Top 10 SMALL Footprint, BIG Gameplay Board Games -

Top 10 SMALL Footprint, BIG Gameplay Board Games

The Brothers Murph
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Today we talk about the 10 games that have a small footprint on the table but a heck of a lot of gameplay!

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  1. I just ordered Paint the Roses based on a couple of recommendations you’ve made.

  2. What are the dimensions of the board game in Village Rails ?

  3. I just love games that give you lots of game in a small box!
    Some of my favorites are: A fistful of meeples (like Five Tribes with a western theme), Little Town, Tybor the Builder, Sky Team, Knarr, Goblin Vaults (crunchy hidden gem), Mining colony, La Isla (Stefan Feld), Artifacts Inc. and Botanik.

  4. Clans is the best #1 choice for this list, plus it’s a top ten of all time game too. However, you are missing “oh My Goods!” on this list—it’s a Euro game in a deck of cards!

  5. Love the topic! I'm really into little games right now.

  6. 12:01 i dont think you intended for that too happen in the video boys!
    Looks like you forgot to cut out a part there!

  7. Three more that take very little table space and are great for trips: Point Salad, Land Sea and Air, and Citadels.

  8. Haven't started the video yet, but I'm gonna guess Arboretum is somewhere on here!

  9. Viking ship! Great choices overall. Ya'll know I'm gonna recommend some Button Shy games for this list: Ancient Realm, ROVE, and Heirarchy. I also can't help but mention Oh My Goods, such a good thinky game in such a tiny package.

  10. My kids and I love Tiny Epic Vikings, Trails and BOOoop lately

  11. As a solo gamer I'm biased and think Legacy of Yu should be #1 haha

  12. These days, with the size of game footprints, does that mean Arkham horror with all expansions is a small footprint? 😂

  13. Now do, the good games that have too much box space, like splendor.

  14. Tiny Epic Vikings and Tiny Epic Dinosaurs give reasonably meaty games in a small table presence. Another would be Furnace, if you are short on space for rows of cards you can double up the rows – fundamentally it's a bunch of cards and resources, but they create a very good play experience.

  15. Tiny Epic Galaxies. Lots of strategy, great table presence, but not a lot of space.

  16. "board is this big" something completely different on B roll every time 😅

  17. I'm surprised I didn't see any Button Shy's wallet games on this list.

  18. Masters of Renaissance – Lorenzo il Magnifico The Card Game is a great game for this list. Lots of game play with a relatively small footprint.

  19. What about Façade Game games?? They're not only small footprint on the table, but also on the shelf (the size and look of a book!). They're latest content is similar to Secret Hitler, but no one dies! So Good!

  20. Targi and Res arcana are the first that came in my mind

  21. Sorta disagree with TMB. Sure, playing the scenario itself takes up very little table space, but having to source the dice when you upgrade and referencing the character sheets takes space.

  22. Just recently played It's a Wonderful World and could not be happier with the very limited size, same with Splendor Duel

  23. Tiny Epic Galaxies
    Mission to Planet Hexx
    Splendor Duel

  24. I think AllPlay has doneva pretty good job with their choice of games. Bites is my personal favorite, so much variability with a simple ruleset. Flatout games as well.

  25. You guys always do a bang-up job with the videos, but, when you keep saying something is "this big", try not to when you're showing shots of the game.

  26. Demon Worker is my go to small footprint Worker Placement. Such a great game, so streamlined with just brutal decisions of an efficiency puzzle.

  27. This is the same mindset I went into Essen with…came back with 23 games, in my caryover bag 😂😱🥰 also, looks t me that World’s fair looks a lot like Animal kingdome, in more areas than one: same hexagonal assambled main board, cards played around and even colored cubes that are place and colected on and from the board….you should check that one out 😄

  28. I would also add Jaws by Revensburger as a great one versus many game with a tiny footprint, as well as all the Dark City games, such as Bristol 1350.

  29. Good luck finding Clans of Caledonia, been out of print for years

  30. Trick taking games fall in the abstract side of gaming I guess?

  31. Great list! I would definitely add The Red Cathedral, so much game similar to the White Castle.

  32. Murphs: "We chose to make a couple of exclusions-"
    Me: "Oh, let me guess – micro games like Buttonshy, Tiny Epic, Mint Series, Pack o Gum Series, and Pocket versions of larger games?"
    Murphs: "No… but literally none of those made the list."
    Me: "B-b-b-but those are tailor-made for exactly this kind of list!"
    Murphs: "Yes, but they suck."
    Me: "Not all of them."
    Murphs: "They exclused themselves. By sucking. GET REKT!"

  33. village Rails! what an incredible surprise of a game, cant recommend it enough.

  34. Tonight I played Tiny Epic Vikings. My words were: such a small fotoprint for such a big game!! Was really impressed with it!

  35. Jaipur, tiny epic galaxies, targi, oh my goods, and Fort of some of my smaller box favorites 😊

  36. This was truly posted at the right time! My father is in the hospital, and I've been wanting to bring games that we can play together while visiting. Thank you so much!

  37. As a solo player I am done with large footprint games. I have gravitated to Verb and Writes because of this and I don’t have time to set up a bunch of crap

  38. If you guys say flex one more time I'm going to sneak into your homes and steal one card from every game you own.

  39. Wow, awesome list! The only game I have on the list is 7 Wonders Duel plus one expansion which is awesome. So many other intriguing games on the list. The standout curiosity for me is The Legacy of Yu. It looks so appealing as a solo play that appears as an actual board game. It’s kind of pricey though. Maybe a bit more complex than I want.

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