Top 10 Non - Essential Expansions for Board Games - LIVE! -

Top 10 Non – Essential Expansions for Board Games – LIVE!

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Top 10 Non – Essential Expansions for Board Games – LIVE!

Need more content!! So let’s do a Top 10 list! Except I’m doing this one live by myself! Don’t worry collaborations are still a thing, but I’m a busy bee in April so solo live streams will have to do! Plus I want to experiment with this format anyway as imagine the amount of Top 10’s I could do if I punched them out live!

On today’s list I’m calling back to the previous Top 10 I did about this time last year where I talked about essential expansions to games. But there’s a ton of great expansions out there, just not ones I’d say “buy right off the bat”. So here’s my ten favourites!



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  1. I mean as soon as i saw this thumbnail pop up I just assumed champions of midgard expansions were on it takes the game up to a 10 for me anyway!!!!

  2. No one would guess your #1? You announced it in your top campaign games, which piqued my curiosity and I've dived into it myself. Your video convinced me, and the game sold me. Sold my emotionally broken soul, that is. Loved it. It takes a very special game to top a campaign experience in Arkham horror lcg (not for me, but I can see why Luke likes it more)

  3. Nice list. I really need to get Forgotten Folk, and also play with Architects expansions. Fantastic Factories Manufactions and Arnak Leaders are probably my 2 favorite non-essential expansions that add new stuff (plus more of the same goodness).

  4. I am surprised you don't like Paladins, it is my gaming groups favorite with Viscounts being the least requested.

  5. I ordered tomesaga with the Kickstarter for the Viscounts expansions as it was fairly cheap to get (you only pay a flat rate for shipping). I'm only playing Viscounts, but hope the cooperative mode and the extra hero townsfolk make it worth it for me.

  6. Mini expansions would be the Godzilla one for Sprawlopolis or many of the ones for Carcassonne. They are more tiny additions to the game.

  7. Early in the video "Hopefully I can keep it to an hour, seventy five minutes"24 minutes in: holding up an open box of Pursuit of Happiness, showing it off to cameraMe, checking video length: "90 minutes."Hahaha You're the man.

  8. For needed expansions, Flamme rouge: meteo and peloton both bring in more to the game. Lifeform: dragons domain is the solo mode. I agree with you a bought Spirit Island.

  9. Great 10 essentials… love the pursuit of happening expansion section in your list, funny enough most people like the experience expansion one more, so listening that you like community more was pretty good… well as big as the new box is you certainly won’t be able to fit the massive mat that comes with it now lol so you still will have storage problem despite the massive box lol… more ppl need to play pursuit of happening especially these pro board game gamers.. that’s why you are number 1

  10. I like the expansion for the pursuit of happiness because of the thematic importance. What do you think about the Teotihuacan expansion which adds the extra temple with special powers?

  11. Great list. I love Forgotten Folk. It breathes so much new life into Caverna. I'm very skeptical about Frantic Fiends based on what I've seen so far, but I'll still give it a chance. FYI Garphill is pronounced Gar-Fill.

  12. Agree Raiders playmats if gorgeous. Just got Architect bug box an playmat last week. So worth the wait.

  13. Alien Frontiers over Marco Polo (II) pretty much every time! We still play It, but not often. Once or twice a year maybe, which is still more than 90% of my other games (incl. Marco Polo). Because of this we always default to the base game, even though I have both Factions as the Outer Belt expansions. So far there's been often 1 or 2 new players in the mix, or It's been so long we need to refresh the game, so we like to keep things simple when we do play. Still want to try them though … but, just like so many games & other expansions … I buy more than I can play, which is the first issue I have to solve 😀

  14. Non-essential, but always prefer to play with them: Quest for El Dorado: heroes & hexes, any Star realms expansion If It's not about events, heroes or gambits, TFM Hellas & Elysium, Railways of Europe, Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport, Orleans Trade & intrigue, It's a Wonderful World: Corruption & Ascension, Dice Town: Wild West, Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition.

  15. I wouldn't even consider playing Viticulture without Tuscany. Makes a super boring game "ok".

  16. Star Realms Colony Wars is awful. Every ship in Colony Wars is worse than its analog, cost or ability wise, from the original Star Realms. Colony Wars is nerfed Star Realms. For me, the original is the best value for a two player deck builder.

  17. The boardgame hobby at times seems replete with the type of people that want to control the words of others, due to their own guilt at being secretively hateful eating away at them constantly. Hopefully that off the cuff comment about the Caverna expansion does not trigger a wave of false virtue and cancelation pitchforks built entirely of Tweets.

  18. Great video man! What about expansions for more gateway games? Chiblis for takenoko or Nightfall for

  19. I have been liking Picard and I have been hating Discovery (last 2 seasons) lol Discovery has a cool premise but bad writing IMO, while I think Picard has an alright premise, but good writing.

  20. Do you think I should have at least won one game of this war of mine before moving onto the expansion? That expansion sounds fun, but I haven’t even felt the thrill of victory!

  21. what do you think of viticulture world expansion, uses the base game seasons rather than tuscany.. thoughts?

  22. Absolutely LOVE This War of Mine! Days of the Siege is absolutely fantastic….great call Luke!

  23. I love 7 Wonders Duel with the Pantheon expansion. Is it necessary, for me it is. I always play with it. I would say Agora is the one that is not necessary.

  24. We occasionally get Alien Frontiers out and play it and still enjoy it. I didn’t even know there was an expansion for it so I will certainly see if I can pick up a copy somewhere.

  25. I haven't played the majority of games you've mentioned sadface (downside of being a mostly solo player)
    But TWoM – YES!!! Completely agree. The base game is fabulous, but the expansions really just tip it to the next level!

  26. What about top 10 expansions that kill the base games & top 10 games incomplete without expansions?

  27. To comment on the request for best mini-expansion, my vote is for the Nations expansion for Manhattan Project. It is just seven cards that give each player a nation (Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, or USA), which gives them a special power that only they can use. Love it and see it as the most useful mini-expansion I have found. Technically not essential for the game, but I will always play with it because it barely adds any complexity for new players. The Second Stage expansion also adds even more nations and several other expansion modules you can add to the base game, but just those initial seven nations are basically enough. 😉

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