Top 10 Scary Board Games To Frighten Your Game Group -

Top 10 Scary Board Games To Frighten Your Game Group

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Looking for scary board games? Spencer lists his 10 favorite horror games that are sure to horrify your next game night. For thrills and chills, check out some of these spooky games!

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InBetween –
Dead of Winter –
Nyctophobia –
Escape From The Aliens In Outer Space –
Mythos Tales –
Betrayal At House On The Hill –
The Faceless –
Arkham Horror 3rd Edition –
Horrified –
Mansions Of Madness 2nd Edition –


Jordan DeKleer
Joe Comings
Spencer and Lara Williams
Zack Brasfield
Brandon Scotland

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Graveyard Shift by Kevin MacLeod

Bump in the Night by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Deep MadnessMachina ArcanaNemesis Arkham Horror 2nd edition Arkham Horror lcgMansions of MadnessNight cageDeath May DieKingdom Death MonsterBloodbourne Zombicide Others, 7 SinsBetrayal is a good idea but needed a ton more play testing and tweaking. Dead of Winter is a great game. Not really scary though. More about resource management and worker placement than anything else. AH 3rd does some nice things with the story but the mechanics of the game are to much visible all the time. And it doesn’t play well at lower player counts. Playing a mystic? Get ready for ten rounds of move and clear doom. Haven’t tried the faceless but I’ve been told the magnet system only kind of works. Horrified isn’t a scary game. Just monster movie theme wallpapered over some mechanics.

  2. I do like Mansion of madness, the only downside is taking too much time to set up n clean upU should check out Hako Onna. 1 of best horror board games that i love

  3. Nyctophobia reminds me of dead by daylight but in a game board version, new sub here🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  4. Spencer: “Of course, viewers could always share my videos to help out.”
    dramatic pause

    Lol, point taken!
    Nice list! I also go to the Cthulhu mythos for horror games, though the 2nd edition is my preferred Arkham Horror. If I really want to feel hopeless, then it’s Elder Sign (I do not understand how some people call it easy!). Use the Streets of Arkham expansion, and it’s basically a boardless Arkham Horror.

  5. I love Betrayal Legacy. Getting to continue your family's story over several games of Betrayal is very cool.

    Glad you mentioned Mythos Tales. I just got a copy and must give it a try. Hopefully this weekend.

    Speaking of the Mythos, I have a 1st edition copy of Mansions I would like to upgrade by getting a second edition to play cooperatively with my family. But that's 2 Mansions boxes taking a lot of space. I haven't quite yet justified buying the game again…

    Have you played Stay Away? It's basically The Thing, the card game. One player starts infected and is attempting to infect other players until the infected kill the last human. All the other players try to identify and use the flamethrower card (if they can find it) on the infected. There are cool effects that shuffle players at the table. You can put up doors between yourself and players you suspect. It's tense, very thematic and fun.

  6. Great list.
    I like Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu (can’t get enough of the Lovecraft)

  7. Love this video! More videos like this please!

  8. Camp grizzly is the best one (period) 😂

  9. This was such a high Quality video for a small channel

  10. I like the list but you forgot the ouija board

  11. Our Family LOVES Horrified! Great video! This video, unlike your nickname is not lame. I'll check out more of your videos and share them to friends… pause… I run the board game club at lunch at our middle school, so we are always looking for great games. I'll point the kids in your direction. Take care & keep creating quality videos.

  12. whats the firts card game that you mentioned

  13. Dr Fears Mad Lab game it's by Ideal there's a French version called Dr Diabolicus I'm looking for either of these game but haven't had any look any advice

  14. Now see, Halloween is a subject where I really do Lighten Up. 😁 I don't like horror and I don't like scary. But I do love me some spooky! Can't resist cute little goblins, ghosts, & monsters. So we own Ghost Fighting Teasure Hunters & Haunt the House. From your list though we do love playing Horrified. The classic movie monsters aren't as scary in today's technology. Also that one with the compass really intrigued me. It's got a unique mechanism and I appreciate that it capped at stolen memories and blank faces instead of death or the monster eating children or something. Have a friend that would love this video, will definitely share.

  15. Nice list … I missed Alone, Deep Madness, Monster Slaughter, Elder Sign, Z War One … and of coures the great Kingdom Death : Monster …

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