Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2021 - Best Solo Board Games of 2021 - SBGK -

Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2021 – Best Solo Board Games of 2021 – SBGK

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This year has been an incredible year for solo board games. Here are my Top 10 Solo Board Games that released in 2021! Enjoy!

Solo Board Gaming Knight


  1. Middara. Been on my table for a couple months now… Never heard of The Loop, looks like my kind of frustration. Thanks for the great video!

  2. A lot of HEART in this review! 😛

    Happy gaming, friend! I like that phrase: "It's just great fun."

  3. Amazing that there are 10 solo board games worth it in a year. Nice vid!

  4. Nice list dude! I’m interested in your thoughts on mage knight. It’s my favourite game!

  5. Next Year is the real killer. LORD of the rings Lcg revised edition and Marvel Zombies a Zombicide game

  6. Great video I have Middara looking forward to diving in. How do you play it solo, all characters, or the linked version?

  7. Just received Van Ryder Games solo only Final Girl all in kickstarter. Its a solo masterpiece. Thank you for the content. Instant sub.

  8. My wife hates board games too…. Lol. It's why I play solo.

  9. How can you say Bullet <3 is not fun looking on the box?! That box and game look awesome, definitely adding that to my wishlist though it seems hard to find. It was worth watching this video just to find that one, it is now number 2 on my wants for board games.
    Descent seems cool too but i don't have that kind of cash.

  10. There’s too much bad news and negativity in the world today. That’s why I enjoy coming to your channel. Positivity, enthusiasm, open-mindedness…never change, man!

  11. I enjoyed this, different games compared to a lot of lists

  12. Great job! Enjoyed the video! Also thank you for the suggestions for the other board game content creators. I will check them out.

  13. This is a great list!! I think the best suggestion I got from it was the Burgle Bros game. I had never heard of it, and I love Oceans 11!! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the video 🙂

  14. Great list, my favorite solo game/co op games is Marvel Champions LCG. Highly recommend! Thanks for the video!

  15. Well, I have none of those but do the Monsters in that version of Horrified all work EXACTLY the same as the ones in the original game? I have the original. Love it. I like how each monster works different. But if the monsters in that NEW version work the same, its an easy pass for me. If they all introduce something new, then woah… But you made it sound like the game is literally a re-skin. Same rule… but even for all the monsters??

  16. To each his own! I think most people would have completely different lists, but this is good for discovering new stuff. The TMars card game, and the Loop look interesting. Bullet as well. The Warcraft game also looks cool but it also looks like it would take over an hour to play (too long for me). I’m curious; what is your criteria for these top 10? For me, I like simple rules, short (under 40min play time), ability to get a highscore is also important (I’ll typically cook up a way to calculate a highscore if a game has just a win/lose outcome). I’ll play a brainburner game once in a while but not over and over, so those kind of games are lower on my list. I absolutely hate games with poor rulebooks. Worldwide Tennis is an example… if you like cards, dice, Tennis, its fun but very difficult game to learn and play (disorganized rulebook, mistakes, holes, etc). Anyways, thanks for the vid. Might just snag TMars now.

  17. My wife avoids boardgames as well but loves puzzles. You have got me thinking about Bullet now!

  18. Awesome video! Glad I found your channel. I love your passion and energy for board games.

  19. very usefull review. Thanks for sharing. happy holidays

  20. The lack of Spirit Island has been reported to the authorities 😉

  21. I'm so glad YT showed me your video.
    I really really love the passion you put into the video and the emotion to share it with us, I also love board gaming and the last 3 years I've been getting into it way more. I know that struggle, you find a great game and then you really want to share it and look for people to play with and have great fun with the running theme the game is trying to pull us into.

    I love this community, I'm just sad that the very passionate people willing to share this "geeky hobby" is so far from each other…

  22. Where did you get those cases for the BULLET tokens?

  23. Jessie? Is that you? Board Game Nerd? 🙂 🙂

  24. What a great video 😊 You do something that most reviewers don’t. You show front and back etc. of the box while you talk about the game. Awesome 👍 You deserve a bunch of subscribers. Please keep doing your reviews like this.

  25. Thanks for the video. Been collecting board games for over 12 years now and only played a handful solo when I carved out some time. Great content!

  26. Great vid!! Your passion about these games makes me want to order them all. You spoke of games I knew about and was thinking of buying and then you speak of games I never heard of. And I am glad you did because now I want to check them out and who knows Ill find something I must have.

  27. Audio is a bit weird, sounds like a duplicate audio layer?

  28. Hi buddy, what a great video. Great enthusiasm and really excellent explanations about what you feel for each game. Loved the whole video, man 🙂
    Also, you sound like your an awesome dude to be friends with, for sure. I share the pain of having a wife that doesn't like gaming. Hopefully one day I too will find a "bullet heart" for us to enjoy.
    Subscribed, keep it up brave Knight! ;D

  29. Bullet wooden components is on my wishlist. I don’t own any of your games.

  30. I'm pretty meh on Pandemic. It's a great game, but I just don't enjoy the theme. World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King is totally awesome! They used some of the best parts of the Pandemic system, then added some great additional systems that just take it to another level for me. Absolutely love the game.

  31. Hm Etherfields? And nonplaying BG wife🥺🤔choose wisely😉😁🤣🥳

  32. Hello, I've just discovered your videos … great job ! Keep going 😀
    Little question : you seem enjoying dungeon crawler (!!), did you play Chronicle of Drunagor in order to have a feedback versus Descent and Middara. Thanks in advance

  33. Should look at Camp Pinetop! Has great solo play!

  34. I love how much you love games! Just hearing the passion in your voice made me smile the entire way through the video. I wish you were my neighbour!

  35. I see you really liked the new descent. This makes me wonder, have you played descent 2nd edition or Imperial Assault? Personally, I think both of these are more fun as a game. If you really like story you might want to try Gloomhaven. Personally, I hate the card system in Gloomhaven but I seem to be in the minority. Give the expansion a shot. It's a stand alone game. If you find you enjoy it a lot, then you can consider sinking the large portion of money for the base game.

  36. You should add Amazon affiliate links for all the games you mentioned.

  37. You should really play Gloomhaven, man 😉

  38. I picked up the Pandemic Wrath of the Lich King the other day, and I definitely recommend picking it up. It did take me a long time to play, but there's a lot of factors I can bring up that contributed to that. 1 being first time playing and setting up, and 2 the first time playing. After that first playthrough and understanding the rules, it's a blast. The box says 45 minutes to 1 hour, I would say it can definitely take more than an hour. Not like monopoly though where it takes days to finish, or risk where you can probably binge watch the whole hobbit trilogy while playing

  39. Really well scripted, performed and edited. Just get yourself a dedicated mic and you’ll be set!

  40. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Because of your recommendation, I bought ‘The Initiative’. Ooooh my god!! I received it this morning and already played the first 6 chapters. I will never ever regret this experience! Thank you once again. I also bought ‘the loop’ but have not tried yet… i also have the new Descent, but I got that before I watched your video… still considering Middara as well…

  41. I have Alien The fate of Nostromo, and I love it. Specially playing with young people not so used to play game boards

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