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Top 10 Most Influential Board Games Ever

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What has impacted the board game industry the most? We answer this question for all tabletop games except TTRPGs through the lens of game mechanics. Although Euros like Catan have had amazing cultural impact, it isn’t necessarily at the top of this list! We take a trip down board game history in seeing classics like Chess and Monopoly and how they affect the way we view and play games. And don’t count out the TCG originator: Magic the Gathering, which not only spun off LCGS but also board games with their own drafting mechanisms and free for all play akin to commander! A huge range of mechanics are covered like auctioning and deckbuilding, but we don’t get to cover everything like worker placement which may require a follow up video some day!

Notable games mentioned: Eclipse 2nd edition, Dominion, Gloomhaven, Heroquest, Human Punishment: The Beginning, Deliverance, Cuba Libre, Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set, Cosmic Encounter, Among Us, Werewolf, Mafia, Battlestar Galactica, Shadows over Camelot, Lost Ruins of Arnark, Dune Imperium, 7 Wonders, Blood Rage, Chess, Monopoly, Oathsworn, Pandemic, Pandemic Legacy, Risk Legacy, Betrayal Legacy, Go, Cards Against Humanity, Forbidden Island, Spirit Island, Eldritch Horror, For Sale, Ghost Stories, Smallworld, Flash Point, Munchkin, Cutthroat Caverns, Catan, Kemet

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  1. As commenters pointed out below, Risk Legacy did come before Pandemic legacy! I still stand by Pandemic Legacy being the one to propel the "legacy" thing up, and Risk Legacy didn't sell nearly as well anyways. As Daniel corrects me, Deliverance does not have a monster AI deck, you roll from preset actions.-Ashton

  2. 6:02 I was wondering if Volko Ruhnke's COIN (Counterinsurgency) mechanic (like in Cuba Libre) was going to make it into this list.

  3. Great list. I am surprised catan was just an honourable mention. Resource management and/or trading are in… virtually every euro and I think it’s safe to say that virtually every board game designer in the west has been inspired by it. I’d put it really high. But, that said, you had some great picks. I’m tempted to make my own list and see how it would differ from yours. Like would I put parcheesi instead of monopoly; or add trivial pursuit. Maybe I’d just stick to “modern” games. Anyway, great video!

  4. Great list! Interested to see how your list might change in the future depending on what genres the mainstream scene drifts towards.

  5. I think so many things are omitted in your list. First game with concept of Area control El Grande. More important than that first game which makes scoring track in board game, Heimlich & Co. which a lot games using that. First game which uses Meeple, Carcassonne.

  6. gloomhaven mentioned – good night boys ❤

  7. How did ttrpgs not influence Gloomhaven?? For years D&D players asked the question "imagine this without a DM?". Now imagine 4th ed. D&D without a DM and you have Gloomhaven.

  8. What about yahtzee like where we need to build a particular suite? Poker, king of tokyo, dice thrones, too many bones, …

  9. Ashton, no offense, but this is probably the worst Shelfside video to date.

  10. Risk inspired cosmic encounter too

  11. The sad side is that Monopoly put(s) a lot of people off other board game or board games in general for how un-fun it is designed.
    Together with Risk it did that for me for a decade til I found out about the great diversity there is, that they can be fun.
    But i still have a natural hate of betting games and areal control because of that.


  13. Good video and picks! For 18xx, I think 1830 is the most influential. 1829 was the first, but 1830 was a lot more popular and lots of people use the differences from 1830 to teach a new 18xx game. But in the grand scheme of board gaming as a whole, 18xx isn't that influential compared to other stuff.

  14. Oh. Oh yes…the term "quarterbacking" came from a boardgame. Ah. Yeah. Nowhere else….

  15. As great as Bridge is (my favourite of them all board and dice and card and whatever games), it's not the first trick taking game. Its little brother Whist was the direct influence to Bridge which was developed in the early 20th century. Even before Whist (which you might have stated correctly in the 1600's, too lazy to look it up) there was Karnöffel in the 15th century. Also, on another topic, chess came way after Chinese Chess or the Viking variants, very similar in gameplay, with the Viking variants already being asymmetric (so before Cosmic Encounter). Third topic: To mention Catan, then to mention resources to build different structures and bargaining, both being important mechanical milestones, and after that not to include this game in the top ten is a sad failure. Sorry, but this vid is not approved.

  16. Talks about dungeon crawlers, shows computer JRPGs. At least, if you want to show Asian computer dungeon crawlers, show some proper computer dungeon crawlers like one of the many Japanese-made Wizardry-likes.
    Risk is not a wargame. Wargame != any highly abstract game vaguely about war. It is a strategy game tough some… individuals on BGG might tell you otherwise.
    Other than that, an ok video.

  17. Great content, thanks for all the hard work!

  18. Great stuff! Really informative and fun to see influences. There are way too many mechanics now to hit in a top 10 I suspect, but this was just a really enjoyable watch. Cheers!

  19. Poker, Ticket to Ride, D&D, Love Letter, Yahtzee would be one’s I would add. But most of these are on my list too.

  20. Interesting list.

    Bridge: never played (though parents were fairly avid).
    Gloomhaven: have played Jaws of the Lion.
    Cosmic Encounter: owned (and played) original Eon edition plus 2 expansions. Collection lost to a flood.
    Risk: had standard edition in the 70s. Played Lord of the Rings edition once in the 2000s.
    Monopoly: never played by the correct rules as a kid. Currently own a "themed" set that has yet to get to the table.
    Pandemic: have played. Vastly prefer Leacock's inspired variant, Thunderbirds.
    Werewolf: never played. Recently had an evening of 2 sessions of Blood on the Clocktower, which was enough to determine it is NOT my kind of game.
    Dominion: never played. Love other deck-builders like Clank! and Legendary.
    MtG: never played. Tried to get into a now dead CCG (X-Files) back in the day, but never found another interested player.
    Chess: who hasn't? Own 4 different sets.

  21. 7:36 That's a Finnish Monopoly with marks as currency 😀 I used to play that with my dad way back in the day and it was pretty much the first board game experience for me.

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