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Top 10 One-of-a-Kind Board Games

Totally Tabled
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In this video I run down my 10 favorite board games that I feel are completely unique and one-of-a-kind. This video is sponsored by Forgotten Tales and their new games Sirens: The Deep Sea currently seeking funding on Gamefound here: –

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00:00 Intro (11. Inis)
00:25 Sirens: The Deep Sea (Sponsored)
01:00 10. MicroMacro
02:06 9. Coffee Roaster
03:30 8. Carnival Zombie: Second Edition
05:29 7. Innovation
06:53 6. Pax Pamir: Second Edition
08:30 5. Doomtown Reloaded
11:30 4. Galaxy Trucker
13:32 3. Robinson Crusoe
15:13 2. Dungeon Petz
17:56 1. Cosmic Encounter
19:49 Outro (12. Bullet Heart)

Dolphin-esque by Godmode

Thumbnail image is from the board game Cosmic Encounter by artists Andrew Navaro, Ryan Barger, Felicia Cano, Sabe Lewellyn, Brian Schomburg, WiL Springer.

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  1. Great list overall, but I think you missed one of the most unique games out there. Kingdom Death: Monster.

  2. I like Coffee Roaster, Feel good to find it on my Japan trip.

  3. Pax Pamir 2ed is a good one i love. Cerebria is also uniek. Perseverance and Mission Red Planet 2ed. Pecunia non olet you wold love.

  4. This is exactly the kind of video that makes me want to buy more board games and I have enough already! Great list! The only truly unique game I've played is called Fog of Love – 2 player where you create two characters and try to make thier relationship work and by the end you have this kind of rom-com story about what just happened!

  5. Nemo’s war 2nd edition, This war of mine, The 7th continent and Slay the Spire the board game are 4 notable unique solo games.

  6. Awesome video. So many games I'd never even heard of before!

  7. I would say bullet is missing: real time bag building puzzle bosses with asymmetric power listening on jpop/kawai electro music as a timer.

  8. Inis has been my favorite for the past couple of years, and at this point, I don't see it ever leaving my collection.

  9. A few other suggestions for unique games, trying to avoid games I already saw mentioned in a quick read through comments…

    MarraCash: Not Marrakesh, but MarraCash. Auctions + area control + shared movement of resources (customers). I'm not aware of anything that plays out like this.

    Operation Maccabee: A core component of the game is using a dreidel to "kill" guards in concentration camps

    BucketKing 3D: A card shedder that mixes in an odd dexterity element

    Last Will and/or The Prodigals Club: At their core these are "standard" worker placement games, but the goal is reversed — you're doing your best to lose all your money (vp), not make it. That single change makes these feel unlike any other worker placement game I've played.

    Cat In the Box: At its core, "just" a trick taker, but has the unique aspect that a card's suite isn't determined until the card is played. Plus, by choosing suites you're also making area control decisions as well.

    Getaway Driver: There are a couple of other games I can think of that share the "create the board as you go" aspect of this, but there are very few, and I can't think of any others that are 2p only and that have such a strong theme.

    The Climbers: Start with a pile of blocks and try to get to the top, but as part of that you're allowed/encourage to relocate blocks to build "up" or trap others below, etc.

    Palm Island: Supports >2p, but really a 2p game. Resource conversion, which isn't new, but it is explicitly designed to be played entirely in-hand, and the cards are plastic, so they can be used outdoors.

    Ginkgopolis: Drafting, tile placement, and city building — all of which are in other games, but the mix of these maxes for a simple game that is hard enough to teach I think it has qualify as 'unique' since folks seem to have a hard time 'getting' it.

    Yikerz! and/or Rattlesnake: So, there are 2 like this, so neither is 'unique', but other than these, I don't know of another like them. Very simple — lay out very strong magnets, try to get rid of all of yours first. Most popular "party"/filler/quick game I own.

  10. Android belongs on a list like this, but not too many have played it.

  11. Every time you show your Coffee Roaster footage – 😠😡 I'm so pissed I have the newer, duller version.

  12. I really enjoy Micro Macro Crime City. I have the entire set, plus Bonus Box, where the entire four maps are used! Haven't done it yet, since that takes a lot of room, but I know I will get to it. You turned me on to Coffee Roaster. I was skeptical, but it is really fun; addictive. I even bought coin cases, which makes the game more satisfying, so THANK YOU!

  13. Do you think robinson crusoe is better than this war of mine ? If so in which way please ?
    I have a hard time to chose a New solo game to be used in duo as well

  14. Is there any chance you will do a solo play of Pax Pamir or Dungeon Petz?

  15. Great video, hope I don't have nightmares from that thumbnail…

    Do you have a solo playthrough of Pax Pamir? If not, can I request it?


  16. Great Video! I am getting a little confused on the different versions of Robinson Crusoe😅. Which version do you hav Are there expansions(probably yes)?

  17. Hey man, I hope you are doing well. I have watched quite a few of your videos in the past but it's been a while. Not even a minute into this one you sound a lot less joyful and energetic than I remember. Not sure if I missed anything, or it's just one of those days. Anyways, your videos have always been informative and of good quality to me. I hope making them doesn't tax you too much. Don't forget to take a breather if you think you could use one 👍

  18. Nice list altough, I'm missing The King is dead.

  19. Great list and idea for a video Shaggy! I went over my collection and here are my picks, many overlaps because I've bought some of these off your recommendations.

    1. Dungeon Petz – The base mechanics centered around growing pets wrapped in a traditional resource management euro makes for a very unique feeling game
    2. Galaxy Trucker – The fact that it's real-time, has a goofy theme, is tile laying, even the galaxy expedition portion of it makes it feel very distinct and unique
    3. Carnival zombie – I've not played many tower defense games, but the multi-night aspect
    4. Tzolk'in – It's really traditional worker placement, but with a huge twist in the rotating gear. It makes you think not only about where to place your workers, more so where they will end up.
    5. Alchemists – Similarly to Galaxy Trucker and Dungeon Petz, this has a very unique theme of brewing potions as alchemists, but it's effectively a deduction – sudoku like game entrapped in a worker placement/resource management euro. It even has bidding in there to meet the customer needs, very different and unique game.
    6. Skymines – Obviously it shares a lot of DNA (read all of it) with Mombasa, but that is out of print. The only other contender using Pfister's cool card-play mechanic which has you place cards to take resources or actions in rows, and you can only get one row back each round is Blackout Hong Kong. But Skymines is wrapped in an area-control / company shareholding/worker placement euro ! A very unique mix.
    7. Pax Pamir 2nd edition – The mix of tableau building, area control, faction allegiance, political control feels very unique to me
    8. Woodcraft – The dice contract fulfillment puzzle and the ways you can mix and match them makes this one stand out to me
    9. Inis – As far as area control games go, the combination of drafting, how meaningful it is and the different winning conditions make this feel almost chest-like.
    10. Targi – The worker placement junction puzzle mixed with the tableau building, especially with the expansion.

  20. Carnival Zombie 2E is phenomenal!
    The campaign was shaky there for a minute but I’m glad it got delivered. The sad part is that it might never see a reprint, which leaves those wanting it left to pay much more for a second hand copy.

  21. Dungeon Petz looks so cool. Off to check if there is a good solo mode.

  22. I loved seeing Cosmic Encounter on your list and at the top no less. Great memories of playing that in college in the early 1980's.

    Two of my childhood favorites have really stood the test of time – CE and the game my family played a ton in the 1970's, Acquire (still have my Avalon Hill Bookshelf Edition intact and complete). And actually, I still have the CE set we played with back then as well, but in a brown cardboard box now.

    I am tempted to try several of the games you mention. You didn't really mention which of them are solo-able.

  23. Love your videos. I decided to pickup the Robinson Crusoe game. I hope you do more videos from the adventure book 🙂

  24. try Pocket Master Builder, nothing similar to this game.

  25. great topic and interesting idea… that is why your the best board game content on the internet…keep up the great work man…

  26. Keep mentioning Robinson Crusoe so I can keep remembering to play it. 😂

  27. Since we don't focus specifically on solo games, my entry would be Nexus Arena Combat System. From the setting, to the mechanics, to the actual gameplay, all these elements have unique twists and approaches but in its entirety it's just an absolutely unique experience. Adding the new Legacy Edition rulebook to it and it hits out of the ball park.

    I also would like to point out Dungeon Alliance, such a unique twist on the dungeon crawling genre.

    Your list is rather excellent and features some titles I definitely have to check out. Thank you for sharing!

  28. One to consider for the list is Five tribes

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