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Top 10 Mystery-Solving Board Games

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To check out Jon’s Mini Mysteries game, follow this link: then strap in as Adam runs down some of the best mystery-solving/escape room-style games in the hobby. Looking for something to do with a lonely night in, another mystery SOLVED!

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0:00 #Intro
1:19 #10. Escape Room: The Game
2:25 #9. Detective: Season 1
3:40 #8. TIME Stories
5:00 #7. Chronicles of Crime 1900
6:13 #6. Detective – City of Angels
7:43 #5. Escape Tales
9:18 #4. SHCD – Baker Street Irregulars
10:51 #3. Exit Games
12:03 #2. The Initiative
13:45 #1. Micro Macro Crime City

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  1. Thing is about that “Mystery of how to subscribe” joke is that with the way YouTube keeps needlessly complicating things soon it WILL be a mystery!

  2. My problem with these types of games is they’re not replayable at all. They’re all one and done games

  3. Hey Adam, whens the next Blood on the Clocktower game gonna drop?

  4. !!!! I need to talk to Jon about carrying his games.

  5. If you buy everything that Jon produces, do you get a Crowded House?…

    Did Awkward Guests nearly make the list? Or was it not considered as more of a deduction game?

  6. Thank you so much for this content! This was the perfect list for my wife and I! There are so many games on this list I need to get now!

  7. I was looking at the Sherlock Holmes consulting detective games the other day, going to pick one up once paid.

  8. I’m honestly so grateful for this channel. Kind of creepy the way you always make a video about the very thing I’m looking for, but very grateful.

  9. About time you covered T.I.M.E. Stories! It's my favorite game and boy howdy is it good! Like, some of the adventures (looking at you Prophecy of Dragons and Lumen Fidei) are my favorite experiences in all of board gaming. It really is "punch the air levels of victory". No game can make you feel so freaking satisfied when you've cracked a puzzle. It's… jawdropping.

  10. Support No Rolls Barred! Give 'em a subscribe and Get on Board!

  11. Wait…was that Sullivan voicing The Baron in one of Jon's games at the end? I was already excited about learning of these games, but that is the cherry on top if that is the case!

  12. So, the "Unlock" series of games ranked at #11?

  13. Honestly the exit games are…hit and miss at best the puzzles can be more than a stretch and the production could be better for the money..its the little things like the main "poster" being really shiny paper the origami style puzzles never really working. Some are alright other leave you feeling a bit ripped off

  14. These sound great, question I would have is how repayable are they. Once you've ran through a couple of times will all the puzzles be done.

  15. Is the girl voice in the end from SS4 of Sherlock?

  16. 8:28
    Look. I get it's the numbers 9, then 10.

    But I did laugh at POO9.

  17. So now instead of Adam's busted phone we conteplate Adam's huge tablet

  18. I remember playing a Sherlock game. Went through the hole game thinking i was on the right track. Announced that i had the case cracked… then i wasn't even close. My god…. i might be more of a cluedo guy.

  19. commenting for engagement, love this channel.

  20. Arse, I just bought SHCD a couple of days ago. I don't have enough money for this Adam.

  21. Love this! Never knew I could get interested in this genre, but just about all of these games sound great!

    I’d love to see you make a list for 4X games in the future!

  22. At 1:02 I imagined William Reagal saying: "This can only be settled in a match of BOARD GAMES!!!"

  23. I've got to stop watching these videos. I thought it was Fun to learn that Adam was a board game fan like myself. Yet ever since I've subscribed, I've devopled a bit of a problem. In the past 2 months I've bought 15 new games, all seen from these videos. They are taking over every weekend. My family and friends are worry.

  24. I love your videos. Everything is perfect. The editing, the tone, the music, Adam's voice, etc.
    Favorite new YouTube find by far guys.

  25. One of my favorite mystery games is Awkward Guests. It plays more smarter than Clue and it's infinitely replayable!

  26. I Died at were gonna need a bigger table 😂😂😂😂

  27. How is this the first I've heard of Jon running a company that sells literal mystery boxes? Has this been mentioned before on the channel, and if not, how could you not mention this before? That's great! I will totally look into this, and very likely order one!

  28. I'd love to know y'all's option on BOX ONE.

  29. Fantastic list. Just brought a mini mysteries box. Looks awesome.

  30. How is tragedy looper not on this list. I thought you loved this game

  31. Seeing all this, and the form the subgenre has taken, I'm forced to ask: how has there not been a high-profile current gen Carmen Sandiego tabletop game produced?

  32. Mystery games are my favorites and there are some new ones on here for me. I'm going to have to go shopping. Great video!

  33. Adam you're killing my wallet, man. I can only plan to buy so many games and you're recommending too many good ones!

  34. Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who've bought a copy of Mini Mysteries so far! You absolutely rock.

    I wanted to clarify, Mini Mysteries is a series of games designed for families, so I recommend playing them with younger puzzlers (ages 8+) or as a good introduction to puzzle games to the new puzzler in your life. The difficulty is on the easy end so if you're a hardcore puzzler I suggest you give it a miss or buy a copy for the cool kids in your life! Lots of grown ups have played and enjoyed it too, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows what they're getting 🙂

  35. Ok guys seriously, when is the next blood on the clocktower haha

  36. When’s the next blood in the clocktower? It’s been a month? 🥺🥺

  37. I wish I could play as many board games as you guys do. Some day.

  38. Jon is making mystery games? I gotta look into that!
    While I love the idea of Micro Macro Crime City, (hidden object boardgame meets murdery Where's Waldo?) it gives me the impression of being logistically difficult to play.
    Four people crowded over a map, fighting over a small magnifying glass to actually see something seems like an issue that could come up.

    Absolutely love the Exit series of games, The Initiative seems very interesting, and you have mentioned Chronicles of Crime a number of times now, so that would be interesting to check out at some point.

  39. Played Detective Season One with my sister and brother-in-law yesterday because of this video. We were WAY off when it came to our final report! The game’s good at throwing in red herrings! Still, we had fun doing it. Thanks for your lists guys 😁😁😁😁😁😁

  40. Hi Adam, can you do a top 10 area control board games video? I love your reviews and would like to know your top picks for the area control category. 🙂

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