Top 10 Most BEAUTIFUL Board Games in 2021 -

Top 10 Most BEAUTIFUL Board Games in 2021

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What’s the most beautiful board game you’ve ever seen? How do you measure the beauty and the artwork of a board game? This top 10 most beautiful board games video will answer these questions in under 6 minutes. This video is about the symmetry, the artwork, the aesthetic beauty, and the overall effect of the game board and its components when it’s set up. It doesn’t matter how functional or enjoyable the game is, just that the board’s artwork is in a class of its own. If you’re looking for the top 10 boards based on how integral they are to the gameplay, we made that video too:

Thanks to @meeplelady for the beautiful picture and artwork on Tzolk’in. You can check out her website here:

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  1. This is a great video, and I enjoyed guessing your picks. I think Imperial Struggle deserves a mention, though perhaps it doesn't have enough contrast to meet your criteria. Thanks for the content and happy gaming!

  2. The beauty of Everdell got me into board game so much! Waiting for the expansions. Really nice video, refreshing. Nice placement of music.

  3. Beautiful choices. Thanks for making this.

  4. Photosynthesis is an awesome game to play with Forest Service buds 🙂 🌲

  5. Yes! What a very nice list of beautiful games, I really enjoyed seeing the results of engaging discussion highlighted in your videos. I also have been officially introduced to a couple of games I have not seen before, and I look forward to looking more into them.

  6. Trickerion and the newest version of High Society are my most beautiful games.

  7. Another good one would be black angel imo😎

  8. I would have to say, Everdell takes the cake for most beautiful game. It truly looks stunning on the table. Nothing else that I own even comes close. When it comes to vibrant color that pops, I would probably say Middara and surprisingly Bullet (Heart). However, as far as pure art goes, Everdell!

  9. Wonderful! Thank you for admitting that a few of the games were new to you as well. I love that this list was as much of a journey for you making it as for us watching. And thank you for the nod to war games.

  10. For me, Cerebria is the most beautiful Board game. By far.
    Pax Pamir, 2nd edition is also a must.

  11. So pleased you put Canvas in man! You're right, you can hang it on your wall.

  12. Own or have played the majority of board games on this list. Have personally seen people stop and stare at my copies of Everdell, Feudum, and PARKS — in the first and last case, it caused my local café to purchase them.

    Surprised Scythe didn't make this list (it was shown after honorable mention, but not mentioned). I'd replace Photosynthesis with Tang Garden which has both that but also miniatures, pagodas, bridges, and upright scenery tiles on a beautiful zen board. It isn't so popular as to win viewer votes, but it's more eye catching. If it had not come out during the pandemic and been between Kickstarters, I wonder if more would vote for it.

  13. Great video! Not sure how Dixit didn't make it on there, maybe you think of it more as a card game 🧐Will definitely be giving some of these a go 🙂

  14. give photosynthesis a chance, its a great game

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