Top 10 SOLO Board Games: Mage Knight, Dungeon, Alliance, Final Girl & More -

Top 10 SOLO Board Games: Mage Knight, Dungeon, Alliance, Final Girl & More

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Hey, Welcome to my channel. In this video, I am going to be talking about my pick for the top 10 solo board games.
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below
Everything in this video in my own personal thoughts let me know what your favorite games are below
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Rolling Realms:
Spirit Island:
Friday Board Game:
Mage Knight: Sold Out
A feast Of Odin:
Sleeping Gods:
Under the falling Skies:
Dungeon Alliance:
Dice Throne Adventures:
Final Girl: Sold Out Pre-Order oming Soon

Rolling Realms:
Friday Board Game:
Spirit Island:
Mage Knight:
A feast Of Odin:
Sleeping Gods:
Under the falling Skies:
Dungeon Alliance:
Dice Throne Adventures:
Final Girl – Sold Out

Top 10 Cooperative Board Games

Time Codes:
0:00 Intro
0:35 Rolling Realms
1:15 Friday
1:37 Mage Knight
2:15 Spirit Island
2:43 A Feast Of Odin
3:30 Sleeping Gods
4:05 Under the Falling Skies
4:50 Dungeon Alliance
5:30 Dice Throne Adventures
6:00 Number 1
6:28 Final Thoughts

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  1. Have you Played Under the Falling skies? What is your top ten solo games?

  2. Dice throne franchise is amazing!! I will be buying the other games on this list. Great video👍😎✊🏽🇰🇪🇵🇷

  3. Great video! Most of the games I own or are in my wishlist. They all are really good solo games. I really like Rolling Realms, Friday and Dice Throne. I really want to try under falling sky and final girls. Do you have any recommendations on which final girl scenario to start? I also enjoy Cascadia and Arkham Horror LCG solo.

  4. Good list. Great to see Dungeon Alliance still making the top 10 lists.

  5. Totally agree with Final Girl. Great picks

  6. Nice Solo list buddy!👍😎
    I agree with on Final Girl and Make Knight!
    I love Dice Throne as two player as well and I want to like Adventures but not being able to switch characters during the scenario is a disappointing for me. Are you trying something else that we don’t know? 😆
    My top solo are:
    Marvel Champions
    Raiders of Scythia
    Lost Ruins of Arnak
    Set a Watch
    Tiny Epic Zombies and Galaxies
    Architects of the West kingdom
    Star Realms Frontier
    And Cartographers


  8. Thanks so much for including Dungeon Alliance in your top 10! It's great to hear you've been having fun playing the game solo, as well as with all the other modes!

  9. Man, how you gonna put a sold out game as a top ten?

  10. Great video! I own a couple of them, great list! Mage Knight is one I’d like too. Sleeping Gods is pre-ordered already, just like Final Giel

    I love Odin, Under Falling Skies and Spirit Island

    I think you would love Renegade. It’s basically a quicker and a little simpler Spirit Island.

  11. So not your top ten just the ten games you’ve played?

  12. you favorite is lots of randomness and "dice thrown". I think a good nr 1 is Lands of Galzyr, pretty new.
    I also like Memoir 44 with a solo ai I developed, but that's probably way too nerdy for your channel.

  13. GI Joe the Deck Building Game is one of my favorite solo games right now

  14. Final Girl is definitely my pick for best solo game experience ever made

  15. Finally a guy who can understand how amazing is Dungeon alliance. I agreed everything so I missed sleeping god but looking how much u match my other games I m going to buy it asap.

  16. Arkham Horror The Card Game is an essential solo game, but otherwise pretty good list.

  17. My favorite solo game is one deck dungeon

  18. Nice video- we share a lot of the same tastes. So I’m very pleased that I finally ordered some Final Girl yesterday after being on the fence for a while. Can’t wait to play!

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