Top 10 New to Us Board Games of 2023 -

Top 10 New to Us Board Games of 2023

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  1. You should play the Star Wars game on May 4th!!

  2. I started a board game club at the elementary school I teach at. I learned a lot of great games this past fall because of this. Carcassonne and Kingdomino were both new to me last year that were older games. Both are great games.

  3. I believe The Grand Carnival is being reprinted by Uproarious Games.

  4. Jeff's PoW energy is consistently the best thing about these videos

  5. Im confused, is this your top 10 favorite games just being updated or top 10 favorite games from 2023

  6. Star Wars Rebellion is on my want to play on May the 4th wall having a Star Wars movie marathon.

  7. I’ve been on the fence about trying Forgotten Waters because it listed as 3 players minimum, but I read online pretty recently that there is actually a 2p variant out there.

    Did you end up playing either this or Freelancers just the two of you, or was it all with bigger groups?

  8. So happy that sea salt & paper as well as too many bones were on both of your lists. Some of our fav games this year as well! We also hit castles of Burgundy and challengers hard this year. They’re both new to us this year and so many great play’s!

  9. I got Sea Salt and Paper based off of your guy's recommendation. Love that it made your list.

  10. Great lists! Love the variety and number of games I haven't even tried yet! I was pretty new to modern gaming coming into this year so my top new to me game is The Castles of Burgundy. The tiles, the dice, all the different things you can do, it is just so much fun to play over and over again. Hope you guys have a happy new year!

  11. 163 new games to you this year is a ridiculous amount of new to you games. Sounds like an amazing year of gaming!!

  12. Star Wars: Rebellion is the only game I bought a third-party insert for. It really helps with setup and breakdown. Well worth it. Also, I bought an extra set of dice just so there is no need to pass dice back and forth across the table.

  13. Have you played Star Wars outer rim? If so, thoughts?

  14. My husband and I just played Star Wars Rebellion for the second time, ever. First time was a few years ago, so we didn’t remember many of the rules. It was fun, but we need to play again because my husband didn’t really grok it playing as the rebels. (He played as the Empire last time). I told him that I thought the strategy of the Empire was easier/more straightforward, so recommended he play the Empire next time.

  15. Great as always! Thanks! Now…I have a brilliant idea. How about for a new segment, you guys travel to a destination for say a week and play games with the couple there. We would be willing guinea pigs if you force us. Just an idea. 😃

  16. It is so sad y'all have to give so many disclaimers. If you don't agree with someone else's list move on. Like y'all said it is y'all's list not theirs. Love hearing others list because I always find new games I want to play and also know some are not right for me and that is okay! I would never complain about some else liking a game that I did not like. Who has time for that? We can all like different games and that is fine. Thank you always doing being awesome and pouring so much love and passion into your channel and community y'all have built!

  17. New follower.. got a lot of tips from your video 😊

    Haven't really got any 2023 new games this year, only Norwegian kids games 😅 But got Ark Nova for Christmas. Feel like everyone is hyping about it, so look forward to playing it 😁

    And I got to ask. You guys look familiar to me. Did you bookblog before? 🤔

  18. I also just got Rebellion recently after wanting it for years and it is simply awesome. Also got the expansion and played with that once and I have to say it really adds/changes some nice things!

  19. Being that I just started playing board games on a monthly basis about 18 months ago… this year my addictions are:
    Stone Age
    Rajas of The Ganges
    Taverns of Tithenhall

    VERY much going to be trying some of your top 10 soon. Sea Salt and Paper is intriguiiiingggg!

  20. Just have to add the lovely tulips ottawa gets from the dutch is also because we took in the Dutch royal family durring the war and when a pricess was born offically declared the hospital room dutch soil like an embasy so she was not born abroad. The dutch are still very gratefull to canadians

  21. I haven't played any of these! But I definitely want to check out some of them like Star Wars: Rebellion and Grand Austria Hotel. I'd say my top five new-to-me games for 2023 were:

    5. Terracotta Army
    4. Lost Ruins of Arnak
    3. Obsession
    2. Sabika
    1. Wayfarers of the South Tigris

  22. Now I think I need to buy sea salt and paper! lol

  23. I highly suggest playing the full game of Oracle of Delphi. Only completing 8 tasks is like a shorter game variant. Knowing you have to do all 12 tasks really ups the planning requieres and makes you use the god powers even more.

  24. Too many bones was new to us this year and a huge hit with our table. So much replayability and the difficulty and uniqueness to each character makes the game super exciting.

  25. Nice! I don’t think I have played anything from your lists. 😂 I played 64 new-to-me games in 2023 that were published in previous years (according to BGG). Here’s my list:

    Honourable mentions: Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, Evergreen (my first game of 2023) and Origins: First Builders.

    10. Caverna
    9. Ora & Labora (two Rosenbergs in a row!)
    8. Bitoku
    7. Woodcraft
    6. The Red Cathedral
    5. Boonlake
    4. La Granja
    3. Brass: Birmingham
    2. Autobahn
    1. Yukon Airways

    Thanks for the list!

  26. Veiled Fate is like a top 5-10 game for me in general. Such a unique experience. Best at 7 players

  27. At the Gates of Loyang is one of my grail games. It looks so fun and I love the idea of the market! For now I shall live vicariously through you both lol

  28. Ok, I’ve just started this video but want to say “how dare you not mention that game I was hoping for.”

  29. Loved this video. Much rather watch a top 10 new to you games than top 10 new games 2023 video. I found Sea Salt and Paper , TMB , and GAH this year myself. My wife loves SSP and GAH, wish she liked Too Many Bones more though. Maybe starting with Undertow was a bad idea. Got the base game and hopefully using a more simple character might bring her in. What do you guys find the easiest and most fun character to play in the base game is?

  30. Glad you two finally got to experience Grand Austria Hotel and Star Wars Rebellion. I knew you'd love them.
    Since you like card games, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Knarr. Knarr has a simple rule set, yet offers some interesting choices. Throw in some nice combos along with gorgeous artwork and Knarr definitely is a must-have…………..IMO 😉🤣

  31. Hey guys you probably know this but if you like SW Rebellion you might like lord of the rings war of the ring. I personally like WOTR better but it doesn’t really have a hidden mechanic.
    Both are perfect board game adaptations of the sources.
    Star Wars feels more ‘gamey’
    WOTR feels more epic and like I’m playing through lotr
    The learning sucks a little for WOTR cause the rulebook is written bad, but once you learn it I feel the need to reference the rules way less in LOTR

  32. veiled fate and honey buzz would probably be my top new to me games in 2023.

  33. My favorite new to me games this past year were:
    Ark Nova, waiting for the marine worlds expansion to arrive! So excited.

    Final Girl, such a fun solo game. I even bought little meeples from meeple source so I can be more connected to the victims on the board. I got a cheerleader meeple, a nerd, an adventurer, a hunter, a bride, a groom, a businessman, a detective, etc. so that I can have a more thematic story play out and be even more immersed! It's so fun! Hahaha

    Also Honey Buzz, and Bunny Kingdom 🙂

  34. I think this list was even better than your 2023 list. We did this yesterday and this was mine/my wife's top ten:

    10. Rococo/SCOUT
    9. Anachrony/Rococo
    8. For Sale/Village Rails
    7. Energy Empire/Beer & Bread
    6. Arkwright/Grand Austria Hotel
    5. John Company/Energy Empire
    4. Mombasa/Mombasa
    3. Weather Machine/Formosa Tea
    2. Formosa Tea/Nucleum
    1. Nucleum/Weather Machine

  35. I discovered Clank!, Root, and Monikers in the last 12 months or so. I've heard some fuddy duddies don't like Root, but I don't have their disease, and my group really enjoys it. The other two are solid gold, and I haven't heard otherwise from anyone.

  36. I WANT ONE OF THOSE MOONRAKERS HOODIES!! I practically begged for one at PAXU lol love the video.

  37. I noticed you guys are using a rathskellers Altar table. I was curious if you had any thoughts to share on that table, how it compares to others. Right now my wife and I are considering it and it's a pretty huge investment and really hard to find many people who have it and share their thoughts on it, especially how it compares to other gaming tables (that are usually cheaper).

  38. I was so excited to get a copy of Too Many Bones. I set it up, finished the rulebook and realized it was nothing but a combat game. I misunderstood reviews saying it was an interesting puzzle lol.

  39. How good is Sea Salt and Paper!!?? That, Thunder Road, and Planet Unknown were the best games I bought at Gen Con this year! So much game in such a little tiny box…travels so well to restaurants, breweries..

  40. Grand Carnival was recently reprinted and an expansion was released. We backed the kickstarter and got our copy a couple of weeks ago. It should be available in retail.

  41. I love Too Many Bones (I also discovered the game this year) and while I agree that it can be difficult, I find that that's only true with two players. At four players it gets incredibly easy. I think either solo or three player is definitely the way to go, unless you play with two really strong characters

  42. Well Jaime is now easily my favorite. One of us. One of us. One of us

  43. Alright, let’s see if I can fix your lists… 😂 Seriously though, great lists and I’m really impressed with Jamie’s trio of not-cute, almost boring beige euros: Caylus 1303, Grand Austria and Oracle of Delphi. Tops for new-to-me: Merlin (vaguely similar to Oracle), Red Cathedral (compare it to Grand Austria) and Taj Mahal (nothing like Caylus but still great).

  44. Has to be Food Chain Island for me. Finally got a copy, loved it, and played so many times this year. I also got to try Nemesis this year (the OG and Lockdown), enjoyed and will gladly play, but likely never own. Monsters on Board and Flamecraft are two others that'd be on my list.

  45. Me and my friends did mushrooms then played Cosmic Frog. It may have been fun, who knows.

  46. I need to save for too many bucks. Also Cosmic Frog sounds incredible.

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