Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022 - Best Solo Board Games of 2022 - SBGK -

Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022 – Best Solo Board Games of 2022 – SBGK

Solo Board Gaming Knight
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I can’t believe 2022 is reaching its end! Wow! What a year! Not only did 2022 become the first for year of having this channel but I’ve also had a great time having conversations with all of you throughout the year. It’s been a pleasure and an honor. I hope 2023 brings us even more great times, experiences and board games! See you all next year! Take care, Solo Knights!


Solo Board Gaming Knight


  1. I can’t believe 2022 is coming to an end! I hope you enjoy my “Top 10 Solo Board Games of 2022!” Timestamps below:0:00 Intro/2021 Comparison0:52 Number 102:07 Number 93:50 Number 85:55 Number 77:29 Number 68:41 Number 510:15 Number 411:02 Number 312:13 Number 213:03 Number 114:39 Special Thanks To You!14:59 Shout-Out To Some Awesome People!That’s it for 2022! What a year! I’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for spending time with me throughout the year! I’ve had a great time having conversations with you all and I really enjoyed making videos to share them with you all! Unfortunately, I had another 2 videos scheduled for this year but the last few months have been a little too busy and haven’t allowed me the time to finish them. I’ll still get them out but I’m going to take the last few weeks of this year to spend time with my family. I promise I’ll release those videos in 2023 for your enjoyment! Thanks again for taking time throughout the year to hang out with me. I hope you and everyone you love have a great rest of the year! Stay safe out there, keep gaming and I’ll see you all very soon! Take care, Solo Knights. Sincerely, Solo Board Gaming Knight

  2. Ascension tactics was not in my radar until I saw your video review that made me, buying it and play. I played at first and it was to easy to win. I thought it was an ok game , I was a little disappointed, because I thought it was to simple and easy as a solo. Then I gave it one last chance only to realise that I was playing it wrong! The moment I played it right , I liked it so much, even if I lost epicly! I'm glad you have it in your list this year ☺️

  3. Hahaha I love your contents I always watch your videos but this time I didn’t end up buying 10 extra new games which I am pleased…haha…on this list I probably only would want to try final girl…

  4. As ever, a great video thank you! Have a lovely holiday season with your family, and I will look forward to 2023 and more wonderful games with you.

  5. Youtube algoritmes brought me to your channel pretty early. I bearly have time to game with my group, let alone to do solo gaming. But you make interesting content. You took a way a little bit of the mystic of the boardgame ´knight´ by appearing in one of your videos. But so be it. Keep up the good work!

  6. Great video, as always. What do you think of Familiar Tales replayability? This is the main critique I’ve read about it.

  7. Thank you for the great summary of the games combined with clear points as to why you like them. I worry a tab about the continuing use of superlatives (similar to the Brothers Murph in which every game is “SO, SO, great”), but since this a top ten list, I’ve decided to subscribe to hear more of your content.

  8. Just love your style. You make me want to play them all. I can't.

    But now I'm wondering about Wrath of the lich king or Star wars pandemic. I know you said Star Wars is better.

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