm one of those). I very much trust your opinions and I think you do a great job explaining gameplay!

  9. Providing the timeline doesn’t get pushed too much and it ends up being a ‘25 release, The Elder Scrolls: Betrayal of the Second Era by Chip Theory Games tops it for me.

  10. I’m excited for CafeBara, so cute!

  11. So far I’m not impressed with 2024 games. Hardly anything has dropped recently 🥲thank god for knizia. Marabunta is excellent. When he makes a game I’m instantly interested. Also salton sea is great. Fromage looks ok out of the whole bunch. Feeling like 2024 has started very slow. Im having to go back and buy all the games I missed for example Caesar’s empire, sunrise lane. All bangers. Can we have more medium weight games please. Don’t need story games and games that are monumental to teach. As you mentioned first rat made for a fun game for a group play. Give us more like that. Nice list btw. I’m sure you had to search hard to make this one

  12. Looking forward to "Path of Civilization'

  13. Great list as always! Mine would be Windmill Farm, Inventions: Evolution of Ideas, Cities, Daitoshi, Civolution, Inventors of the South Tigris, A Message from the Stars, Spectral, Pampero, Iron Rails: Age of Rail, Cascadero / Cascadito, Forage.

  14. Creature Caravan is a reimplementation of a previous Red Raven game called Artifacts, Inc. From what I understand, it's a more complex version of that game with more things going on between cards and collections that also adds a simultaneous play element. It's dice placement and mitigation with card drafting. Artifacts, Inc. is one of our favorite small-box games to this day, and I'm anticipating playing Creature Caravan to see the innovations they have thought of since that first version. So cool that you are intrigued also. Laukat's games are unique and worth checking out.

  15. For me at the moment:

    1) Unconscious Mind

    2) Windmill Valley

    3) Bone wars

    4) From the Moon

    5) Wyrmspan (just about coming out here, but not yet had the opportunity, hence still on my list)

  16. Naveen hasn’t played red Raven games? Ancient world? Empires of the void II? Roam? Near and far? He must not be a real gamer 😉

  17. You 2 lovely folks are my top 3 anticipated reviews for Raas in the future 😍🤗. I am excited to get you to play Raas and I am hopeful it will live up to your anticipation 😍

  18. No Arcana Prophetia? Just got it today. It’s my new nifty card game

  19. Were you interested in windmill valley at all?

  20. Naveen and I share similar opinions of Feld games, so Civolution is also #1 on my anticipated list. Some others I’m looking into that weren’t mentioned in this video are:

    1. Sibille
    2. HiFi
    3. Galaxy Postman
    4. Philharmonix
    5. Neodreams

    Honorable mention for Conservas for a solo-only game

  21. That's a pretty solid list of games. I watched a rules explanation of Vijayanagara so I'll be looking forward to a playthrough but it might not be a fit for my gaming group.

    I thought Cities would be my favorite on your list for all the reasons you mentioned: Steve Finn, Phil Walker-Harding, DEVIR. Oddly, I don't seem to have too many DEVIR games in my collection. I'll have to fix that.

    But then you got to the top two. I've already ordered Inventors of the South Tigris and I'm definitely going to get Civolution.

    And a bigger table. Civolution is a monster table hog! But looks sooooo good. And Stefan Feldman, so sold.

    I'm also looking forward to Heavy Rain, first Heat expansion. Apparently Devir is finally putting out Autumn ( from the series that includes Winter ) so that should be worth a look also.

  22. Great list! Super Boss Monster is my personal most anticipated 🎉

  23. I’m so excited for my copy of fromage. I also am waiting for wild gardens, charcuterie and sirens. Thanks for the recommendations! Love your content

  24. Keep up the good job.Thank you for the content you guys do😊.

  25. I am excited about just one game that is supposed to be coming out later this year, Firefighters On Duty, along with whatever expansions also come out for it (I already plan to get Fuel & Electrical Fires & may also get the tow truck). I have some doubts about how it is played, but I want to see more of a horribly underutilized theme to go with my 2 other fire service games. I am also waiting for the Europe expansion & Crurotarsi (North America) mini-expansion for Holotype. I also wonder if there will be another Pandemic retheme (the most recent of which I found out about just a few days before it was available).

  26. About cheese? Clans of Caledonia with its milkmen faction definitely 😉

  27. In regards to Fromage, I believe the magazine you’re referring to, Naveen, is Highlights magazine.
    For me I’m very excited to play Bardwood Grove that’s just about to start fulfillment from Kickstarter! If I can shoutout an expansion, I’m really looking for forward to the new Heat expansion! Another one that caught my eye is Gnome Hollow.

  28. Good list! And yes, you should definitely play Sleeping Gods. 😁

  29. My most anticipated games are:
    – Bardwood Grove (almost here)
    – Inventions: Evolutions of Ideas
    – Wondrous Creatures (although I already played it)
    – the Dutch translation of Rats of Wistar

  30. Thanks for your video ! I backed Inventors as I already have Wayfarers and Scholars (though I didn't play Scholars yet). My most anticipated is Explorers of Navoria. I backed it and had the chance to test it in Cannes and it was a very pleasant game, beautiful artwork. In a few days I'll receive Bardwood Grove, played it in Cannes as well and really enjoyed it.

  31. My top ten:
    10. Sand
    09. Pax Hispanica
    08. Fromage
    07. Pampero
    06. Let’s Go to Japan
    05. Arcs
    04. The Old King’s Crown
    03. Sankore
    02. Salton Sea
    01. Inventions: Evolution of Ideas

    Honourable mention to Galactic Cruise, which we’ve played this year but doesn’t officially come out until 2025.

  32. Unfortunately nothing exciting to spark my interest. Perhaps 2025 will be better?

  33. Do the references to “Includes Paid Promotion” refer only to the Van Ryder segment at the beginning of the video, or does it also mean that you were paid for including some or all of the games on your Top Ten list in this video?

  34. Fromage is amazing, I got to playtest it a while ago and loved how worker placement and time worked.

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