Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022 - Best Solo Board Games of 2022 - SBGK -

Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022 – Best Solo Board Games of 2022 – SBGK

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I can’t believe 2022 is reaching its end! Wow! What a year! Not only did 2022 become the first for year of having this channel but I’ve also had a great time having conversations with all of you throughout the year. It’s been a pleasure and an honor. I hope 2023 brings us even more great times, experiences and board games! See you all next year! Take care, Solo Knights!


Solo Board Gaming Knight


  1. I can’t believe 2022 is coming to an end! I hope you enjoy my “Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022!” Timestamps below:0:00 Intro/2021 Comparison0:52 Number 102:07 Number 93:50 Number 85:55 Number 77:29 Number 68:41 Number 510:15 Number 411:02 Number 312:13 Number 213:03 Number 114:39 Special Thanks To You!14:59 Shout-Out To Some Awesome People!That’s it for 2022! What a year! I’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for spending time with me throughout the year! I’ve had a great time having conversations with you all and I really enjoyed making videos to share them with you all! Unfortunately, I had another 2 videos scheduled for this year but the last few months have been a little too busy and haven’t allowed me the time to finish them. I’ll still get them out but I’m going to take the last few weeks of this year to spend time with my family. I promise I’ll release those videos in 2023 for your enjoyment! Thanks again for taking time throughout the year to hang out with me. I hope you and everyone you love have a great rest of the year! Stay safe out there, keep gaming and I’ll see you all very soon! Take care, Solo Knights. Sincerely, Solo Board Gaming Knight

  2. I picked up Bullet based on your last list, now I am adding Outer Rim and Ascension Tactics, blast you SBGK!! Haha. I have Final Girl on the way from the campaign, and think I’m going to hold of on Burncycle for now, but 100% will get it at some point. Great list my man!

  3. Beauty of a list, one of the best in on Youtube! I'm currently playing the remade Monkey Island on PC and it's great. very true to the original. I've gone all in on Final Girl S1 and S2 now. I really enjoy putting on a horror movie while playing that game. For solo players, it really is something special. I've had Roll Player Adventures on my shelf for a while, but am too intimidated to get it played yet.

  4. I've played five of these and none will be leaving my collection any time soon

  5. Just love your style. You make me want to play them all. I can't. But now I'm wondering about Wrath of the lich king or Star wars pandemic. I know you said Star Wars is better.

  6. Excellent list!! A few of my best gameplays were games I have owned but never played–Dead of Winter: The Long Night, Terror Below, Elder Sign with Unseen Forces and Omens of The Pharoah Expansions, Tales From The Ruined City (This War of Mine) and Robinson Crusoe–harder than any game I've learned so far! I've played other games, but these I think of playing over and over again. I'm dying to buy my copies of SW Clone Wars (Pandemic) and Final Girl–in 2023, they'll be mine😄. Beautiful video as always! Have a Merry Christmas–and YAY! Your wife is becoming a gamer–well done!

  7. And we appreciate you for giving us your time to express your thoughts and opinions!

  8. Good stuff, got me shopping for a couple games.. (as usual). I appreciate the shout-out and love the enthusiasm you bring to the hobby. Take care and happy holidays, SBGK!

  9. Funny enough I added 2 games because of your channel this year and one is a game that you don’t enjoy. Those games were Bullet and Batman The Dark Knight Returns. Shows that even in a review that isn’t positive your Cons can be someone else’s Pros and a reason that reviews should never just be numbers or some ratings scale. Keep up the positive energy coming and stay safe. IF I had to pick my solo game of the year it would be Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis or Final Girl with a honorary mention for the ‘new to me’ Arkham Horror 3E. I love Fantasy Flights adventure games.

  10. Nice list Altough none of those games are speaking to me
    Just can't stand the minis / dude on maps games at all

  11. I wonder how this list compares to your top 10 board games of all time? 😁 I’d love to hear what that one would be! Another great video Knight!!

  12. Not one of those games that I have tried. I find the solo dungeon crawl games to often be tedious to setup and play. I’ve recently found Ark Nova, Smartphone Inc., Three Sisters and HEAT. They are absolutely amazing solo games because they are super simple to setup and play but offers a lot of choice and brain crunching.

    But maybe I should get back into games like Sword & Sorcery. The second kickstarter has laid on my shelf ever since I got it. Because it is so tedious to get on with.

    Will look into the Warcraft and/or Star Wars Pandemic system games in 2023 I think, though.

    Good luck with the channel ☺️

  13. Love your content on this channel
    I can't wait to play Final Girl
    I ordered it for a while but here in Germany it takes a bit until it arrives
    But I am so excited to finally have it here on my table

  14. Great list! I so much enjoy your videos 🙂 (and get inspiration from you!)
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Great list, I’m guessing you haven’t played ISS Vanguard yet? I think it would be on this based on your other choices, we share a lot of similar interests in solo games.

  16. Can you give a link to the Board Game Rants video in which he talks about how easy it is to make your own board game channel?

  17. I'm so glad to have found your channel. I look forward to watching many more of your videos.

  18. Thanks buddy for that list. Didn't expect that star wars clone wars pandemic might be so good. I also didn't even know that this roll player adventures game exist. I need to check it bro 🙂 thanks

  19. Great list! And congrats on your channel, you're doing a GREAT job. Your channel quickly shot up on my list of favourites soon after I discovered it. You're up there with Boardgamerants, I was really happy to hear you give him a shout out. As with you, I really enjoy his enthusiastic style. I've come to appreciate the 'down to earth' channels much more than the ones that are all about hype and shilling. So keep doing what you're doing, I love it! Thanks for all your hard work, it's truly appreciated. Looking forward to more solo-gaming goodness in 2023!

  20. Just got myself all the bullet content because I already own final girl for a while. It’s a great game (I actually played it the first time around last Christmas). Which of the scenarios is your favourite?

  21. Final Girl is the best solo game in that list. I do t know how Dice Throne Adventures is #2

  22. no final girl? was that 2021 or just didnt make the list?

  23. Great vid. Please have time stamps to easily swap games

  24. Hahaha!! I knew it!! Final Girl is the Final Winner!! Totally well deserved!! What a game and what a year! You know, I didn't even know you uploaded this video. I had been waiting ages for it because you mentioned it a few times but YouTube never alerted me, for whatever reason. Then tonight I was gonna sit down for dinner and watch some YouTube while eating, and your video popped up! Man, what a great round up and your commentary is awesome as usual, I am sure everyone can feel your energy and passion talking about these games. I haven't uploaded anything yet (still LOL) but I did post a community photo of part of my game collection. I will start in 2023. This year was for buying games (LOL) not making videos about them. By the way I have officially filled my storage quota at home for boardgames. Like, dude, literally I cannot put another box somewhere LOL. The last time my orders came in, I had to take out some games and try to consolidate the expansions into the same boxes and it was not easy, but I did it. I do have a little bit of space under the sofa if I really really really need to buy just one or two more boardgames but seriously THAT IS IT. No more!!! LOL. I am sure everyone said that many times before! Alright dude, wish you and your family all the best for this festive season!!! See you and everyone again soon at the table!!! (By the way spoiler alert, I was going to do a video on the game that made me spend the MOST money, and it was almost like mind control, I don't know how it happened but it did, and that game (series) is Shadows of Brimstone. I don't think you have that in your collection yet. Be warned!!! That is the game that really took up all my remaining storage space at home hahaha!!)

  25. Your enthusiasm is great! Interesting list, with some very promising titles. Thanks.

  26. I appreciate the shoutout my dude! Thank you for always putting out amazing content and it’s cool to see you flourishing. Gotta get a video with you one day!

  27. The YouTube notifications are just a mess. Therefore, I am late again to the party.

    A great video as usual. Your #10 has been entirely under my radar, so thank you. It now is on my priority list for 2023.

    Let me share my little top 10 of 2022's solos. And trust me, it was really hard to make an actual list. So many amazing games I have played this year.

    10) Star Wars Outer Rim + Expansion
    9) Lands of Galzyr
    8) Solomon Kane
    7) Oathsworn
    6) Middara
    5) Dice Throne Adventures
    4) Dwellings of Eldervale
    3) Stars of Akarios
    2) ISS Vanguard
    1) Assassins Creed: Brotherhood of Venice

    As a special mentioning, as runner up, S.H.E.O.L. I truely love this game but haven't played yet enough to have a final verdict. But wow, it is awesome, so far.

    Thank you very much for all the creative energy and hard work you have poored into your videos over this year. They were all a joy to watch and many gave me inspirations on what games to look for next. Also, big compliments on the evolution of your video scripting, shooting and editing. Looking forward to the next chapter in that saga.

    I wish you a fantastic and merry Christmas and a happy new year. Best of health and lots of happiness for you and your family.

    See ya in 2023.

  28. Great list! Did you get ISS? I’m starting to think I don’t enjoy dice rolling…. And hence that Ascension game sounds very interesting!

  29. A very nice F1 Racing simulator board game, "Pole Position" is now in Kickstarter..they tried to do a good solo mode and they are working on it. The game have bots for the moment..Have you got any idea to improve a great solo idea?

  30. Fantastic list! Second video of this channel I've seen so far but I adore how cohesive you sound, the videos flow flawlessly.
    Keep going, it's great so far 🙏💖👍🌟

  31. Great list of solo games! I really should make one of these soon and it is always good to see how your tastes change in solo gaming over the years. How long have you been solo gaming for?
    I have been since approx 2015 and My tastes have changed a lot!
    I am glad I watched your list as you have Ascension Tactics which I completely forgot about checking out. Obviously you believe it plays well solo, curious if it is still easy to get into solo and is all components usable in solo mode? Is there a campaign/narrative or scenarios to get through in solo?

  32. Great list of games as always – I think you often peak at my collection as we have quite a few games in common. The only one I would add, which was a TOTAL surprise for me, would be Tiny Epic Dungeons. I have played that solo many times this year, but it really shines when you get the Stories expansion and can play Epic Dungeon mode. It was a sleeper hit. Also, Lands of Galzyr is such a fun, light, adventure game. So glad I backed it. Again, thank you for the list and Happy Holidays!

  33. I.agree with final girl. I kick-started it and got 1 box. Played the Jason one. Then bought the entire line

  34. Oh lol. I see, that your card sleeves for Final Girl also have that weird effect, that all the white parts of the cards leave some kind of dents in the sleeves… what chemical wizardry is this?

  35. You are the BEST guy on your List… every Game ist the BEST GAME? and you got so much 100% Fails for me in your List… so i guess we are not compatible with our lists😂🤣

  36. HI, like your list, will check a few of them, Final Girl, Roll Player adventures and Clone Wars are in my top 10 also. Enjoyed a lot cascadia solo "campaign" and since you can put it up for play in 2 minutes , it has been played a lot.

  37. Wish I enjoyed Roll Player. It just felt a bit too random to me. So often I had a roll that wasn’t something I could ever have won with and I normally love determinism in games, but somehow this… really sank for me. So often I’d spend a long time trying to puzzle something out only to find.. there was no solution. I think my takeaway here is that you got to make sure your game actually has solutions more often than not. This was never an issue with me when playing Mage Knight, etc.

    I enjoyed the story system a lot though. Bummer I didn’t enjoy the game enough to stick with it.

  38. Ascension tactics was not in my radar until I saw your video review that made me, buying it and play. I played at first and it was to easy to win. I thought it was an ok game , I was a little disappointed, because I thought it was to simple and easy as a solo. Then I gave it one last chance only to realise that I was playing it wrong! The moment I played it right , I liked it so much, even if I lost epicly! I'm glad you have it in your list this year ☺️

  39. Hahaha I love your contents I always watch your videos but this time I didn’t end up buying 10 extra new games which I am pleased…haha…on this list I probably only would want to try final girl…

  40. As ever, a great video thank you! Have a lovely holiday season with your family, and I will look forward to 2023 and more wonderful games with you.

  41. Youtube algoritmes brought me to your channel pretty early. I bearly have time to game with my group, let alone to do solo gaming. But you make interesting content. You took a way a little bit of the mystic of the boardgame ´knight´ by appearing in one of your videos. But so be it. Keep up the good work!

  42. Great video, as always. What do you think of Familiar Tales replayability? This is the main critique I’ve read about it.

  43. Thank you for the great summary of the games combined with clear points as to why you like them. I worry a tab about the continuing use of superlatives (similar to the Brothers Murph in which every game is “SO, SO, great”), but since this a top ten list, I’ve decided to subscribe to hear more of your content.

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