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Top 10 Most Played Games

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The “A Team” (Roy, Camilla, Chris & Wendy) discuss their Top 10 Most Played Games! What will be on the list? Tune in and see!

Intro – 00:00

Chris 10 – 05:13
Camilla 10 – 07:11
Wendy 10 – 10:27
Roy 10 – 12:05

Chris 9 – 13:52
Camilla 9 – 15:32
Wendy 9 – 16:53
Roy 9 – 17:56

Chris 8 – 19:32
Camilla 8 – 21:17
Wendy 8 – 23:13
Roy 8 – 24:58

Chris 7 – 26:50
Camilla 7 – 28:47
Wendy 7 – 31:37
Roy 7 – 32:34

Chris 6 – 35:00
Camilla 6 – 36:44
Wendy 6 – 39:03
Roy 6 – 41:42

Chris 5 – 43:34
Camilla 5 – 45:38
Wendy 5 – 48:05
Roy 5 – 51:58

Chris 4 – 51:58
Camilla 4 – 54:19
Wendy 4 – 57:31
Roy 4 – 58:47

Chris 3 – 1:00:21
Camilla 3 – 1:03:47
Wendy 3 – 1:06:07
Roy 3 – 1:09:00

Chris 2 – 1:11:04
Camilla 2 – 1:13:37
Wendy 2 – 1:16:47
Roy 2 – 1:19:49

Chris 1 – 1:22:06
Camilla 1 – 1:24:50
Wendy 1 – 1:28:04
Roy1 – 1:30:16

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  1. everytime i see a pic of king of tokyo i wonder why in the world the game doesnt come with minis?!

  2. 18:00 "vikings dont feel embaressed"
    Fun fact. Icelandic laws allowed you to go to court for slander, and if the insult was bad enough and you had the backing you could get allowance to kill the offending party.
    So they were suuuuuper sensetive snowflakes in their own way

  3. Roy, the surfer paste (or whatever you have in your hair) looks much better than what you used to use.

  4. Does most played count as, Time played total or most initiated games? So if you play 3 games at 20 minutes each , versus 1 longer game at 3 hours. The small game has more plays, but the 1 longer game is most played in timeline.

  5. I'm really curious about difference in play counts. Roy has so many epic games on the list. I wonder if his highest play count is like 50 while the others could have hundreds of plays in that time.

  6. canilla your first two games are from 2018 makes me think you are new to the hobby. not that there is anything wrong with that.

  7. This was a fun list!! And it inspired me to look at the top 10 games Grayson and I have played together! Look for that on our channel soon! 🤪

  8. Season 0 has some great ideas.

    I wish that Season 0 & Season 2 would get 'standard' Pandemic releases (Changed up a bit so people don't get spoiled, but using the core mechanisms from those versions would be awesome).

  9. Nice job of having Camilla's back and throwing her under the clipboard bus at the same time Chris.

    My list would be Formula D, Roll Player Adventures, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, Jixia Academy, Kawaii Chaos …then who knows.

  10. wow this intro. I guess they cannot use the original music but the vibes are there.

  11. First time watching the A-Team, and you're all awesome!
    Taste wise I probably align most with Camilla and Roy (gotta have that THEME!!! lol), but the banter between you all is great.

  12. What is it about Zombie Dice? We've had more fun with that game!!! The expansions add a bit of fun too.

  13. Our #1 is by far Cartographers. We’ve never played Welcome To yet, but will have to check it out!

  14. Analog only:
    1. 7 Wonders (500+)
    2. Catan
    3. Codenames (131)
    4. The Crew Quest for Planet Nine (119)
    5. Lost Cities (116)
    6. Escape (98)
    7. Ticket to Ride Europe (86)
    8. Stone Age (83)
    9. Tsuro (76)
    10. SHH (66)

  15. Absolutely loved that guys, made those other guys look like total amateurs lol!!! Please bring us more episodes of the A-Team, thank you and stay safe.

  16. Oh, totally forgot M:tG. By far my most played game even though I haven’t really played much since the mid to late 90s.

  17. We gotta block Roy's ability to read the chat! He's just sittin' there staring at the chat feed 🙂

  18. Guestimating the figures for my 5 most played in person games, including 3 classics we've kept with for many years – Cities and Knights of Catan 400+ plays, Carcassonne 350+ plays, Dominion 300+ plays, Shadows of Brimstone 80 plays, Thanos Rising 35 plays

  19. is forbidden island better than forbidden dessert ? i have played forbidden dessert and it is good

  20. Great job Dice Tower! This was really fun to watch. Love the interaction and laughter among everyone. 😄

  21. Late getting to this one, but I love the A team videos! It would be interesting to have a list of Tom’s choices on a card at the end when he’s not in the top 10 video… but this group is great!

  22. I love when Chris started getting into how he imagined it is when Roy is playing Magic with his kids, lol.

  23. Chris has an excellent radio broadcasting voice

  24. Really enjoying the A-Team content and chemistry. Keep it up!

  25. For me…

    10. Concept (37 plays)
    9. Yinsh (38 plays)
    8. Fuse (41 plays)
    7. Time’s Up! Title Recall (44 plays)
    6. Patchwork (45 plays)
    5. Splendor (57 plays)
    4. Marvel United (64 plays)
    3. NMBR 9 (66 plays)
    2. Codenames (100 plays)
    1. Marvel Champions (295 plays)

  26. Can anyone tell me what state Camilla's regional accent is from? I'm trying to place it and it is bugging me XD

  27. um what makes bearenpark so good, like i really like cottage garden, cuz you get to steal the piece people wants 😀 how is it better than other title placing games ?

  28. Really enjoyed this video – you all bring such great energy and seem to have really good group chemistry!

  29. I pity the fool that doesn´t support this list!

  30. Big SI player/fan here and love Camilla representing it at #1!! 🙂

  31. Wow! No Catan! No Star Realms, no Race For The Galaxy, 7 Wonders, Ticket to Ride… etc… very interesting choices though. Thanks.

  32. My ten most played games since I started tracking plays are Bananagrams, Codenames, Tyrants of the Underdark, 7 Wonders, For Sale, Ascension, Shadow Hunters, Roll for the Galaxy, Terraforming Mars, Draftosaurus. Definitely skews towards lighter quicker games. Shadow Hunters stands out as a game I don't actually much like, but my old game group played it all the time since it's relatively short and can handle a large player count.

  33. New quote for the next print run of Quacks. Quacks of Quedlinberg – It's broccoli in the cupcakes!

  34. Dominion is still the best deck builder. The expansions are amazing. I just picked up the Dark Ages expansion used and it's great, and that's after having played the crap out of Intrigue, Seaside, and Prosperity.

  35. My favorite is absolutely Spirit Island. I'm curious for Camilla what level she teaches the game at. My feeling is to teach with an adversary and blight card, but with the adversary at base or lvl 1. This gives tension that we could lose. I haven't taught it enough times though, so curious what others do.

  36. I want to see these four remake every Dice Tower Top 10. They’re great!!!

  37. I don't enjoy co-op's, not because I must always win myself, but because I don't want to play games by committee.
    I need to play some like Project Elite which are too intense for alpha gaming or lots of group discussions.

  38. merchants cove is my families number 1. Just love it

  39. My top ten most played games (from logging over the past 8-ish years):

    1. Dead Man's Draw
    2. Sushi Go!
    3. Carcassonne
    4. Pairs
    5. Roll For It!
    6. Ticket to Ride
    7. Kingdomino
    8. No Thanks!
    9. Dominion
    10. Takenoko

    Yes, all pretty simple, short games, because of course these can get played more easily 🙂

  40. If I play love letter 20 times for an hour, I treat that as 1 play

  41. Really wish Project Elite would come back to KS

  42. wow, super surprised to see Robinson Crusoe on this list. so hard to get to the table.

  43. By far my most played game is Dungeon and Dragons, but I'm not sure that this qualifies for this list.

  44. I started logging plays in May of 2019 and since then, these are my top 10 most played games:

    #1 – Gloomhaven
    #2 – The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine
    #3 – The Quacks of Quedlinburg
    #4 – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
    #5 – Zombicide: Invader
    #6 – Marvel United
    #7 – Paleo
    #8 – Welcome To…
    #9 – Roll for Adventure
    #10 – Foodies

    Managed to have crossovers with the everyone but Roy!

  45. Wiz-War tends to get lost amidst the constant waves of "new hotness" that mark the modern hobby but it is one of the most fun games out there. It is my 2nd or 3rd favorite game OF ALL TIME. Fantastic stuff.

    If I may ask, where/how did you get the 3D walls for your copy, Roy? I've painted my set but having actual wall pieces would just take it to a whole new level!

  46. Love the “a” and “z” teams; great show! Really appreciate the fact that you include games that you play with your kids on your list, I’m always looking for fun games that don’t take forever to play.

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