Top 10 SOLO Board Games Of 2022! | My 10 favourite games I played solo this year! -

Top 10 SOLO Board Games Of 2022! | My 10 favourite games I played solo this year!

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Hey friends! It is time to chat about my favourite games I played solo in 2022! I started solo gaming this past year and it was the best decision ever. I enjoy solo gaming so so much and I can’t wait to play these games and even more in 2023. I hope you enjoy the video and thank you for watching!

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  1. Why does every "Best of" have nothing but worker placement games in it. Branch out for goodness sakes.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! Castles of burgundy is one of my favorites.

  3. Jenna, go for "Dorfromantik". It's based on a computer game and they did a boardgame version. A really laid back coop game, very good to solo. You will love this.

  4. So, per @10:53. Last year I made it a point to back/buy less games and get expansions for games I Love and know I want to table more. Got the Moonrakers Big Box and Dead Reckonings expansion. Cubitos is another that was supposed to get an expansion that didn't in 2022.

    The cult of the new is hard to avoid

  5. Great list. I also love Three Sisters, I hope you enjoy Fleet Dice game when you play it.

  6. I saw “unconscious mind” on the background. How did u get this? I has not been released yet?

  7. My most played last year was Merchants of the Dark Road. Trying to optimize the movement in this game is so satisfying.

  8. My favourite for 2022 is Zuuli. It's a card drafting game for 1-6 players where you're trying to build a zoo and score the most points. Animals can only live in certain types of enclosures, different animals can live with others, some can only live with their own species unless they're well fed, some take up more space than others, some have a score bonus etc. At first glance it looks really cute and cartoony but it's more strategic than it seems. In the solo mode you play against 'The Collector', who doesn't care about enclosures, they just want as many animals as possible and score points based on the type of animal and their habitat. Each game feels different so it's brilliant for replayability. I highly recommend it!

  9. This is great, I love group games but a group isn’t always available, so solo gaming is a great hobby that I have come upon recently, this list was exactly what I was looking for.

  10. Also, if anyone is interested in an amazing roll20 DND campaign, played out one night weekly for 2-3 hours over the span of a couple months let me know. Newcomers are welcome, but character creation and the very basics are strongly recommended prior to arrival, level 1 characters are great, let’s party.

  11. Think you've convinced me to pick up Hadrian’s Wall, had been hesitant since it's a "and write". I'd highly recommend Gaia Project. It's a great game and has an easy to manage solo version.

  12. This was many days ago but I'll give it a shot. Chances are you have never heard of or played the CCG Legend of the Five Rings. It is pretty complex and can take a while to get used to the rules and ins and outs. Normally, this is a game that has to be played with at least one other person, if not two. But I have devised a system where I can play two deck clans against each other, and it's pretty fun. In both tournaments I played against myself, my FAV clan of all, the Mantis, proved to be the most effective clan and came out on top. The Phoenix and the Crane were number two in both tournaments. Anyway, the L5R producers came out with a combination card and board game that doesn't take as long as the regular card game can take, called War of Honor. I've also played that board game against myself. When you buy War of Honor, it already comes with four pre-constructed decks, although you can switch out better cards if you have extra cards, which I do. The first player to march their piece down to the fifth and final square of the road to Victory, wins the game. There are four different paths you can take: Honor, Dishonor, Military, and Enlightenment. Once you get used to the rules and workings of the game, you can play Solo against yourself and it's really fun. War of Honor full sets are available on eBay and amazon. Just thought to make that suggestion, since I"ve always have fun playing this fantasy card/board game. Sounds like you have a LOT of other games you like to try and to play as it is, but if you can squeeze some time and effort into this one, it's nice.

  13. You may enjoy Mr. Cabbageheads Garden. It’s my favorite solo game and one that the theme and gameplay would suit you.

  14. 1. Zombicide (every)
    2. Mansions of Madness (2nd Edition)

  15. Been really thinking about trying Cascadia solo!

  16. this young woman is not hygiene challenged

  17. I used to buy expansions until I realized I just don't have time for them. So I dedicated money and time to get great core games.
    Then I realized expansions are overrated unless it adds new stories like chronicles of crime.

  18. Great choice with The Isle of Cats. I do love it as well!

  19. Arnak is my #1 game overall. Although, admittedly, there are a few games you've just reviewed which I've never played.

  20. The best solo game I’ve ever played is Final Girl. So many expansions and endless scenarios. Incredibly fun and intense!

  21. Ive had to solo most of my gaming hobby life. So I like these kind of videos. Thanks. I also spend a lot of time these days making my own too, which is very fun as well!

  22. Hadrian’s Wall is now much higher on my to buy list. If you like tech tree challenges I would suggest Gaia Project solo. Lots of fun. Great video.
    Cronchiest is now added to my vocabulary. 🦋

  23. Sounds like you'll love Paladins and Viscounts solo. They're fantastic.

  24. your list is pretty similar to my solo preferences. I haven't played isle of cats yet but it's on my shelf. The expansion to Parks (nightfall?) resolves all the complaints that I had about Parks as a game, so that one is well worth getting. I've been enjoying warp's edge recently. I have final girl and need to play that soon too.

  25. Expansions < New games. Given that it's rare for me to play a game more than a couple of times, even rarer to play with the same people, AND Expansions are often about the same price as a new game… I find it VERY hard to justify expansion purchases

  26. Glad to see you finally joined the solo game society ~ if you like Viticulture you'll really love the other Stonemaier Games as they have some of the best implementation of solo games period.

  27. "Under Falling Skies" is solo game. It feels like a mix of Space Invaders and X-Com. Do try it out.

  28. That was a quality top 10 – great video! I’ll throw Final Girl into the mix, currently my fave solo game and also love Escape the Dark Castle ❤

  29. Great Video, Looking forward to Playing several! Thank you

  30. Omg you have to try charterstone solo! It’s a legacy solo and it’s sooo much fun with the added mechanisms of stickers, scratch off, card chest discoveries, it’s my GOAT. 🙂

  31. My goodness, I absolutely love the box art of Tiny Towns!

  32. Agree with holding off on expansions (with the exception of LCG expansions).

    Of course there are some exceptions, there are some truly amazing expansions that really add to the game. I also tend to like expansion that simply add content, like adding more cards to decks that don't change the mechanics of the game.

    For the most part, however, it's additional storage, additional setup, and additional rules that make it just harder to get a game to the table.

  33. Board games should be meant to play with more than one person. If you ever want to play solo, try a video game.

  34. I am seveeeeeerely late to the party, and believe it or not, 2022 was when I actually got into this highly addicting board game thing. Because of my job, and introvert personality, I make a habit of gravitating to games that can be played solo. First game I got was one of the D&D Adventure System board games, Castle Ravenloft. After that, I was hooked and got the other 5. Aside from those, I played Heroquest and its expansions, Horrified, and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Towards the end of 2022, I got hooked on Fantasy Flight games, and did a deep dive into LOTR: Journeys in Middle Earth, and Star Wars: Imperial Assault. I was happy to see you talk about Lost Ruins of Arnak, because Czech Games are heavily on my radar now after playing and loving, Under Falling Skies.
    You definitely turned me on to a few here that I want to look more into.

  35. I'm going to be getting into solo gaming more outside of lighter weight two player games.
    I quite enjoyed Merchants of the Dark Road solo. Keen to try others.

  36. Love this kind of content. I guarantee these games are worth a try. Thank you for the video.

  37. Wingspan solo is great with the PC version.

  38. I would love to play games like these, I just can never figure out how to play them, they go to the back of cupboard, then end up at the charity shop 😞

  39. Cantaloop is the solo ‘game’ that really caught my eye this year. Not a replayable experience but a great one shot!

  40. Ark Nova has a really good solo variant. I enjoyed it a lot!
    Nice list 😃😃

  41. I just found your channel and look forward to watching/listening, but wanted to my favorite solo game out there. "Bargain Quest" from Renegade Games. Most of the time when I want to play a solo game I grab this one.

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