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Top 10 Solo Board Games

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Solo board games are something I’ve gotten into fairly recently and now the majority of my board game plays are solo. Here you’ll find a list of my current 10 favourites. I’m hoping to do this list at least once a year as i try to play more and more games, if there’s a game that you think should be on my list let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi there! How did u get the Aeon trespass odyssey? I've been looking for it, and I can not find where to buy it! Thanks for the video, It was quite impressive!

  2. Sleeping Gods, Etherfields, Tainted Grail, and Burncycle all on order. Mage Knight is difficult, but well worth the time to learn.

  3. I've just begun soloing Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion, and I am liking it a lot – the hype is real, just like with Mage Knight.

  4. mage knight mechanic looks like slay the spire

  5. I’ve seen more videos about the best solo boardgames pop up on my YouTube feed recently. While your list has different games from others, there is one thing that I don’t like here. All titles talk about SOLO boardgames and all videos show solo modes of multiplayer games. In general, with these games I prefer the multiplayer mode over the solo mode. The solo mode of these games isn’t bad but just is a bit gimmicky because these game are not designed to play single player. Why not show single player games, games that are designed to be single player? Or do you (and other people) want to say that single players designed games are worse than solo modes of bigger games?

  6. So curious on how you would compare “Descent, Legends in the dark” against the other games on this list.

  7. Love your videos! Completely agree with the list, I just wish Mage Knight wasn't such a table hog. 😀

  8. I nearly left when you put Tainted Snail on your list.

    But then you completely redeemed yourself with Mage Knight at number one. It's a fantastic game and just a really, really good recommendation which is, honestly, more often than not better solo.

  9. Great list! So tempted to get Etherfields. I think Awaken Realms makes such great games and I have several others (Tainted Grail, Nemesis, ISS Vanguard, This War of Mine). Just can't seem to pull the trigger.

    So, Bardsung is your favorite dungeon crawler? Have you tried Massive Darkness 2?

  10. You said Cloudspire is your favorite Chip Theory Game. How is it 5th then when Burncycle is 2nd? 😂

  11. Anyone who’s number 1 is mageknight, I know our likes will align. We have a very similar list, Burncycle I just broke down off of my table, I walked away not enjoying it too much, I will have to try it again though. Thanks for the vid!

  12. Great list. Some VERY BIG games on there! I was sure that Vanguard would be your No.1 as it was so proudly displayed behind you! I own it too but have yet to play it.

    You have to play Dawn of the Zeds, 3rd edition if you can. Brilliant solo game. Nemo’s War is another really good solo game and one of the latest solo only mega hits is Final Girl. It’s actually really good and highly recommended especially if you like the 80’s horror movie genre at all. It knocks it out of the park.

    You’ve got yourself another subscriber. I’m a fellow Canadian too, albeit a Brit by birth but I’ve lived in Alberta and BC for over thirty years now.



  13. I am always interested in recommendations for solo games, and I think you’ve gone and done it and convinced me to get Mage Knight. It keeps topping so many lists of solo games, even lists that don’t feature sprawling and/or campaign games as yours did. I need to pick up Spirit Island as well. You said you might do more lists of solo games in the future. I’d be interested in your take on smaller-scale solo games, if your gaming tastes run that way. Thanks for the video. It was great.

  14. Thank you for the video! I also love Mage Knight.
    If you are looking for a much quicker solo experience take a look at Under Falling Skies. Plays quick and is a good brain burner, has a lot of variability and different difficulties and also a campaign which adds more and is told through a comic.

    Also i recently discovered The Warp. Fantastic strategy game that plays rather quick and without real downtime. Kind of a 4x game playable in 2-3 hours. Works with all player numbers with almost no downtime. Solo mode has 11 missions/enemy alien races in two difficulties. They all work different and in the end feel like a fun puzzle (understanding the enemy and find out how to best play against it).

  15. no lord of the rings journey into middle earth?

  16. Nice big box solo games, for small box games Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp is a fantastic game, one that I like, while simple it's challenging.

  17. Where would you put 7th continent or 7th citadel? I'm thinking about getting one of them soon.

  18. Great video. Thank you. You should give Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress a try. I think it's one of the best Dungeon Crawlers. I've tried Zombicide, Imperial Assault, Gloomhave JOTL, and a few others. I prefer Warhammer quest. Does not get the love I think becuase you need to assemble the mini's and it's looked on as a war game. BTW, The mini's are fantastic.

  19. I'm a simple man, I like simple games: Fallout (with both expansions), Hellboy (with all expansions), Outer Rim (with expansion) and Mage Knight (not that simple, I know) are my favorite solo games.

    Imo, Sleeping Gods lacks major antagonists (be it a creature or nature or whatever), Spirit Island lacks theme, Tainted Grail has a theme that I can't relate with and the other ones I didn't play.

    Anyway, nice video!

  20. Really like the list. Looking forward to try some of those.

    Some feedback, you used the phrase “the reason this is lower on my list” for almost every game. For me personally that felt too repetitive and negative.

    Looking forward to next years list

  21. Man. I discovered solo gaming this week! Wow. I was exactly as what you said. I saw Boardgames as a social activity. But I just got Expeditions (the sequel to Scythe) and after playing it once with friends I wanted to play more, but couldn’t get people to play with. Saw a review that the Automa is good and gave it a go. And I’m blown away! I totally enjoyed it!
    Now I’m going around looking for this kind of videos 😀.
    I recommend it to you to try it out. Rococo Deluxe also has a very nice solo mode.

  22. I never played any campaigns. Any dungeon crawlers at all. Not my jam. I just don’t enjoy rolling a bunch of dice.
    I’m more of a Euro gamer. But from your list, I think I would like to try Sleeping Gods.
    Anyway man, will keep exploring your Chanel. God bless

  23. admit it, you're here because you're a virgin.. i don't know whether to laugh or cry

  24. I notice ISS Vanguard on the shelf behind you. What do you think of that game? I thought it would’ve been on this top 10! lol

  25. I’m just entering the solo board game experience, as I too, like so many always considered board games to be a very social experience. Many of the games you list are not familiar to me, however, the exploration and discovery themes seem very very interesting, thematically. The games you list are probably a bit pricey…would there be one exploration or discovery game that you would recommend to start with at an affordable price point? Also, I see there is a Star Trek version of Mage Knight that would interest me, but Mage Knight sounds fairly complex to learn. I guess as a solo player, I could take my time learning it. 😅. Thanks for your review!!

  26. Hey! Great list here. Thanks so much for the video. Off hand, do you know of any solo board games that are similar to Risk? Thanks 🙂

  27. Is there by chance a cyberpunk style solo board game?

  28. Is there even a single “pure” solo game on this list (by pure I mean a game specifically designed to be played by a single player)? If not, why not? It seems pretty strange to create a best solo games list without one pure solo game on it.

  29. I've solo played Mage Knight for the first time a few days ago and I can easily understand why it is your n°1. What a beast. Nice video btw! 👍

  30. notice that you have your sleeping gods cards with sleeves, can you add a link on were did you get those sleeves, both medium and big size, i would be appreciated, thanks for taking the time to do this videos.

  31. Have you tried Mage lite a 18 card game version of mage knight? It is a PNP on BGG from Mythfield Games. He also does gloomholdin a 18 card version of Gloomhaven with permission from Cephlophair.

  32. Solo games are perfect for me. I am my own strongest opponent.

  33. Interesting, out of all of these Mage Knight is the one I've actually played (with friends).

  34. VeTotally agree with you, MK is for me the best solo board game. Interesting a lot your top solo board games.

  35. As someone on disability and lots of time and little money, I'd love to get all of these games, but sadly, they are too expensive for me. Great video tho! Thank you for making me aware of these solo games.

  36. It's very discouraging that most games are incredibly expensive. Really cool-looking list! It's really nice getting to hear about games no other reviewer talks about!

  37. Content was good, but why copy the dice tower animations lol?

  38. How do you shade your minis. I’m mostly a solo gamer too and not a big painter. Love your content!

  39. After the Virus is a very small card game but surprisingly good, especially when you wanna play something quick. When the Long Cold expansion came out, I went for it immediately. It took a couple of plays to really get around the strategy. And of course, Hoplomachus from Chip Theory Game in case you haven't checked it out yet. Anyway, thank you for your list. Aeon Trespass seems like a game of my type.

  40. good list but no Avalon Hill games from the 70s and 80s? No Advanced Squad Leader? No AMbush?

  41. I don't think Ive won a single game of Mage Knight. I love the game, but it's hard as hell.

  42. What a surprising list, since the solo space now is so dominated by euros. And makes sense why spirit island is no 6 on your list…it’s not as theme heavy as the other games. If you were more of a euro / mechanics first kind of a gamer, perhaps SI would have been higher and we may have seen some pure euros on the list.
    Not that this list is a bad thing. It’s an amazing list, especially for solo gamers who love theme heavy games.

  43. Your list is very heavy on the miniature site and those look like quite expensive games. Could you do a low-budget list too?

  44. As a guy from Poland, I'm proud that 4 out of 10 games in your top10 were created by Poles 🙂

  45. Surprised nobody ever mentions Lord of The Rings LCG. It's an amazing solo game, though it's a card game, it has many board game elements.

  46. Hi. Question about Chip Theory Games. I see Too many Bones is not on your list. I want to buy one of their games, but not sure what to get for solo play. have you tried Too Many bones? as it's widely considered their best game. If you have, why do you prefer the two on your list? Thanks again

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