Top 10 Negotiation Board Games | Collection Starter -

Top 10 Negotiation Board Games | Collection Starter

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Let’s make a deal. We’ll put together a list of the greatest Negotiation board games you can buy, and you’ll watch it. DEAL?!?!

0:00 #Intro
0:57 #10. Settlers of Catan
1:58 #9. Panic on Wall Street
3:16 #8. Nothing Personal
4:21 #7. New Angeles
5:40 #6. Millions of Dollars
6:55 #5. Tammany Hall
8:10 #4. Bohnanza
9:16 #3. Sheriff of Nottingham
10:39 #2. Sidereal Confluence
12:07 #1. Chinatown

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  1. Absolutely love Sheriff of Nottingham and I'm so glad to finally see it featured on the channel.

  2. I think Cosmic Encounter belongs in this list quite high.

  3. Dark fantasy ARPG – She Will Punish Them.

  4. Catan is the worst board game I’ve ever played

  5. Where’s Monoploly? Surely one of the best sell board games of all time should be on this list, right? Right? 😉😉😉

  6. Hard to explain how much I am enjoying this series. I hope it goes on for years. I could really do without the background music though.

  7. My only problem with negotiation games is when people get weirdly personal with it – Hey he won the last 2 games, nobody ever trade with him, ugh.

  8. Catan : wood for my sheep, has anyone got wood for my sheep.

  9. Sidereal Confluence and Bohnanza are favorites! I also love Tiefe Taschen, a game where you're corrupt politicians trying to stay in power until the government goes bankrupt. It's been reprinted as Goodcritters, with a theme similar to Millions of Dollars.

  10. I was really hoping that Sheriff of Nottingham would be on the list and I was not disappointed. This game is great.

  11. Sherrif is the game that started my boardgame obsession and growing collection

  12. Negotiation games seems to be the genre most hurt by Monopoly – lots of people grow up getting lopsided trades in Monpoly to the point that they expect trades to be unfair and that can really hurt some of these games. It's also a mechanism that lets people be spiteful and king make so it's something I can see people not wanting to see in games.

    Not a fan of Catan – the robber can create a perpetual miss a turn effect, and where's the fun of a game where you can't get the resources you need to trade and build? I actually prefer Compounded by Dice Hate Me/Greater Than Games, which has a neat science theme.

    Have you tried Level99's Tomb Trader? It's a really quick and dirty negotiation game where players get 1 minute to divide up the loot, and if there is a single disagreement, no one gets anything. That's either a brilliant feature or game breaking if you get a player determined to be a bellend…

  13. Next Board Game Club should be Sheriff of Nottingham…perhaps when you guys finally meet face to face after the pandemic.

  14. Hello Dormamu, I'll give you two aquarium tiles and 20k for lot 64

  15. plumpy doing vids about board games ie something I didn't know I needed

  16. Bohnanza kinda sounds similar to Cubirds, which i adore playing

  17. I very much want board game club to have a game of Nothing Personal now, if only because I want Sully to wear a ring and be a mob boss.

  18. So funny thought.. I been a follower of Adam since BX, and everytime he does something I keep saying I am into and love it.. it was literally just this video when I told myself I am not a hardcore boardgame player it is literally just Adam I am in love with 🤷🏼‍♂️

  19. Instead of Sidereal Confluence you could try Trade on the Tigris which scratches the same itch in half the time.

  20. Are we possibly getting a Board Game Masterpieces on Chinatown?

  21. can you please play magic the gathering next its a amazing card game and i would love to watch that

  22. 1:13 Did any of these players read the rules before sitting down at the table?

  23. I don't think you can trade out of the fields in Bohnanza. Just hand and the 2 cards that get drawn.


  25. It's what Germany is known for: colonizing their neighbors by negotiating

  26. I was yelling at the screen “where’s sheriff of Nottigham?!” Then I was not disappointed…

  27. Atleast the right one was number 1, Chinatown is a classic!

  28. I thought the tradephase in Civilization/Adv. Civ/ Mega Civ would reach this list.

  29. 8:14: This game is just about beans…OH NO THAT BEAN IS GONNA MURDER ME!

  30. As the great granddaughter of a New York democrat political figure
    (State not city, but the point sticks)

    Tammany hall is my heritage and I really want to play it now

  31. @1:41 "Make the Deal!"
    you of all people, Adam, should know that you need to Spin the Wheel first

  32. Did you mistake the boss for a capo? Capos get money and bring it to the boss.

    The people under the capos are soldiers. Before they are inducted they are only associates. A friend of ours vs a friend of fine.

  33. I'm surprised that I'm the Boss! isn't on this list.

  34. I would personally add Rival Restaurants to this list.

  35. I know this is nitpicky but does Tammany Hall count as gerrymandering? I thought you had to redraw district lines to gerrymander which you can't do in Tammany Hall

  36. Dune is great negotiating. The unspoken rule of the game is bribing people.

  37. New Angeles doesn't reallu work. It's not worth it to anyone to strike stability of the city iether that traitor, and the rest of the players can just negotiate a win for all.

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