Top 10 Solo Board games no one talks about. -

Top 10 Solo Board games no one talks about.

Alien Meatballs
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These are my Top 10 board games that I play solo, that no one, or very rarely, people talk about.

00:00 Start
02:25 Dice Settlers
05:00 Blackout: Hong Kong
07:30 Black Angel
10:20 In Too Deep
15:10 Mutants
18:00 GI Joe Deck Builder
23:20 Juicy Fruits
27:40 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
32:17 Paleo
37:45 Fantastic Factories


  1. Bought Blackout: Hong Kong from a friend some months ago, played the heck out of the solo game for a few weeks. I have yet to play it with others. 😊

  2. Great to hear about something other than the latest hotness. 🍎🍇🍉🍒🍊(Juicy Fruits is awesome)

  3. You're a first person who recommended mutants. This game is amazing solo and with people.The Boss fight solo mode is great, and real hard. Sucks it's not popular in my country.

  4. I heard about Batman on Boardgame Hungover and Fantastic Factories is on the top 200 Solo Games list, but you just helped me to pull the trigger. Thanks for the list!

  5. Thank you for sharing your passion for board games with the world! Your videos are always informative and entertaining, and they help me to discover new games that I love.

  6. I watched a playthrough of Blackout Hong Kong a couple of years ago and really liked the gameplay. Seemed like a solid game and you're right, no one ever talks about it. I guess I'd forgotten that there was a solo mode. Maybe I should look into it again…

  7. I have to say that I'm glad this one was suggested (by YouTube). Do you play Dice Golf as I noticed you wearing a "Chasing the Chains" t-shirt.? Also have you played any Disc Golf Board Games? DOSH Board Golf or Birdie / Birdie Pro?

  8. I just discovered your channel and I'm happy I did. As you describe in your first video I also play with friends and family, but mostly solo. So to find a channel that focuses mostly on solo, but also has an eye open for multiplayer is great. I, as many others have commented, became curious about Black Angel. I see many people sell the game, but I wonder why. I know some of the guys in The Dice Tower (Zee Garcia) likes it. Anyways, I hope you keep on making more videos ! You have a relaxing approach and I find it easy to follow your explanations.

  9. Very cool, budd. Subscribed. I only find Paleo boring solo. It truly needs human interactions.

  10. The GI Joe db has been on my list since it came out. I need to just pull the trigger and grab it.

  11. I LOVE Blackout:Hong Kong. More than Maracaibo (controversy!)

  12. Hey man, great recommendations. Glad I subscribed. Keep it up!

  13. Black angel is a very interesting challenge for solo play

  14. Great video. Thanks for highlighted so many new to me and interesting looking games! More deck building with Mutants looks cool, and like the theme. I am sure I've heard of Paleo. It looks so nice on the table. Definitely checking out some of these.

  15. Cool list cheers. Always on the look out for decent solo games.

  16. Nice subject☺! Good to see Black Angel, very underestimated!

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