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Top 10 Mystery-Solving Board Games

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To check out Jon’s Mini Mysteries game, follow this link: then strap in as Adam runs down some of the best mystery-solving/escape room-style games in the hobby. Looking for something to do with a lonely night in, another mystery SOLVED!

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0:00 #Intro
1:19 #10. Escape Room: The Game
2:25 #9. Detective: Season 1
3:40 #8. TIME Stories
5:00 #7. Chronicles of Crime 1900
6:13 #6. Detective – City of Angels
7:43 #5. Escape Tales
9:18 #4. SHCD – Baker Street Irregulars
10:51 #3. Exit Games
12:03 #2. The Initiative
13:45 #1. Micro Macro Crime City

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  1. I get nervous about games you need to go to a website to play. What do you do with the box if the company shuts down the site?

  2. I truly wish someone would have come up with the idea of single player board games back when I was a kid in the 80s and early 90s I can't tell you how many times I tried to get friends to play board games with me like Heroes Quest VCR clue Dragon strike I could never even find a single person that played DMV I sadly bought rulebook and module after module just to read them and wish that someone would be interested enough to play with me but none of my friends ever even wanted to give it a try of course any board game is way more fun with friends but when you have no one who is interested in them what you are what could you do I would have had a lot of fun with some of these single player games back then

  3. I'm also an inventor of Mistery books and activity board . I usually draw it in my diary .I haven't sell my ideas commercial yet but InshaAllah my dream is to do it 🥰🥰My parents didn't really understand my talent as it is a unique one .

  4. Am i the only person on this world who sat down days to color the Macro city map instead of solving the crimes?

  5. ADAM: If you’d like to pick up any of these great games, consider using our Amazon Affiliate links to help out the channel!
    10. Escape Room: The Game – US: // UK:
    9. Detective: Season 1 – US: // UK:
    8. TIME Stories – US: // UK:
    7. Chronicles of Crime 1900 – US: // UK:
    6. Detective – City of Angels – US: // UK:
    5. Escape Tales – US: // UK:
    4. SHCD – Baker Street Irregulars – US: // UK:
    3. Exit Games – US: // UK:
    2. The Initiative – US: // UK:
    1. Micro Macro Crime City – US: // UK:

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